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Live free or die trying

My innerchild is dying. Its a sign of true adulthood. Most say to embrace it but the honest truth is I'm trying to find ways to revive the child. To maintain the child's health you must avoid being tainted by your environment. The more bullshit you go through the faster that childhood innocence is lost. Children are beings of innocence and imagination. They are blank slates being etched on as they walk through the world. Some of the etchings prove positive and healthy for the child others negative and harmful to the soul of the child. This child won't go out without a fight.

sitting in the background

I have been silent for a while. Walking my own path creating some stability in my life, but never took my eyes off of my people. I see them doing bigger and better things. Others and I would talk and preach about bettering themselves, but it seemed like it was going in one ear and out the other. I waited and waited and finally these words and actions did not pass through their ears but stuck inside and went to action. I am not the only one that has spoken the word of betterment to these individuals I speak of, but it is finally nice to see that our words and actions have reached out and influenced their actions. I congratulate them on their new opportunities and support them in any way shape or form. Their enrichment of the mind and life is what we at LYMLIFE are about. To all our followers always follow your dreams. Do not give up hope that we can better ourselves and each other.

From an original blood member,