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Home of Real Change Not Wave Riders

In the interest of the times I've decided to stop printing clothes for the public. Marcus Garvey once said an idea cannot come to manifestation in ones lifetime. An idea is birthed in one mans lifetime but to take it from concept to materialization takes generations. LYMLife has served as that idea born in a time when the masses weren't ready for real change. Although the magnitude of recent events seemed to be great still the average mans response served only as only moments of shock and awe. The interest of the public seems only to be momentarily sparked by these events and their swift responses. No real thought has been provoked. No real action of any monumental value has been taken. We suffer from a disease I refer to as wave riding but all waves are birthed in the ocean and die as they reach shore. The real change lies inland. We need to stop riding mini waves and start embracing the truly powerful weather patterns which are referred to as storms or hurricanes. Hurricanes make it past shore and affect all within their path.LYMLife is the storm in my eyes. It represents a rebirth of one's self and embrace of potential which awakens the person to true worth and gives life real purpose. It has survived for over 5 years and shows no sign of going away. It has been birthed in the mind of an enlightened individual and refuses to die in the hands of the ignorant.My decision to somewhat privatize is based on the ability of ideas with such momentum to grow from within. By privatizing we avoid the band wagoners and wave riders. We cut right through the bullshit to positive substance. No fluff, no gimmicks, no mask. True transparency within the inner sanctum. Those who have come to earn a spot at this table will never break bread elsewhere and as their circles of friends come to the realization that life has so much more to offer than their immediate environment they too will earn a seat at this table. We don't seek the approval of others but trust in the constructive criticism of our brothers. We are a community of evolution and growth. We thrive on positivity and strive for greatness. We are not any better than the average man but our focus separates us from the norm. What we lack in natural gift we work at and sharpen in skill. We are the laborers turned leader. We are the self made men who never took handouts even if offered. We cannot be bought or sold, swayed or told. We are the Civilized Savages winning the sprints as well as completing the marathons. We are the force that shall spark real change in the world. In the battle of good and evil we represent what is right. Regardless of the outcome our intentions are pure. Working everyday to make our environment better and inspire others to make similar changes in theirs. We are LYMLife. We choose to live instead of settling for mediocre existence. So if your ready to embrace such a life reach out, otherwise go listen to your new Kendrick album and don't allow the words to scratch the surface. Its probably more convenient to just post it in Instagram and get some likes from people who share your moment of conscious listening. Them LYMLifers will listen and let it spark a flame which cannot be put out. Until next time keep it LYM...

Who Dem-LYMLife Dance Corner pt1

Just Watch and Enjoy