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LYMin in OHIO Pt1

Me and Alex Ventured into Short North for an outing and stumbled on some interesting stuff. Better to show you than to describe it.

 From Deco bikes to COGO


Until Next time Keep it LYM

Relocated and Elevated....

As the Achilles of LYMLife I am the conqueror who runs ahead to new lands and sends word to the troops when I have settled a new situation. Some say I am a pioneer. Pioneer life usually involves extreme levels of isolation and belief in the vision. This time around I got some help from the younger sibling. It is rare that someone can share your vision in an instant. My sister didn't question or second guess me when I said we are moving to Columbus. She has turned out to be quite the roommate. Aside from picking up household duties and packing me lunch occasionally card games get pretty intense over here. The most beautiful thing is the growth I am seeing in her character. Coming from tropical Miami to the tundra territory of Ohio is not supposed to be a smooth transition but together we have been able to smooth out a lot of the bumps. To move from action central to a somewhat dull town (at least that's what the locals tell me) is difficult especially at her young age but the ability to recognize opportunity shows maturity beyond her peer group.
When I take on a task that might cost me a bit of time I use tunnel vision to block out immediate distractions and focus on the prize. She seems to have the same gift. We went from turning up every weekend to straight survival mode. We have simplified our lives in order to seek balance and serenity. Through the adventure of developing one self we can contribute to LYMLife on a new level. The dream of bringing LYMLife keeps us pushing forward and I am truly grateful for her willingness to join me in this chapter of my life. I have no doubt she will write one of the best chapters to date in her own book. No man is an island but two Civilized Savages can be considered an army ready to conquer new land. Until next time keep it LYM....

Eff a Check, We Still In This To The Death

Today on the LYMlife group chat we were talking about whose heading out to Art Basel. My boys were talking bout hitting up a Derick G event so I told them remember to show all the visitors how we rocking down there in Florida. My boy Danny said he forgot his LYMLife shirt at home but he stays banded up. I said "No worries by the time I'm done with my ink I'd be a walking advertisement for all that I back and believe in." He said "Wait til we cut that big check." I simply answered with "Ain't no check needed when you know its real" This statement made me think where is LYMLife and what are we doing? After pondering this thought for a few minutes I realized we all good over here. LYMLIFE the word that completely defines my entire being and existence. My struggle and success is captured by the word. This started as a clothing line but through time it became something much realer than garments. People embraced it on another level. LYMLife would not function well being bound by the responsibilities of a clothing line. LYMLife is a free spirit that can't be contained and will continue to grow in its own direction. Its like the tree that can't be trained. Cut its branches  growing to the East it will continue to start from scratch stretching in that direction and roots will start to push towards the East. The movement has outgrown its britches. The family grows larger everyday and #CivilizedSavages have started to pop up everywhere and I couldn't be happier. We are practicing what we preach backing up everything we say by living it. If I die tomorrow I'm proud of where LYMLife is at and where its going. We may never cut a big check but I couldn't be happier to know we are out here changing lives. Yea we turn up, yea we drink copious amounts of hennesy but understand the difference we ain't running from our problems or trying to forget a stressful day. When we party we don't hold back cause we are celebrating life itself, the LYMlife to be exact. We lost many of our soldiers and generals to this day but we still out here doing it for them making them proud so they can look down and say damn them boys going be alright. Rest in Peace Papa Wan a real man who did real things and managed to supply the necessary tools for success in life to four young men that I have had the pleasure to call my brothers. To put his face on a T-shirt that says RIP would not do justice but to live in the light of his guidance is the greatest way to pay homage to the OG as I know them Lyn, Kong, and Wan boys will. LYMLife is bigger than anyone can fathom it just takes time and real heart to say you are ready for it. There is no half ass commitment once you riding you in this til the death of you. I tried to put the movement on my shoulders but my brothers and sisters and many others said move over it would be more efficient if we all played our parts and did this together. I'm riding with every single one of y'all who LYMLifin and just know the promise land will be blessed with our presence. Until next time keep it LYM.

Fear the Silence of Savages

When it comes to running a blog and promoting the lifestyle its a complete balance, but often the scales tip and people wonder whether we flopped or we are going through something internally. I say to those who wonder beware of the silence. The silence shows internal growth. When balance of progress and documentation is thrown off one will overtake the other for the time being. Usually its the progression that picks up. We can't sit here and attempt to motivate and build up others if our lives are at a standstill. People wont trust what we say or even want to hear our voices. Common sense says your more likely to take advice on fitness from a guy who looks in shape rather than the fat man munching on burger king in a personal trainer t-shirt. What gives this guy the right to properly address the subject of health. The other guy might have sacrificed his health to study the health of others, who knows? It is human nature to trust in buddy with the six pack. His six pack is somewhat of a testament to living the lifestyle. For this natural preference we cannot blog about success unless we are achieving it.
The silence should be feared because that means we are on our grind. The problem with people nowadays is they are too busy concentrating on the moves of others instead of making their own moves. When we speaking and writing it puts a damper on our movement. When we seem to go ghost that's when the pace picks up. That's when thoughts get chopped up and real work takes place. So i'm saying pipe down out there, let the streets sleep on you for a bit. Let them count you out cause your not on frontstreet, but just know the real maneuvering is taking place on them back roads. So everyone please remember real G's don't hustle to be seen, they grind so they can disappear. So if I don't hear from you after this post i'm going to think your out there grinding hard to solidify a beautiful future for you and yours. This post was written with my brodee in mind. Hadn't spoken with him before I left Florida but I knew he was riding round gettin it.
He sent me these pics today with the text "Civilized Savages Stand UP" and all I could think was "Thug Motivation"(inside joke). To all Civilized Savages consider the bar raised....

Photos by IG: @ltevebaugh

What is The Polar Vortex?

By -Meteorologist Matt Moore

The Prequel to Homesickness(Letter to My Brothers)

Regardless of what they say we all feel it. No matter how bad your situation may have been we all get homesick sometimes. It may be the people, it could be your bed, it could be a bench you used to sit on and ponder life. Whenever your away and you get moment to just chill thoughts of home cross your mind. Some act on these thoughts others stick to the plan. Talking to friends and hearing the stuff going on back home felt somewhat bittersweet. I miss chilling with my people and doing the things we do but my focus will remain unbroken.
Tunnel vision is one of my many blessings. It allows me to block out certain emotions and push forward. My goals and dreams require a certain amount of isolation. Many don't understand what it actually takes to be the best at your craft. They settle on a cloud called comfort and coast for the majority of their life but my eyes are set above where the clouds exist. My vision is somewhat stellar. If I am to return the man I have set my sights on then I must take this time (as long as it may be) to dig deeper into my soul. I must allow myself to be broken down until there is nothing left to break and my only choice is to begin building from scratch. I must remove all my luxuries and jump back in the trenches. Struggle I will, so that transform I must. My outlook maintains positive but still I'm constantly being tested and questioned.
I went shopping to a few stores for some winter gear and every time I use my card and they ask for my idea first thing they say "Why are you here?" I always reply opportunity. People know its not for the weather and its definitely not "location, location, location". Whenever the masses head left I've always been the one to head right. Why follow when I can lead. Unlike many on IG I don't need followers. I am okay with making moves and setting trends that won't catch on. I never did it for anyone but myself and my loved ones. I don't seek approval I only seek progression and if a Civilized Savage must leave his home and not return for many moons then that's exactly what he will do. Home is a plane away but its a flight I won't take unless my parental units request my presence. Homesickness is not a strong enough emotion to make me stray from my future plans. My mother and father understand my task and they support me. My brothers feel the same. My sister did not question me when I said its time to conquer new lands. She blindly said yes  lets do it and for that blind faith I will repay her with my 100% effort to facilitate her and support her in her journey for a better life. I have sacrificed a lot but I know there is still more to give. Through the pain, hurt, and longing I shall endure, because in the end it will all be worth it. Whatever was mine will still be mine and more. Whoever was about me will still be about me. Leaving home means people can assume you to be out of the picture but they forget they are trapped by the invisible boundaries. Widen you lens, and break out of the frame. The world is bigger than your situation and its filled with wonders. I am Joshua " The Real Civilized Savage" and I will do what I said I'd do. I no longer can say to people " I hope you get what you want" I say "I hope you get what you deserve" because our deeds and impressions will determine what we earn. Will you get what you deserve that's up to you. Your earnings will directly reflect your sacrifice. Sorry to say though the world is funny because even that is not guaranteed. There is always hope though. So I say from the bottom of my heart " I miss home and everyone in it" but "I'm out here trying to make better me so that we can be a better us"(made sense to me). Until next time keep it LYM.

Get it in Ohio

Thank you to all who participated in my month long send off to Ohio. I appreciate and love each and every one of y'all. It been a bittersweet move but it feels like the right move. I have made this decision with a lot weighted topics on my mind. Family, friends and my future in general have helped guide my thoughts. A lot of people may think I'm only in search for a better situation for myself. The truth of the situation is that I'm in search of a better situation for my people. I decided to make the move because it was time to rise up and show my squad the world is bigger than Florida. Opportunity is everywhere but the best opportunity is not always the easiest transition. We rely on convenience and comfort but to truly change your situation you must go against the grain of life. I had the benefit of being able to max out the opportunities in my home state of Florida. With this in mind I understood it was time to go with the wild card option. Opportunities came up in Atlanta, Orlando, California, St. Louis, and a few more. Ohio seemed like an unnecessary exile. After researching and coming to see it for myself I realized Ohio offered me "Tabula Rasa". A fresh opportunity for a new beginning.
This island baby took his talents into the cold. What doesn't kill me can only make me stronger. This savage was born and raised in the sweltering heat of Miami but it was time to put the cold to the test. If the cold weather don't shake this man then he may return a stronger individual. The prodigal son shall return " The Leader of Men". The boy king transformed into the Righteous Savage.

This post dedicated to my family blood and non blood. Go out into the world and make them understand the depth of Civilized Savagery. This is more than a movement this is the backbone of the righteous man. The simplicity of our existence will slay the complexity of the world. We can make for a better tomorrow we just have to sacrifice today and show them how we found hope in the ruins of humanity. From the concrete jungles to backwoods we bring love, life, and lymin. Until next time keep it LYM.
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leader of men

To a leader of men we have been through many adventures together. High School you fought cancer and we were there for you, our adventure to McDonalds where Momma Lym had to take us into the house, all our CHILL nights, now today is the day I leave from your house sipping on some Hennessy with you to wish you a farewell. Ohio is a new adventure that i will not be there in person but in spirit. I will come and visit once the time is right. You are going to start a new future for you and our little savage. Miami is my future for right now so we will have to keep in touch and turn up later. I have many opportunities here in Miami and will take full advantage just as you have. I am proud of all my brothers and the things they are doing and this is another event to write about. This is just another story to write in the LYMLife book. When we look back at this book, our stories will be in writing and we will never forget all the great times and struggle we went through. You have touched so many people in this world including me, and I hope I have touched you and all the other people I've met. I think everyone will agree that we will never have another brother like you. I will keep the fort down here in Miami and work to make sure that none of our brothers will be forgotten and have everything I have. We have always walked together side by side never looking down on each other or trying to best each other only in beer pong and we know who the best is. I thank you for always treating me and everyone as an equal. It really shows your character and the true character of what it is to be LYMLife.

To my friend, my brother, a king, and a leader of men good luck we will turn up soon.

From an original blood member to another


Same LYMLifers New Beginnings

Its been a while since I have written a post, but it is not without reason. It is hard to come up with something meaningful to write so all our brothers and sisters can read, reflect, and react. In our LYMLife inner circle of the Original Blood Members we have come to the realization that we must walk the walk and better ourselves first before we can show everyone else what it really means to be LYMLife/ Civilized Savages. We have been pushing each other for betterment of ourselves so we can show you the real meanings of what we are trying to instill in our followers. When I mean followers I do not mean us leading a line walking one single path. Our purpose is to show our followers that they create their own paths and write their own stories. Stories about how they have bettered themselves' and the people around them. I always hear about the energy you give, the attitude you bring, the aura you have is how you will affect others. When people get that positive vibe they gravitate towards you and vice versa. Well we have started to see great things happening in our lives. In my deepest and wildest dreams and I think I can say this for my brothers as well we dream that the path we take and the story we write in our personal lives will help guide you in your own paths. Showing us that you have made it the LYMLife Way creating your own stories.

From an Original Blood Member Twindennis

Ambition or Thiirst

In the work world men and women are funneled through jobs until they find a career. The differences between jobs and a career are simple. One jobs are temporary, careers a bit more permanent. Career is something you decide to do for an extended period of time. Many people are known by their careers. "What are you? What do you do?" are common questions in small talk at parties, family functions, random passings, even in the dating scene. You are labeled and categorized by what you do for a living. If you have decided on a career then you must attack the task at hand with great tenacity. Both a job and a career pay your bills, keep you busy, and educate you in your field of work. The question is what makes you, you. Is your career your life's work or is your true passion outside of work. We all want important positions in life but we all can't be CEO's. Too many chiefs mean there are no indians, no tribe. I say that to say this if you don't seek to be the boss then make sure you play your role with dignity and passion. I am an engineer by profession and education. I also have a masters degree in management, but I don't want to manage people. I'm a leader by birth but manager by education.I wasn't sure what I really wanted out of my education until I got my master's degree. I don't like the position of manager. Manager is a title of a man or woman meant to keep people in line and lay down laws of the CEO while maintaining a schedule . A leader can be in any role and still be more effective than a manager.
One characteristic of a leader is he constantly looks for ways to better himself. sometimes even at the cost of upsetting managers. A leader may fall and stumble but what makes him a leader is his ability to bounce back and inspire others through his hardships. The leader is always the most ambitious of his group. He takes the leap of faith that others won't. Some leaders are reckless others very calculated. A leader can be the best or worst person to have in the labor force. They are difficult to manipulate and their loyalty usually lies with those that gain their trust and believe in "the vision".
I have come across few that share my vision but many that see the necessity and benefit of my vision. In life we all have goals some smaller than others but goals nonetheless. Some goals so large they are considered dreams. You must walk amongst men who are positive and want you to reach your goals as you them. Without this concept you walk amongst enemies or "tolls" as I call them. They must get something in return for you to advance. Me and my team understand that every man's goal is his own first priority. So we treat life accordingly, always complimenting each other and offering assistance where possible. We try our hardest not to get in the way of each other but sometimes it just happens. In the event it does we find a compromise because we all want to see each other prosper. Those who mean you good will recognize your ambition and respect it. It will never be confused for thirst or disloyalty. Those who are for you will know it is simply in the name of progress that you move so swiftly. Never Fear progression because you were born to be yourself. Be true to that and you will have to work to go wrong in life. The greater good is a weird concept but in my eyes to achieve it we must always try to leave a situation better than when we entered it. Spend your life building your empire no matter the size. Don't spend your life building the empire of others.

Call to Action

Leonardo DiCaprio UN Summit Speech have a listen I promise your time won't be wasted. Educate Yourself!

Music Video Monday(NSFC)

Where you Been-P. Reign

Waiting in line

I know many people hate waiting in line at the movies, restaurants, theme parks, etc., but boy do they love waiting in line for the next J's to come out and the new IPhone or latest gadget. I understand the shoes is big deal and can be seen as a way of making a profit. I know many shoe collectors that can sell their shoes for triple of what they paid so its all good, but the IPhone and gadget is crazy. After the first couple months people will complain about the glitches the maker will come out with upgrades to the previous model to take care of the glitch. I know the new technology is cool but is it really worth waiting in line to buy a $700 phone not including taxes and monthly bills that may have problems and will need to be fixed. On top of fixing the problems 6 months to a year later the item is sold for less because the next latest and greatest comes out to start the insanity of waiting in line for something that loses value within a year or two. I know many people cry wolf about not having money, but will spend the hundreds of dollars to get the latest shoes, phones, etc. I don't understand why people do it. Have we become the type of people that values materialistic items more than relationships we build amongst each other? The technology separates us in some ways and brings us together in other. Example being in a group together where no one is talking to each other, but rather texting their fingers away and not enjoying the moment and times with the people they love. On the other hand technology allows us to share our moments so the rest of the world. Our LYMLife family uses various apps and technology to share with all of you our adventures of the Civilized Savage life and hopefully the one thing you get from it is live life and enjoy it with the people you love and meet don't let the technology ruin your relationships.

From an Original Blood Member Twindennis

The LYMLife We Live

From the words of an origial blood member Twindennis. The past two weekends were special. My family and friends celebrated my brother and I birthday/earth strong. We as LYMLife moved as one and couldnt have looked stronger. As usual we met new people along the way and introduced the ways of LYMLife. It was good to see one of our brothers join us after going through some things.The savages went out to play these two weekends and it was all fun and games. We have learned to never plan for a chill night because it will lead us into the debauchery of the streets. I never knew I could shuffle but it happened and we have stories to tell about these two weekends celebrating. In the past months I've been exposed to what life has to offer, ups downs and everything around, but there was always certain things I could count on and that is the people I call family whether they are blood or not were right by each other's side and mine no matter the circumstance. We have stuck together and will continue to do so together.

Loyalty Over Royalty

The Smitty twins have spent the last decade embedding themselves in the foundation of LYMLife. Today I wish them a happy birthday because they are the definition of Civilized Savages and my brothers.
Danny was the first twin I met through my engineering academy in high school. Amongst the academy a brotherhood was created through pure young dumb fun. Put a bunch of high school boys in a room together and give them freedom and you will achieve anarchy. I considered it a watered down version of Oz. I eventually ended up dating one of Danny's good friends and that caused me to question his loyalties. Over time I can officially say he is a damn good friend because he never once chose sides. 10+ years later and I see him every weekend for some brotherly chillage. He has shown nothing but love, loyalty and LYMage. In this war of life he is a soldier I am proud to stand next to in the trenches. I got his back and I have no doubt he's got mine. He has taught me more than he knows. I am single but the hope I have for a stable relationship in the future has been put their by watching how Danny carries himself within his relationship. Yes like all young married men he talks his fair share of smack saying things like "If I was single" but even on boys nights out he still ends up passing the ball to me when any females show interest. He is like my official manager and I'm the free agent. I Love you brodee.
Dennis on the other hand had a slightly late start he was the second twin. Met him in high school but it wasn't til near the end of high school that we started solidifying our friendship. He seemed a bit sheltered when I first met him but after going through some relationship issues he came out straight savage. He is the Lil man with more heart than giants. It doesn't matter the competition I would put my money on Dennis. Dennis and my friendship was truly forged in the fires of nightlife. To this day some of my craziest nights have been facilitated by this man. If we could compare people to functions I'd say your craziest friend is a Tupperware party and Dennis is a millionaires "Going to Jail Party" and he is going in for life so why hold back. He is more than a wing man he is the whole damn plane and constantly on kamikaze status. Thus we call him Dennis the menace. He has a style completely of his own. He dresses and dances like no other but them tira flechas love him for it.
The Smitty brothers have earned the respect of LYMLife members for being genuine people. They also earned the love of Momma LYM through their eagerness to assist and help things run smoothly in my household. I can honestly say these boys are irreplaceable and if I had a choice of being wealthy and successful or having them as my brothers I'd be happy to be a failure with friends like them. Love you boys. #SaluteToTheSmittys

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Wise Words from A Decent Man...

Infinite Love

Infinite Love is a weapon of matchless potency.

It is the "summon bonum" of Life

It is an attribute of the brave, in fact it is their all

It does not come within the reach of the coward

It is no wooden or lifeless dogma but a living and life-giving force.

It is the special attribute of the heart.

By:Mahatma Gandhi

John "Josh" Hoffman: 5 Rules for Life

To: My grandfather/ my best friend/ my teacher/ my savior from gravity and those unforgiving lily pads/ The Original Civlized Savage.
A life to remember lived by the man we can't forget.

1st Lesson: Take Control
In life we all have our own agendas. Not all of our actions reflect our goals but they serve a purpose all the same. Some actions take you towards your future others are retreating steps which cost us in the long run. God has a plan for us all but it is up to us to align ourselves with it to reach our potential. Make a plan a righteous plan and do not be moved by anyone or anything.
My grandfather was a wild boy in his young days. Stories still surfacing to this day of all kinds of crazyness that he did. I laugh but usually find it hard to believe that this goody two shoes could even be in the vicinity of such activities. The part that sticks is when he found his way in God, this was him taking a stand grabbing the reigns and saying I'm going this way, the right way and whoever wants to come with me let's do this.

2nd Lesson: Listen just listen.
Everyone who knows nothing usually are in an abundance of things to say. Life is filled with small talk and superficial conversation/ argument. Small talk only carries interaction between humans so far sometimes real conversations need to be had. A man can learn and speak on what he's learned but when you listen and live it that sends a whole different message. Application is the best way to show you have learned and applied yourself. My grandfather loved to talk when his voice was taken he adapted and it was a humbling experience but I believe his listening skills although we thought to be at 100% they almost became superhuman and our listening skills also improved in order to understand him. My younger cousin Blaine once said why Grandpa josh sound like nemo? I said what do you mean he said he sounds like he is underwater. I said Blaine talk less listen more you might learn something from that man.

3rd Lesson: Be consistent
Life is 10% what happens to you 90% what you do with it. My grandpas approach to life gave me the strength to overcome my own fight with cancer. Here is a problem here is a solution now let do this simple as that. And in his case if at first you don't succeed try try again.

4th Lesson: Don't stop don't quit.
Life is tough its supposed to be. We're born we die but What makes us, is what we do in between those dates. My grandpa did a whole lot. He did some bad some reckless but by the time it was over the good was all I knew. He never quit he was a man of his word and stuck to his guns aka the Lord and his family. I started a company called LYMLife and he told me stick with it if you believe in it I believe in you and I think you have a message to share with the world. He was the first person besides my number 1 fan aka my lovely mother who always wore my hat. The Miami heat won championships the LYMLife hat came off for a day but after that one day celebration it was back to the cause. He knew wearing that hat kept my dream alive and he wanted my dream to be a reality.

5th Lesson: Fear none
Its not really about fear of worldly things because this man was fearless. This is more an explanation of what many don't know. Cancer did not win this battle. God did because he simply drafted my star player. Cancer is incurable as far as we are concerned at the moment but what science doesn't understand is #GodistheCure. God gave my grandfather the strength to stand up and fight with no fear. If I don't fear you how can you truly conquer me. Cancer simply did away with his flesh but the soul that sat inside smiled because it knew it had won. Fear is what conquers weak men and battles are always 90% mental 10% physical so when we check the score card 70 pts Josh 2 pts cancer. He will not receive the american cancer society purple survivor shirt but LYMLife will be making a shirt that read conqueror because that's what he was.
All these lessons not only taught through words but shown by the example he set for me. Thanks grandpa til we meet again just make sure you tell the man upstairs to please have a colada and the pastelitos ready for my arrival cause I got a lot to tell ya.

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The Struggle

LYMLife is going through a struggle. Our brothers are going through struggles and need our support. LYMLife is about all the struggles we go through and how we come out of those struggles. Our brothers are not alone because when one of them is struggling we feel their struggle, their pain, their stresses, and take them as our own. We do not turn our backs when people are in need. We are the first to offer support and walk with each other to help get through the struggle. The first line of defense. When we have little to give we give more than what we are perceived to be able to offer. I went through my struggle and no matter where I turned my brothers were there for me making sure I stayed on track. I finished and accomplished what I set out to do and now there are new opportunities in the horizon. I am sure when I open the next door there will be more trials and tribulations, but that's the meaning of being a LYMLifer Civilized Savage, We walk our own paths and fight through the struggle. Our brothers and sisters are their to help us along the way so everyone can enjoy the fruits of our labors.. When I accomplished my goal everyone is proud of what I have accomplished, but little do they know that without them I could not have done it. My family, my LYMLife family, my friends, my coworkers, you name it they played an important part in my goals and accomplishment. I want to say thank you to them I am forever grateful. Now my brothers are struggling in their own walks in life and I for one will be their for support and to push them to be a better person and make this world a better place. They are not alone we as LYMLife are here to have each others backs. Accomplishing things as one. It may seem like we do it by ourselves, but its far from the truth.

Words of an original blood member

Gaza Mi Say

Like The Pheonix from the rubble we emerge victorious

Beard Or Break

TFTB LOGO Check their site out and buy some gear if you a true bearded barbarian
As far back as I can remember my grandpa had a face full of hair. They used to jokingly call him Grizzly Adams. My dad had his bearded weeks and then sometimes he went "full stache on em". Being raised amongst the clan of grizzlies I got the notion that this is what manhood was about. My manly idols were all sporting facial sweaters year round. There were no seasons for it and nor were there times and places for it, it just was. Even my Cuban father figure sported a solid beard and he dropped me to school every morning. Every where I turned stood a real man bearded and bold.

Growing up school was always a competition who had the freshest kicks and the crispiest haircut. My mother and father taught me its not what your bought but what you can afford. Concentrating my efforts on academia and my extra curricular endeavors I didn't have much time for a job or hustle. I had much bigger plans than the present I was laying the foundation for my future. This meant my personal money wasn't always sitting right which meant those expensive kicks were out of the question. West coast hip hop helped soften that blow by making " "Chucks" (Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers) the staple for stand up guys. As far as those fresh cuts were concerned I was far from it. I had some fades then defaulted to a ceasar but from I can remember the sideburns were always thick and in full effect. Introduction to hip hop artist Ludacris allowed my side scruff to shift me a bit higher on the totem pole of style but still I couldn't manage to keep them tamed. Jim Jones a top business figure and member of a group by the name of DipSet quickly rose in the ranks of trendsetter in my book not for anything other than the way he carried himself. He made "Scruff and puff" popping. Rocking long hair and my 8 o clock shadow(If you could consider it a shadow) was in full compliance of what Jim Jones considered fresh. Kept my clothes clean and my grooming always showed a hint of struggle. This is what came to be known as Josh style. All my friends knew me for it and personality allowed my female friends to keep one eye out for me even though the other eye was fixed on my pretty boy friends. After high school peoples styles changed but mine had lasted so long and my friends fully accepted me I saw no reason to change. Through college too, I was on and off with my beard life, but upon graduating I realized I'm supposed to be a man now so doing as I knew men to do I grew my beard and even in times of turmoil at least kept a shadow on my face.

Fast forward to the present. My beard is now the "in thing". Every beard aligns with some movement or gang. Beards have sayings and laws that go along with them and those same pretty boys from back in the day have somehow managed to feminize the beard. The way beards have taken off I'm sure the bearded lady at the circus got fired for not being freakish anymore. I bet they told her "sorry but times have changed, your not a freak you just fit in". With all that being said I want to clear the slate and state this for the record: If you see a Civilized Savage with a beard know that he aligns with one movement and that Tales from the beard. For a more in depth look at this movement we will have a post up soon on TFTB and its creators view on what they are trying to represent through that campaign.

My beard is more than just a facial accessory. It is more than just a style. It is truly part of me. I am constantly mistaken for an Arab even though everyone knows or can somehow tell my whole family is Jamaican. I am referred to as " Taliban" in numerous parts of Jamaica and New York. I am always overly greeted by US customs when I travel due to my facial appearance. I guess I'm the first terrorist with both his ears pierced and a chest tattoo (the most liberal man in Islam I guess). Constantly yanked by random women in public sometimes they even whisper inapropriate gestures about what they'd like to do to my beard. Despite all the negative assumptions people have about me on first sight I still proudly wear my beard for three important reasons.

1. Its a testimony to fellow survivors and people currently battling cancer that there is a promise land for us here on earth where we can summon the strength of Samson and beat cancer in order to resume growing our lovely locks and shine through all the despair that we've overcome with a head or face full of hair.

2. My father and grandfather are the manly men which I've been raised under taught me what it is to be a righteous hardworking man and to earn your keep and reap what you sow. So I grow it in honor of them.

3. Because all the negative assumptions of the beards of yesteryear are so damn awesome that I believe one day I will be mentioned among these great beards (Willie Nelson, Jesus, BlackBeard, Muhammad, Zeus, Shell Silverstein, Abe Lincoln, King Leonidas, Michael Gordon Peterson Aka Charles Bronson, Merlin, etc)

So to all those bearded before the wave of bandwagoners came along grow em long and strong my brothers. Cut your beard for no man or woman, only children if they kindly request. I seek no companion who cannot accept the beard and any job that asks such a ridiculous request of me I simply say I refuse to be a bald face bullshitter. Hire baby face over there with no back bone he slithers like a damn snake and if that's what you seek to build your company on then so be it. Lead me to the honest, hardworking, and humble department and I will reside there. My beard is here to stay. Look out for our post next week on health benefits of bearding up.
Side note to my friends who can't seem to grow a beard or decide to not keep one, I have nothing against you. I just have to let the fraudulent beardos and bandwagoners know how I feel. If that's not enough my best friends Asian and he can't grow a beard. Until Next Time keep it LYM!

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Sustainable Movement

It is unhealthy for a company to reflect the life of its leader too closely. A leader is simply human with certain skills and attributes that helps one to reach the forefront of a movement. Just like average joe all our lives are filled with ups and downs. We all have good days and we all have days we don't mind forgetting. The problem with being a leader is eyes are always on you. The good days inspire your followers the bad ones make them question you or it brings down their morale. A movement is defined as a group of people with common ideology. A company is defined as a number of individuals assembled or associated together. LYMLife serves as a company and a movement. The question is how do you separate them? Or is it possible to combine them in a progressive manner? I choose the latter. LYMLife is the catch all for my life ventures but as the days go by I notice its growth in unexpected areas. 

How do we sort through those who like what we are doing and those who back us and are along for the ride? I seek supporters who bring something to the table. I seek people who aren't afraid to stand on their own in the face of the opposition. The untouched and fearless. I had a talk with my LYM brother the other day and he discussed disdain for the inner dealings of LYMLife. He seemed to want to label our brothers supporters of me and not of the movement. This caused mix feelings. On one hand I have nothing but love for those who support me as an individual but I want people to see the bigger picture the true greater good. LYMLife is the shelter which we all can grow under. It is not meant to glorify my life. I simply use my life as an example to inspire others so that I can shine light into their darkness. We all represent LYMLife but as civilized savages we must take up the torch for ourselves otherwise we cannot thrive. No man is an island. and that goes for every man woman and child. We must work together in order to make that change and bring the term LYMLife to every person on earth. We must bombard our loved ones with this movement in order to successfully spread the word. I am one man so even if I set the goal of meeting one new person and having a conversation about LYMLife every day for the rest of my life I still wont reach anywhere close to the amount of people we can reach if we work together. So I am simply asking from the LYMLife fam if you read this and have it in your heart or have a minute of time in your busy schedule we are doing a picture awareness campaign. All we ask is you write "LYMLIFE" on a piece of paper, post it, napkin, or whatever is readily available. Then take and post a picture pledging your support to a good cause. Your pledge is basically saying "I believe in dreams and those who have them". Your pledging to support fellow goal achievers and in general LYMLife. You support doing the most with what you are given. Not existing but taking it a notch further and making a life that is worthwhile and well lived. Something many deny themselves from early on. Lets take shots at our own potential in hopes of one day surpassing it. So post your pics on Facebook, Instagram, twitter, or whatever social medium you use. Hashtag  #LYMLIFE so we can be inspired by your simple statement. Simple but it speaks wonders. Until next time keep it LYM.