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Religious Relationships

Listen and you shall learn.....

Fuck I Look Like....

Read Niggas! Read! Don't succumb to that which enslaves you. This applies to all minorities educate yourselves. What some say is cool really isn't whats popping. Exercise the body along with the mind in the name of progress. Enjoy!

Music Video Monday

One of my favorites of TMC.......Shouts out to the homey Nipsey always doing his thing....Forever on some fly ish:

Weed and Brews with Schoolboy Q

First heard of Schoolboy Q on Kendrick Lamar's track "Michael Jordan". I was feeling the gritty flow so I decided to check him out. Listened to his mixtape Setbacks and it was truly a good listen. Now with the release of Habits and Contradiction Schoolboy Q is surely on his way to receiving the well deserved national attention. You may also know him for his affiliation with the ASAP crew.  Whether you have heard of him or not I suggest you check the music out and get your own opinion. LYMLIFE says Q is certified. We wish him the best in his music endeavors. In the meantime check out his latest music video for a track off of Habits and Contradictions called "Hands on The Wheel" Featuring ASAP Rocky.


As you all have seen there has been a couple posts dealing with different takes on religion and the importance of God. Those who embrace the LYMLife come from many different walks of life and many different branches of faith. In life, faith is what guides us when all else fails. If you are religious thats fine but understand religion defines and divides us as a people. We do not have to believe in the same God but when we place labels or categories such as religion it only assists in pulling us further from each other. In my eyes your faith is yours to hold and cherish. You must make the decision to share it with others and in the event that you do make sure you are versed enough on the subject to discuss it. Assuming you know enough will not suffice in this day and age. We are in the midst of some trying times so make sure you are doing right by your faith before you attempt to put it on others.

Wherever you attend whether it be church, the mosque, or synagogue you control your own learning. You decide how much you will or won't grasp. Just like an interesting academic course if you really want to be enlightened take your studies home with you. Don't use a religious leader as a middle man between you and God. Get greedy and cut the middle man out. Take pride in your faith and be assertive with your studies. That way when its all said and done you need not blame another in the event of any failure. Don't be afraid to spend some of your own quality time to mature in your relationship with God. Its one of the only relationships which will truly feel fulfilling.

In the world today a lot of us make excuses for our behavior or say "I'm not ready to live right yet but, I will be soon." Stop hesitating and start today. We never know when our time will come so make the most of today. I cannot say I am living perfectly but I live righteous. I make mistakes as all humans do but I learn from them. Life is our opportunity to grow into more complete people. Its an experience that we must go through to  gain knowledge and find purpose. No man, woman, or child was given a guidebook on how to live. Many choices we must make alone and live with the decisions we made. In my opinion your faith is a good reference point for those choices. This post is not to tell you embrace faith and go live like a saint. This post is to tell you if you feel mislead or lost or just want a different opinion than what your peers might be giving you lean on your faith. In times of turmoil most people do but this post is more to tell you embrace your faith during times of happiness also. No one is forcing you, I'm just telling you to give it a shot. If it's in your heart then do it, if not continue on your path. Until next time keep it LYM!

All mens souls are immortal, but the souls of the righteous are immortal and divine.- Socrates

Welcome to the #KobeSystem

Google: End Piracy, Not Liberty

Click the picture and sign the petition #Lymlifers or the internet as we know it will never be the same.
Chart: “Congress, Can You Hear Us?”
Get more knowledge on it it here WIKIPEDIA: STOP ONLINE PIRACY ACT

Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus Response (Muslim Version)

Even Dre couldn'ft keep the headphone game together

Monster's new offerings
In other news the two companies who make Beats headphones got to greedy and don't know how to share success and have decided to part ways.

Wake up world and abolish Religion

Stop making excuses and stand by your beliefs not the institution of religion created by man.

Quick video timeline of the last 100 years

Brought to you by Mahad @ worldstar

DECARUS Furniture Collection

The Table - DECARUS Furniture Collection
The gor­geous ancient, matured wood “was in a build­ing for at least 150 years” prior to being used to man­u­fac­ture the beau­ti­ful DECARUS line of min­i­mal­ist fur­ni­ture. Amaz­ing crafts­man­ship, organic mate­r­ial, beau­ti­ful min­i­mal­ist design.
The Bed - DECARUS Furniture Collection
The Sideboard, The Trunk - DECARUS Furniture Collection
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2012 We own it....

Happy New Year to you all. I hope all of your holidays have been a time of rest, good memories, and good food. For us here at LYMLIFE it is a time of work. We don't have the luxury of days off because success is still a distance away. Our success this year will be defined by the ability of people to be acquainted with the lifestyle of LYMLIFE and to embrace the fact that if you are being a progressive member of society then you represent the LYMLIFE.

Our lack of establishment is what gives us the ability to grind like we do. There are no politics involved in our proceedings. We are free to be ourselves and free to chase our dreams in any way we see fit.  LYMLIFE=the freedom to achieve. So lets take this year and #MAKEITCOUNT. We are open for business and willing and able. So if you are on your grind and looking for a collabo get at us. We are not looking for the weak minded or weak hearted, we are looking for those who refuse to accept defeat. We looking for the pioneers of tomorrow. So get up get out and get something. The world is what you make of it, only you have the power to decide what your world will be. So take control and watch things start to shift for the better. 2012 is the year of LYM. Prep yourself!