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Never Give Up

No matter who you are and how comfortable you might be in your own skin we have all had that God questioning moment. That moment where the worls just opened up and attempted to swallow you whole. Your parents told you no matter how bad you got it someone out there has it way worse, but sometimes you felt like damn if I had it any worse I would I would quit. I will tell you just like a personal trainer would your mind quits 1000 times before your body does. The truth is a weak mind quits 1000 times before your body does. Same as a rational mind. In the event you have taken your mind past the rational threshold then I must warn you quitting no longer exists because failure is the only outcome other than success. At that point I tried doesn't exist there is only I did it or I died trying. So keep fighting for every inch every foot and never give back what you earned. Earn your keep and protect your earn. Until next time keep it LYM