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Site Was Down But life Continued....

Vday with My A1 since Day 1 #MommaLYM
Decanter after the festivites... 

Something light New York Strip 16oz with Apple Celery Slaw and Grilled Asparagus

After Peachfuzz Friday Flexed down the block for some wandering.

Lil Poonce ain't never party foul when Heem in The cup.

 Natty Muggin and Juggin

Penthouse residents concerned with what we doing no vice versa

Killed Career Day at SunED High lots of interested students that we hope to carry to the next level
lots of work to come.

Dual Wielding (Life's Work Vs Career)

Natty Holding down the fort.
Until Next Time Keep It LYM
PS. Qucik Message From The Civilized Savages for the haters and critics


Jesus Take The Wheel. 

Essentials of the Fam-Day 10 #LYMLIFEPhotoFeb

Essentials-Day 10
Josh LYM

Jared LYM 

Dennis LYM 
Leroy LYM
Dr Dboy(TFTB)

Music Video Monday

UK Running things with this track. Majority of the remixes straight fuego...

My Crazy Life Pt 1

This weekend is testament to my status of Dade County Legend. Everyone who has had the pleasure of knowing me has always said "Josh with you its never a dull night. Keeping things just short of an arrest and possible death but we maintain  the turn up none the less. A series of odd events led to my understanding of what my position and purpose is when it comes to Civilized Savagery.

I got off work on Friday and took a quick power nap before heading out to see an old friend and LYM family member. Catching up over some drinks at a bar by the name of Tarpon Bend we had picked up exactly where we left off like no time had passed. We discussed life and future plans while reminiscing on the good old days. After a few drinks I came to the realization we might have been slightly turn because "the looks" began. We were being watched by random groups of people why they watched us I'm not sure we weren't being disruptive but we were definitely of a different caliber than the usual's. So as always when we feel watched we put on a show. Floating through the crowd making friends and helping loosen the crowd. within moments conversations went south and the environment had changed. We took them from courtroom behavior to true "Jungle Jamdown" status. They went from classy to trashy within the blink of an eye. I made a few friends of the part girl kind and then proceeded to build the false confidence of my crowd. When the Caucasian women began to twerk and some snobs said that me and my brothers drink of choice was so hood I knew it was time to fly the coop. So I left and made my way to the parking garage. Of course it wouldn't be a complete night without being called by random street walkers who had previously met me in the bar I had just left. I eventually made it home only to rise the next day and do it all again.
I began the day at the beach with some old friends...

 Greetings From Miami Beach!
 See You Soon!

New Venture LYMxValet
to be continued...

Im Inspired

Destructive Art is my ish

Venturing Thru WYN

Sliding through Wynwood with  Momma LYM...#WeekendFlex