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Lost in the Sauce

Deniro Farrar - One of the hottest new artists on the scene. Indulging in his book club reads I assume....#ThisIsSavageLife

I spent the last couple of months trying to figure out the direction I wanted to go with LYMLife but in my search for direction I realized LYMLife is its own living breathing organism. I don't lead LYMLife I simply represent a single life in a much larger movement. Its a kite in a windy desert with no hand on the string no restraint whatsoever. It blows and sways in any way it desires. Just like a kite it cannot be controlled by man only nature has a much greater effect on it. The wind blows and man must react in order to keep it in flight and to keep it somewhat steady. I only gave the savages an idea to believe in it was up to them to take the idea and mold it to their own lives. To my delight they went out and did a damn good job. No man is an island and no group should have a single leader. We execute our ideas with precision while lending a helping hand whenever needed. Individually we are one man armies but together we move like a unit. I couldn't ask for more. God has granted me my one wish and the rest is on me. The world is constantly changing as we remain consistent adapting to our environment. The new challenge the group is facing is evolution and growth. Age and more importantly the coming of true adulthood. As adults we face a lot of new challenges while still trying to correct the mindset of the young savages to give them a fighting chance in the world of tomorrow. Our code hasn't  changed and our willingness to negotiate with fakes and cowards is still nonexistent. The world lowers its standards on a daily basis and the dehumanization of humanity progresses at alarming rates. When the filthy waters wash over the earth what will you do? You probably haven't even considered such an event. We have and it is up to those stable individuals to be the rocks they were born to be, offering the weak a solid structure to grab onto so they don't get washed away. Civilized Savages are the individuals who will be standing on the rock we call  LYMLife. We aren't famous, flashy or fake about ours. Everything we do is for our fellow savages. We come from all walks of life with all sorts of belief. One common bond keeps us tight and that's the belief that by sticking to a  code, putting in the work, and maintaining our sense of community we can change the world for the better. Until next time keep it LYM.

Live free or die trying

My innerchild is dying. Its a sign of true adulthood. Most say to embrace it but the honest truth is I'm trying to find ways to revive the child. To maintain the child's health you must avoid being tainted by your environment. The more bullshit you go through the faster that childhood innocence is lost. Children are beings of innocence and imagination. They are blank slates being etched on as they walk through the world. Some of the etchings prove positive and healthy for the child others negative and harmful to the soul of the child. This child won't go out without a fight.

sitting in the background

I have been silent for a while. Walking my own path creating some stability in my life, but never took my eyes off of my people. I see them doing bigger and better things. Others and I would talk and preach about bettering themselves, but it seemed like it was going in one ear and out the other. I waited and waited and finally these words and actions did not pass through their ears but stuck inside and went to action. I am not the only one that has spoken the word of betterment to these individuals I speak of, but it is finally nice to see that our words and actions have reached out and influenced their actions. I congratulate them on their new opportunities and support them in any way shape or form. Their enrichment of the mind and life is what we at LYMLIFE are about. To all our followers always follow your dreams. Do not give up hope that we can better ourselves and each other.

From an original blood member,


Once a Visionary...

Those who lack vision live in the now. Once a visionary never blind man. The difference between followers and leaders is leaders see by faith and followers see by sight. If your like me your path is not lit you walk by faith and hope. This blind trust in higher powers along with belief in your ability to deal with whatever happen is what I call the ultimate faith. Your willingness to explore the uncertain and discover the unknown is the ultimate risk. Risk is associated and correlated with return. In the savage world its not all about return. Its about how much you can conquer without losing your soul.

A leap of faith earns a man two possible titles "Madman" or "Visionary". What determines your title is the difference between success and failure. If a leap of faith ends in failure then people will call you crazy, possibly reckless. If a leap of faith ends in success your a leader, or a visionary your placed on a pedestal. The truth is not everything in life can be calculated and as much planning and strategy as you put in place the fact is puss and dog don't have the same luck. Two men following the same plan will most likely have different outcomes. There is no set program that is 100% guaranteed to produce success. True visionaries are simply people who think about and plan the future using a concoction made of wisdom and imagination. These two ingredients are the key to materializing your potential. Without the two previously stated ingredients your just a idle dreamer. The world needs less idle dreamers and more visionaries.

The world has become very settled in their ways we look to the outliers for inspiration but what do we need inspiration for if we aren't doing anything with it. Many dive into faith of the religious kind and then are sated by the simple fact that their supreme being is working upstairs. What is faith if you don't use it? I'm not saying jump off a cliff and see if you fly. Attempting to fly is going off strictly imagination, put some wisdom in the mix and you will realize a plane ticket might be needed for such a feat.

Stop accepting your reality and do something to put waves in your future. Change your fate! Do something extraordinary! At least if you make a solid effort people will find comfort and inspiration in your story. Stories will carry on longer than your flesh. Every savage knows his story will be one to be shared with the masses. Fame is not the goal but pushing the boundaries of your race, culture, environment, and class is. Its not about how sweet the story can sound because any true word smith can dress up any story to where it rubs the eardrum in a pleasant manner. Its the value of the story what can be gained by reading or hearing it. You know that song you hear that just makes you hop out of bed and get out in the world on some make a difference type shit. That's what you want people to feel like right after they hear your story. Your story should bridge the gap between righteous being and and average man. It should bridge the gap between legend and peasant. Your story should bring its reader from the darkest night into the brightest day. Stop looking up to others young one and find reasons others should look up to you. If you cant find any make some. Until next time keep it LYM.

August Savage Law #1 Observation

August begins the observational year of the savage. As a group we've decided to bring our lifestyle to the world through observation of the laws we live by. August being the first month we are dedicating ourselves to the cause. We will be observing the 1st of the 12 savage laws:


This month across the world savages will be sharpening their tools. Daily reading and exercise will be the ritual for the month of August. If you are interested in testing your inner savage join the movement. If you know of someone who just need some general direction but possesses that level of potential direct them our way. These next 12 months are for those who currently claim savage or seek to claim it in the future. When your mother and father forsake you remember "The Civilized Savages" will still take you. If you know a savage encourage and support them in the months to come because they will need it and later appreciate it in the long run. The road to true savagery will not be easy but together we can triumph in the end. Together we stand divided we fall. Individually we struggle but as a group we ball. So get your running kicks out, and set aside a good book because together we shall overcome the slackness and ignorance of the present. Until next time keep it LYM.

The Grass Ain't Greener on The Other Side....It Died.

Many people are of the cliche belief that the grass is greener on the other side. I see this belief heavily weighed on in the younger generations. I watch the children of the trap apply themselves and attempt to enter a life of opportunity while the children who were supplied spoons of some sort attempt to throw opportunity away and enter a life of unnecessary hardship. This post is to enlighten the privileged children of the world their savage duty if they ever seek to live a life worthy of being described as "Civilized Savagery". Its also to let the unprivileged know to stay the course their hearts originally set out on.

We are human thus we are prone to wondering about the unknown. Regardless of your beginnings through the course of time you come across people that intrigue you. Chances are some of these people will not share as much common ground as expected by your parents. This will eventually cause you to make a choice either to follow suit or rebel. There is nothing wrong with being a rebel but make sure you got a damn good cause. If your going against the grain for shits and giggles don't claim to be a rebel. It's simple utilize all tools given to you. One of the biggest problems I have with the youth is they embrace a darker side of life out of choice not necessity. If you weren't born in the darkness don't falsely embrace it. If you are a child of the light then run with it until darkness finds you. When every which way you turn you can't seem to find light then weather the storm and shine through the darkness. Don't accept the darkness as your new reality. Bane said it best to batman: 

"Ah you think darkness is your ally? You merely adopted the dark. I was born in it, molded by it. I didn't see the light until I was already a man, by then it was nothing to me but blinding!”

This quote weighs heavy on the current state of the lost youth. Some of us are born into horrible situations and in that case we must break the cycle to honor our families. Children represent hope to parents. Don't let hope die for your games and antics. If your issues lies in the fact that the children of the light seem fake and materialistic and make for horrible friendships well I say find better friends. Don't allow your inability to properly judge character send you to the land of the lost. As always there are men and women of righteous character on both sides of the fence. No matter our birth we all can die glorious deaths. We define our lives by our actions. Did your life have purpose or was it just a scrimmage match that meant nothing in the scheme of things. We all will find hardships in life do not go looking for them. We must make sound choices with the true desires of our heart in mind. The moment we make a bad choice hardship will find us. Don't force it.

To all the unprivileged youth you were born with less tools and resources than some of your classmates and peers. The objective for you is to use what you come across to better your life and break the seemingly never ending cycle of your birth environment. You can make it out and into the abyss of opportunity that I call the world but your path is a non paved one. and if you have an ounce of humanity in you, your savage duty is to lay at least one paver brick for another to take a solid step on steady ground. This small gesture speaks loudly to those who follow the path. It says keep going don't stop. Use it as a point of reference and never slide back beyond this step. You can define a new rock bottom for the youth who share a similar struggle to you. Raising the bar is a concept easily understood by the competitive, the wolves who maintain that level of hunger. I say raise the floor to those who seem trodden on and weary. Its a similar concept to raising the bar but it works better for an unmotivated group of people. As you climb raise the floor so your friends can't fall as far. Your circle must always bring you up they must motivate you to carry your own weight and eventually shoot for the top spot. You must never hold the top spot amongst your friends. If you are top dog for too long and no one shows signs of trying one up you then you need a new group of friends.

To the privileged children if you find quality friendship amongst the unprivileged then you job is to help bridge the gap from the trap to the life of opportunity. To the unprivileged find friendship in those that elevate you and don't be consumed by the fuckery your environment offers. All children must rise to the occasion because when we all decide to brighten this life it makes for a sunny tomorrow. Until Next time keep it LYM.

This post wasn't meant to draw lines between poor or middle class it was meant to inspire the youth the blur the lines and work together to blur the thick solid line above us all.

Savage Law #1

Civilize The Mind But Make Savage The Body

The first and one of the most important savage laws is "Civilize the mind but make savage the body. This is one of the first laws i was introduced to as a child min karate class. Through the teachings of my Sensei i learned the true meaning of this law through hard work and dedication over a span of 13 years. At the age of four reciting this law didn't mean much to me I was like a parrot just repeating my Sensei's words. But after many years of reciting this law i learned to truly apply it. Unlike many Dojos, my dojo was truly unique. our studies of mixed martial arts with a strong foundation in Goju Ryu prepared me for much more in life than a street scuffle. It prepared me for life to be a better me. I slowly became a Better man, brother,and son. My permission to study martial arts depending not only on monthly fees but also a lot of important factors in my everyday life. Parents at my dojo could throw all the money they wanted but if my grades weren't up to par I was not able to attend classes. My Sensei held education on a very high pedestal.

Knowledge plus strenuous physical activity were the two main priorities as a karateka. On top of that when it came time to get my black belt intense physical testing was paired with a 10 page essay on my understanding of martial arts and the positive effect it had on my life. Not many black-belts are put through such testing. My Sensei showed me he wasn't creating boys who could defend themselves he was building a league of extraordinary young men. Through the process we became soldiers of a special kind.

In order to truly claim savage you must obey and maintain the laws. In order to conquer the first law you must spark your flame for knowledge and at the same protect the temple which you reside in. They say health is wealth. First muscle we must learn to exercise is the mind. This is done through education yourself on a daily basis. No man of moderate intelligence was ever overcame by a man who excels in the brawn department.Its one thing to work hard but eventually the body gets run down. The mind takes much longer to wear out. We must not only depend on the education that is socially accepted. K-12, then onto higher education in the form of college. We must thirst and lust for knowledge. We must seek knowledge beyond what is expected of us. Knowledge provided by school systems is the bare minimum. Its the knowledge you gain outside of school that really sticks. In school most students use a for of learning called the dump truck method. We learn everything we can just to pass a test then as soon as we pass the test we dump out all the wisdom we gained to make room for our next lessons. Lessons we choose to pick up are usually applied and repeated if the outcome is favorable these eventually become routine. Through practice we make perfect and through repetition we make routine. This is true knowledge. This is the kind of knowledge you retain even years after first being introduced. This is how you make the mind civilized. Civilization itself is built on the rejection of ignorance and the embrace of wisdom.

To make savage the body is to attain a level of physical excellence that allows you to conquer your opponent efficiently in a physical manner. With a mind full of wisdom and strategy and a body capable of great physical feats man becomes unstoppable. Through exercise and proper dieting we can maximize and truly get closer to resembling our bodily potential.Our minds can only take us so far as can our bodies. Get both body and mind in shape and we prove a force to be reckoned with. The ability to perform your best ideas is truly a gift. They say if you want a job done right do it yourself. In a world of over consumption and sloppy bodies thoughts can easily be discouraged by physical limitations. Don't be that person. Do for yourself.

So in order to truly civilize the mind and make savage the body we must read daily and exercise regularly. These two activities will help you excel in many aspects of life. So I urge you to go out and grab a book that interests you and also buy a gym pass or just go to a local park and exercise both mind and body. You will thank me later. Until next time keep it LYM.



Day 1

Black Friday

Sorry people no sales here. Black Fridays is a post dedicated to the advancement of human integration and the elimination of segregation(line by Jon). The events that took place in downtown Columbus, Ohio last night woke a beast that should never need to see the light of day. Many years after the emancipation proclamation slavery still exists. The physical chains have been traded in for a form of mental captivity. I am no black supremacist but for the rights of decent people I will go the distance.

My friends and I decided to go have a nice night on the town far from the turmoil filled trap. In Columbus I had heard from many minorities that the city hides a prejudice agenda below the surface but I had a hard time believing such things. In an attempt to mingle with the Short North population I experienced stone cold rejection with no rhyme or reason. Me and some friends attempted to walk inside an establishment: Brothers Bar and Grill( with a supposed mixed crowd. Dressed business/casual trying to enter a place where the norm seemed to be tank tops, flip flops, shorts, and flat-billed hats I caught a glimpse of that evil that was supposed to have died with the civil rights movement. Me and my friend had hats on so in an attempt to show IDs and enter the bar first thing the bouncer said was no flat-billed hats. Instead of being confrontational i said hey you and my sister go ahead inside I will take the hats back to the parking garage and place them in the car. Not expecting this the bouncer and supposed boss man realized they had not gotten rid of me so easily so attempting to quickly put up another roadblock they decided to tell my friend that his pants were to baggy. It would be one thing if he was wearing cargo pants which can be considered bit baggy for high end club attire but he was wearing straight cut khaki pants so now my confusion led to curiosity. I am not one to jump to conclusions and pull the race card which so many African Americans are happy to do I always assume positive intent. So I said "excuse me sir I have some questions then, because I live close by and would like to patronize your establishment." This seemed to have angered my oppressors. My cool was the most important thing to maintain because so often this form of fire must not be met with fire. It is the hopes of such folk that young black men react in a manner which would allow the to label them " Savage" in front of authorities and institutionalize them. This being a concept I am to aware of I avoid it at all costs. In my eagerness to understand what in my attire had broken the bars dress code the bouncer and boss man made the biggest mistake they failed to give a valid reason as to why I was not granted entry. Their quick response "You attitude is in violation of dress code". This was the straw that broke the camels back. I understood that I had just become a victim of a hate crime. Crimes against humanity are crimes that must never go unpunished. I simply explained to my oppressors that what they did tonight was wrong and that they will answer to their god when the time comes. My friends proceeded to call it like they saw it an act of racism but these two men began to ignore us and allow the wasted youth and lost causes in. People with no sign of self control and borderline public belligerents were allowed entry just to add fuel to the flame that was building inside of us. A completely under dressed and highly inebriated Asian male said to my sister " They not letting us in?" and she replied no you can still get in and that is when this man said the truest statement of last night "Oh its a black thing". His nonchalant statement hit heavily in my soul. He was right and this made me disheartened with the state of society and how we have made it okay to single out and undermine groups of people based on false notions and unexplained hatred.

As I wandered off to find another spot to take my business my friends were still upset at what had just taken place. An older African American saw my frustration and stopped to chat with me. A gentleman named Thomas David said " Brothers is a place that is not welcome to brothers. Don't spend your hard earned money to fund racism take your dollars elsewhere. Brothers Bar is a place that embodies the plight of humanity." His kind words put my mind at ease.

I have spent twenty six years of my life creating an environment in which I am proud to live in. to allow two weak men to shatter this dream I constantly seek to sustain would show weakness in the links of my chain. To these gentleman I simply wish their bloodline to be purified in the form of mixed relatives. The world will soon be a complete melting pot and no bloodline will be solely based on one group of people. It is how things must be due to the lines of love being drawn based on human interaction and not on the basis of ethnicity or origin. I am saddened that in our attempt to enjoy some of the life we have left we still must face the struggle our ancestors faced when attempting to eat or drink in certain businesses not to long ago but everything in the dirt must eventually see light, and every dog has his day. All I ask is that we treat each other as equals and force ourselves to be colorblind regardless of the prescription of our glasses or the solidity of our eyesight. I am a human before anything i just happen to be born with a certain pigment and I do not believe this should determine my life it is simply a fact of life and I should be treated with the same respect as any other man. It is my form of silent revolution that I will not support any establishment in which any race can be denied just on basis of race or false stereotypes and I hope this may inspire you to take up arms in the fight for your cause or silent revolution. Any opposition that makes it to the doorstep of the savage leader is not met with opposition it is met with serious thought in order to understand the deeper meaning. God didn't want me to support those who attempt to institutionalize my people and I thank him for such an opportunity to decide in the face of such an unfortunate event. Until next time keep it LYM.

Don't Resemble Your Environment Make It Resemble You

"A man once attempted to be the light in a world full of darkness. He decided to illuminate the dim lit back streets. After a while he felt the streets were too dark for his light to be seen. Not realizing the streets weren't any darker, the darkness had actually tarnished his light. The darkness had become so overwhelming he had actually started to resemble it."-Chapo

Trying to walk amongst the blood, piss, and puke and come out clean isn't as easy as you might think. The duration of that walk may make all the difference. I tried to bring positivity into a negative environment and ended up accidentally becoming that which I sought to change. I never make excuses for myself or others but I do take the bullet for my team sometimes. Its not always clear what the root of evil is in every situation but i can tell you me and mine have become victims to excess. We lost sight of the shore of moderation and drowned in the sea of excess. We claim savage but instead of representing the true definition we started to play into societies misconception of the word. So for the remainder of the year we must maintain a low profile to get some of the current heat off of us. We must once again give them a real reason to fear us and our insane work ethic. Party ethic has been proven over and over again but my brothers lost sight of the real goal. We the best at turning up but are we one trick ponies or can we do other things really well. Time to  show the world what we can do as individuals. As a unit we are unstoppable but I see a lot of shakiness as individuals. If as individuals we can stand solid then as a group we become untouchable. I just want the best for my LYMLife fam but I've given in to the enabling of behavior I shouldn't have. Its time to lead again since few stepped up when I made room on the podium. True leaders make more leaders not followers. So to show the world I am worthy of the titles I currently hold its time to jump back down in the trenches and prove the strength of each man and woman I call my family. Until next time I shall keep it LYM.

Home of Real Change Not Wave Riders

In the interest of the times I've decided to stop printing clothes for the public. Marcus Garvey once said an idea cannot come to manifestation in ones lifetime. An idea is birthed in one mans lifetime but to take it from concept to materialization takes generations. LYMLife has served as that idea born in a time when the masses weren't ready for real change. Although the magnitude of recent events seemed to be great still the average mans response served only as only moments of shock and awe. The interest of the public seems only to be momentarily sparked by these events and their swift responses. No real thought has been provoked. No real action of any monumental value has been taken. We suffer from a disease I refer to as wave riding but all waves are birthed in the ocean and die as they reach shore. The real change lies inland. We need to stop riding mini waves and start embracing the truly powerful weather patterns which are referred to as storms or hurricanes. Hurricanes make it past shore and affect all within their path.LYMLife is the storm in my eyes. It represents a rebirth of one's self and embrace of potential which awakens the person to true worth and gives life real purpose. It has survived for over 5 years and shows no sign of going away. It has been birthed in the mind of an enlightened individual and refuses to die in the hands of the ignorant.My decision to somewhat privatize is based on the ability of ideas with such momentum to grow from within. By privatizing we avoid the band wagoners and wave riders. We cut right through the bullshit to positive substance. No fluff, no gimmicks, no mask. True transparency within the inner sanctum. Those who have come to earn a spot at this table will never break bread elsewhere and as their circles of friends come to the realization that life has so much more to offer than their immediate environment they too will earn a seat at this table. We don't seek the approval of others but trust in the constructive criticism of our brothers. We are a community of evolution and growth. We thrive on positivity and strive for greatness. We are not any better than the average man but our focus separates us from the norm. What we lack in natural gift we work at and sharpen in skill. We are the laborers turned leader. We are the self made men who never took handouts even if offered. We cannot be bought or sold, swayed or told. We are the Civilized Savages winning the sprints as well as completing the marathons. We are the force that shall spark real change in the world. In the battle of good and evil we represent what is right. Regardless of the outcome our intentions are pure. Working everyday to make our environment better and inspire others to make similar changes in theirs. We are LYMLife. We choose to live instead of settling for mediocre existence. So if your ready to embrace such a life reach out, otherwise go listen to your new Kendrick album and don't allow the words to scratch the surface. Its probably more convenient to just post it in Instagram and get some likes from people who share your moment of conscious listening. Them LYMLifers will listen and let it spark a flame which cannot be put out. Until next time keep it LYM...

Who Dem-LYMLife Dance Corner pt1

Just Watch and Enjoy

Support is synonymous for Respect

Nothing says #Respect like support. In life everyone seems to be searching for a kickback a day when things will be dropped right in their lap. That day you're waiting on the one where the freebies come raining down will never come. If it does you can consider yourself the charity case of your circle. Also known as "The Sucka", "Weakest Link",  or "The Wasteman". I first became aware in the party scene of people trying to wiggle their way into functions yelling out who they know and what they need. "I know John so I need me and these 50 people behind me to get in for free." Then you get in for free so you just ate up a good portion of John's profit that he was going to use to throw a bigger and better party but its okay you friends. Your party of 50 starts to get thirsty so you want to get some bottles but you asking for store price cause you know John. My question, is John your guardian. Is he responsible for your well being and extra curricular activities? I think not. The Civilized Savages know everything must be earned because nothing should be given. I support those who I believe in and in wanting them to prosper I patronize their events and purchase their products at full price. Over time I receive the love back but on their first run around the track I try to buy into their ideas and show them that I like and respect what their doing. Freebies is for the needy and greedy. Don't milk a man match him your friendship will go further than you ever believed. Also this concept of support helps open the doors for possible collaboration and builds on buithe business relationship. I went to the same friday spot for months me and all my friends paid full price for our drinks then we graduated to buying bottles due to a suggestion by bartender. Eventually management realized who was buying all these bottles and due to some past good experiences they discounted our bottles. The difference is we never begged or asked. We had put so much money into their economy that they said theses people support us let us reward the loyalty. That is how you go from foot soldier to high general. Thats the difference between beggar and boss. Put your money where your mouth is and buy into things you want to progress. If you like an artist and you want to see his career continue buy his album, or painting, or whatever. Support what you believe in and build your own community economically as well as verbally. Before LYMLife outsources anything we look into our village and see what skills are present to make sure we are giving the work to those we call family before we pay a strangers bill. Nothing says I'm with you til the wheels fall off like backing a persons dream. Until next time keep it LYM.


LYMLife a true lifestyle Company

Alot of companies have popped up over the last decade. Alot of them latch onto the lifestyle category. I have had some friends who started such ventures but got stressed out in the spreading the word phase. Their idea wasn't catching on at a steady rate. Their growth tapered off quickly after their first few months. They worried that the hype had died. Those who lasted were the ones who learned the consumer quickly. People are picky and their needy. So one release won't hold them. Unless your hype is done by those not even officially associated with the company for instance Jordan empire. Which to this day I still can't understand that phenomena. Back to the topic though: how is it that you claim to be a lifestyle company but when the product doesn't sell as you envisioned the lifestyle dies? Im confused. Is the lifestyle over has the deathstyle begun? Where did you go?

LYMLife is a lifestyle company and will always be. We haven't printed clothing in over a year and a half yet amongst those we are concerned with we are still a hot commodity. How did we manage such things you wonder? We built the company around a demographic of innovators, leaders, and survivalists. We built the company on a code older than our flesh itself. So clothing sales never determined our success. Hype was never a pillar in our monument. As long as "Civilized Savages" continue to change the world one person at a time the company stays afloat and the movement continues to gain momentum. Our company truly is based on a lifestyle and as long as those who embrace it continue to draw breath we remain a driving force. Build your empire on something more solid than profits. I built mine on brotherhood, humanity, and the concept of Living life to the fullest. What could be more solid than that. I built this on the backs of hardworking people. Hardworking people have no specific tax bracket thus LYMLife breaks boundaries. Build a solid foundation. Don't base your companies success on material things. In the eye of business we have no idea what were doing but in the eyes of people we seem to have it all figured out and this I am happy with. LYMLife will live longer than most movement and it may never grace a tv or magazine cover but I guarantee it has and will continue to change more lives for the better than most million dollar organizations. Keep chasing cash our currency is meaningful dashes on headstones. In that perspective best believe we been getting it in. Until next time keep it LYM

Monday....Lets Do This

Its Monday again. Instagram full of " I hate Monday" and "Can't wait til the weekend" posts. Before you ungrateful humans start complaining about your boss, your job, or your current situation how bout you give thanks for what's going good for you. Stop crying about your most recent issue and start moving towards your next goal. It doesn't have to be thanksgiving for you to say you thankful. Im thankful for everyday I wake up and every breath I take. Im thankful for every new friend and every new enemy I meet. I dont expect everything to be peaches and cream with highs I know there will be lows and that is life so instead of complaining when things get rough I always decide to dig deeper and ride that wave. So next time you think about complaining think have I really reached rock bottom?  Probably not. So here is what you do: Dig in! Everyone who reads this turn up your hustle. Make your work ethic match your party ethic. Treat it like the most important thing in the world. Make it yours. No matter what you do. Do it to the max. Go hard for 3 months minimum. Your superiors will notice and they will have a choice recognize and reward for the extra effort and initiative or ignore it. If they reward you go harder see how you can max out your situation. If they ignore it that means one thing you are currently in an environment where growth is not possible. If this is the case its time to move on. Find a place of growth and fight your way in. Then repeat the process. Continue this until you find that beautiful thing they call progress. Once you find it don't stop because it is a neverending and forever evolving relationship. In time you will find happiness in being that progressive person in society. You will align yourself with other go getters and your life will continually get better. Not without some trials and tribulations but you will be better off than you were before you read this. Why should you even listen to what im saying? Good question. And for that I have a good answer. Everyday a member of LYMLife is walking round spreading the word of LYMLife and teaching the tactics of the civilized savages. How does this affect you? While you sitting on instagram complaining about your plush life we are putting those unemployed and stepped on members of society who have the heart to thrive in "La Pincha" in a position to take that job you supposedly hate. So all im saying is keep on your P's and Q's because everyone is replaceable. Especially the unmotivated, ungrateful, and unexcited. I'm just saying stop complaining start grinding harder than your competition. Those you know of and those who have yet to reveal themselves. Until next time keep it LYM.

Get Active

While the majority is waiting on the golden opportunity or the cosign LYMLifers are out here creating opportunities. The beauty of this community of creatives is the ability to turn nothing into something. Im the savage living amongst the civilized. Im shooting to be the best at living a complete life. Thats my real goal to live a LYMLife. Everyday people come to me about a collaboration or some kind of work to bridge the gap between LYMLife and their company or movement. What they dont understand is if they are being true to themselves then their movement is LYMLife. LYMLife is the umbrella which protects all under it. And under this umbrella lies all those people and ideas that when introduced will never be forgotten. So for those who seek a collabo just know we dont seek approval or cosign of others. We are built on an aggressive work ethic that speaks for itself. The fact that its not about approval means fame is not even on the board of goals. Its a byproduct of everything else we achieve. Why be known for something that isn't 100% me. No handouts needed because since jits we been earning. We been riding round and getting it. We are where we are because of the solid foundation our village provided for us. We are products of our environment but after the environment molded us we etched and chiseled our molds to align with our inner essence. Don't ever let another pick up the chisel and work on your monument. If you cant do it either learn how to or give it your best shot. This life is yours to make and create and live as you see fit. Fitting in is a thing for lost children. Been there done that it was fun but I'm glad I failed at it. That failure made me realize it ain't worth changing to fit into the frame others want you in. Me and mine don't need the cosign. I walk amongst a group of individuals that stand on their own. Everyone is different but all move in unison. I never had to seek the acceptance of my group "real recognized real from the get go". We don't wait on one man to come up we match each others grind. We salute each others achievements and keep it moving. When one is down the others will give aid but still this isn't considered a handout because we are a community of even trades. I'm down today and you help me up just know a month from now we both going to be up higher then we were supposed to be. "Don't milk people match em." Its the ultimate form of respect and it keeps you out of social debt. If some one gives you something and you give them something of equal value then that is a trade. So lets get our barter on and stop begging for an in. When your time comes the world will not be able to silence you the real will pay homage and the fake will hate or downplay your aura. Negativity has no place in this world except for those that seek it. Don't sell yourself make yourself a necessity. And if they don't need you then its their loss the world still turns regardless. Life isn't about potential energy, its about kinetic energy. Lets get it....until next time keep it LYM

This Is LYMLife

Watch this and you shall understand the ultimate goal of this thing we call LYMLife.....

Can't concentrate

It's been a while since I've written a blog. I have been working on myself individually to show followers what it is to live LYMLife. I'm sitting at work not being able to concentrate, but all I can think of is LYMLife right now. I saw something the other day that stood out to me that hopefully soon we will be able to share with all our lymers. It showed me something that I have not put enough effort into with all the things happening in my life. It showed that LYMLife is my life. I know I have not been doing as much as before, but it was to sit back and work on myself before i could help others. This new idea is something I want to do alone but I know I will need direction with someone within the inner circle of LYMLife who has done this before. I'll need guidance but will want to do it on my own. Its time for me to give back to people who have given to me. The LYM family has provided me with material goods for my new adventure of living on my own for the first time, they have given me love and support. If you ever need anything the LYM house is a place where you learn live and grow. We have had many lyms there and it has always been a welcoming home. Now its my turn to show a little appreciation to those who have provided me with more than what words can explain. They know I have a special place in my heart for them and will do anything for them, but I want to show them a little more than what I feel I have shown. Just wait and see what I have in store for the LYMLife family.

Once a Visionary Never a Blindman

Progress always comes at a price I just never thought it would come at the price it did. Like any obstacle I shall overcome but just wanted to restate some things. Every once in a while I like to share the vision of LYMLife with those who are new to the concept and in this case some brothers who forgot .
LYMLife began a concept in my head. People said i was different I was born in one era but conducted myself like I was of another. My aura seemed to glow differently than most of my generation. I just thought I was weird. Through trial and tribulation I formed my own code of conduct at an early age. I stuck to the script and never switched lanes. While the world changed I remained a reference point for others to judge their own transformation off of. My unwillingness to conform or adjust to the instability of my environment allowed me to excel past those trying to morph. This process is LYMLife.
I never was the popular kid and it never bothered me. Neither was I a total outcast. My soul is one of that changes the souls of others. The hidden society of righteous gentlemen is where i reside. Old school in our ways but to me there was a time when people knew how to act right and I am just sitting waiting on a return to that. My vision for LYMLife was to create an umbrella for the hard workers to excel under while protecting them legally. I sought to find the dreamers and invest in them until they were able to illuminate their lights so the world could see. The true meaning of LYMLife is not the selling of clothing but living in a manner which inspires others to make a positive change in their environment. The word LYMLife translates to leave your mark life. The world is a canvas and we all have our own color paint. When the heavens look down on the canvas they should see billions of different hues from all the lives that stepped outside of the norm they call existence. I always said the world wouldn't change until an immovable force went against it. I have met a few people that believed LYMLife to be that force. It can be classified as immovable and fearless so I don't see why not. This will be my life's work and when I'm dead and gone I pray that it continues to positively change lives through the people I've touched and those I've influenced. Anyone can embrace LYMLife and some who don't even know of it are already on its path. My dream is to see all those who put the effort in and never give up achieve what they deserve. I don't think people should get what they want I believe they should get what they deserve.
On a business side LYMLife is a progressive family of righteous men and women. Putting morals and codes back into society. I will only eat with those I starved with. Stay consistent! Be progressive. And live by an unbreakable honorable code. Until next time keep it LYM.

No Benchwarmers

Within the inner circle of LYMLife resides a strange group of individuals. I call them the usual suspects. A gift I was given as a child was to be able to judge character fairly well. I cant say all my friends are angels but within the depths of their souls lies genuinely good people with great ideas. A good heart and imagination is something that cant be acquired. Either your born curious or submissive, loving or withdrawn. The rest you acquire through life. My partners were born questioning things and learning through trial and error. Every man, woman, and child I bring into the inner sanctum of this creative beast I call LYMLife has something to contribute whether they know it or not. None with me shall ever be referred to as a "Wasteman". Everyone can shine you just have to have the patience and the eye to find their niche. I am considered a leader because I will not stop they find that role that they were meant to play. If you cant be used your useless thats what it boils down to. LYMLife was built around unique individuals and continues to grow in different directions as new individuals join the movement.
In every group of friends there is always that one individual they may be viewed as the weakest link or maybe the jester of the group. Everyone has a good laugh at this persons expense and when you cant create enjoyment out of thin air this person becomes the groups entertainment. In LYMLife we build everyone up no man is put down for the simple entertainment of others. We always moving forward never taking steps backwards. Our bench is empty all players get gametime over here. I hear all this talk of new year, new moves. People cutting people off and moving in new packs. The difference between the man they call "Chapo" and you he is a leader like no other and you are just someone trying to get ahead. I wait for my soldiers because no man is left behind in the savage camp. The willing and able are welcome but all I ask is you work to match my hustle. I am willing to sacrifice my own for those I see making the effort. I could be much further in life but I believe I can find more joy in sharing the success with my brothers. So even when they aren't saying "Put me in coach" but i see that play they can make I throw em in the game. We all can shine and I got no time for benchwarmers. We are like 300 over here few against many thus we dont have a sideline for anyone to hangout at. Everyone plays a role and everyone is responsible for another's back so action is a requirement.
2015 seems to be everyone's year but when I said it is the "Year of the Savage" its for a few reasons. One we spent the last few years building a bond that cannot be broken. School is out for us, some of our greatest teachers have moved on to the next realm leaving the dogs without leashes. We are free to run now and it is up to us how many miles we cover. We have shed the dead weight and the only thing that can hold us back is our own excuses. This year will be a year of great progress so to the civilized savages I say lets stop trying to teach them and lets show them how we do this thing called LYMing. We shall take some hits bounce back and hand out a few beatings but we will grow as a group and as individuals. We will find some points we can work on while discovering new strengths. We will have only two types of days this year that being great days and character building days. Now lets go get it! Until next time keep it LYM.

Stunt Driving on The Highway By Accident (Skrrrtttt Skrrrrtttton that Black Ice)

Driving in the snow should be its own sport....

My first official drive in the snow was an adventurous one. It consisted of me praying and screaming "Jesus Take the wheel" while clenching my butt cheeks the whole way to work. My car did not pass the 30MPH mark but with the slipping and sliding it was probably going a solid 40. It was almost reflective of my party life "No Control". I want to seriously thank the considerate and patient Ohio Highway drivers for not honking and cursing me during this trying time. It was already a nerve racking experience but the lovely drivers around me did not add to the stress. They must have seen my Florida license plate and knew this guy is definitely a slider. I have never sweat so much in 15 minutes, not even for my most excruciating workouts. As I arrived at work I immediately started shopping for dogs to run my sled that I will be buying soon.
Lessons learned
-Don't sleep on mother nature
-Don't trust the road even if it looks like road because its actually a full fledged skating rink
-the first day after snowfall is the worst to drive
-Plows in columbus are not as proactive as canadian plowers
-When you've arrived at black ice do not slam on your brakes or attempt to turn the wheel
-Keep Praying
-Do not try to squirt windshield wiper fluid while driving in sub zero temperatures even if it is mixed with antifreeze
-All season tires are synonymous with racing slicks as far as snow is concerned
-Always Back in the night before a snow storm
- stretch your glutes before a drive in such conditions.
The more I learn about living in the tundra the more I stories I will have to share with you all.
Until next time keep it LYM.

New Year New Beginnings

I can't say I've turned over a new leaf cause I like the leaf I'm working with ,but what I can say is "Mi a tun up di scheme" I told my inner circle its our year, 2015 is the year of the savage but I never realized how many blessings and opportunities would arrive on my doorstep before the first week was even over. I'm talking bout new faces to LYMLife and not only are they new to LYMLife but they believe in the vision more than some of my original members. Every one need that breath of fresh air to respark the flame when it starts to die down a bit. With a positive outlook and good work ethic anything is possible. Fear nothing, leave no stone unturned and look in the unexpected places for the unfathomable options. I am so excited for this year and it has gone 0 to 100 real quick. I can't reveal all that has taken place but I can tell you my mind is clear and focused. This year brings growth into the Civilized Savage community. My suggestion get down with the movement before the movement gets down on you and its too late. My brothers we've proven to the streets over and over again who runs the scene now its time to show corporate america we are a force to be reckoned with. Unforgiving and immovable is the force which will change the world. Less than an hour after hearing of LYMLife she says LYMLife is that force. Over my dead body will she be proven a liar. With El Chapo isolated from the savages some say it creates a void I say that void is only space in which my brothers will grow and rise to the occasion. A group is only as good as its weakest link. Its leader cannot determine the strength of them as a whole because if anything happens to a leader the group usually falls to confusion and chaos. The Civilized Savages prove to be different. Loss of a leader only give room for more leaders to grab the baton and continue on. I do not worry for the movement I worry for those to ignorant to understand it and those against it.
Positive vibes is what we are preaching and living. Get to know a civilized savage this year and become one yourself. I guarantee it will change your life for the better. This year we show the face of true potential. We will not chase money because by chasing the dream money will come. Don't be ruled by false idols believe in something that believes in you. LYMLife is that thing. Share this post with friends and family and let's get enough wind in this sailboat to outrun a smuggler boat. You think it an impossible feat? Don't believe me just watch. Until next time keep it LYM.