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Don't Resemble Your Environment Make It Resemble You

"A man once attempted to be the light in a world full of darkness. He decided to illuminate the dim lit back streets. After a while he felt the streets were too dark for his light to be seen. Not realizing the streets weren't any darker, the darkness had actually tarnished his light. The darkness had become so overwhelming he had actually started to resemble it."-Chapo

Trying to walk amongst the blood, piss, and puke and come out clean isn't as easy as you might think. The duration of that walk may make all the difference. I tried to bring positivity into a negative environment and ended up accidentally becoming that which I sought to change. I never make excuses for myself or others but I do take the bullet for my team sometimes. Its not always clear what the root of evil is in every situation but i can tell you me and mine have become victims to excess. We lost sight of the shore of moderation and drowned in the sea of excess. We claim savage but instead of representing the true definition we started to play into societies misconception of the word. So for the remainder of the year we must maintain a low profile to get some of the current heat off of us. We must once again give them a real reason to fear us and our insane work ethic. Party ethic has been proven over and over again but my brothers lost sight of the real goal. We the best at turning up but are we one trick ponies or can we do other things really well. Time to  show the world what we can do as individuals. As a unit we are unstoppable but I see a lot of shakiness as individuals. If as individuals we can stand solid then as a group we become untouchable. I just want the best for my LYMLife fam but I've given in to the enabling of behavior I shouldn't have. Its time to lead again since few stepped up when I made room on the podium. True leaders make more leaders not followers. So to show the world I am worthy of the titles I currently hold its time to jump back down in the trenches and prove the strength of each man and woman I call my family. Until next time I shall keep it LYM.