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False Idols

Its been a minute since I've written and I apologize for that but we have important things to discuss today "Idols". In society today the youth and some of the older generations take part in this act of almost worshiping false idols. In the dictionary an idol is defined as an image used as an object of worship or a false God. In these times I feel we have confused the children and are confused ourselves as to what our guideline should be. There is a lot of grey area in the "Idol, Hero, Mentor, Leader" business. What is the difference and what is the hierarchy for importance in our life? All I'm here to tell you today is take the time and be the example you want the younger generation to look up to. I will define this influential person as a "LYMLIFER" for the moment. If you thought TV was what it used to be your sadly mistaken. TV is gloom, doom, and lots of fiction. As a parent, sibling, friend, elder, or whatever you must be the change in your environment. Don't rely on others to do it, you must rise up and take the responsibility to elevate your world. One very common mistake is the idolizing of celebrities. They are humans just like you and I. They make mistakes just as we do. The are a few major differences which I would be happy to point out.

1. They are in a much higher tax bracket which allows for sometimes larger mistakes
2. They have a slightly different understanding of peer pressure
3. They are not always punished like us "Nobodies"(non famous)

The money is a major issue which allows celebrities more access to a variety of resources. Celebrities and their outlandish behavior is sometimes due to the pressure of either fans or blending with their peers. Celebrities sometimes cave to the enormous pressure of their environment and lifestyle. Drugs for instance are a major thing that I believe celebs pick up for all the wrong reasons.  Lastly is the fact that if you are not famous don't expect to ever be excused if you committed a crime it rarely happens. With all that said understand the difference between entertainers and idols. Certain celebrities are not all people we should look up to they are our entertainment(in a nice way). So when your child says to you "I want to be like _____(insert some out of hand celebrity)" tell them to specify the qualities which they wish to possess. No one should want to be exactly like another. We are all individuals and we all bring something to this life. Find your thing and shine at what you do because we all have our own unique purpose on earth. Worship within your faith, love within your family, and be yourself amongst peers. Never change on the simple fact that others are into that now. Set your own trends and watch. Its only a matter of time before people catch on to what you might be doing and that becomes the popular thing. Young men be gentleman, have class the jersey shore was never a manual on how to live. Young Ladies be women of sophistication, be queens not bitches. Basketball wives along with the majority of those reality shows are excellent examples of women who don't know how to act. They have truly lost their way. Until next time keep it LYM.

Music Video Monday

Slaughterhouse....and unstoppable group of truly skilled lyricists and the hardest group out right now...

Happy Memorial Day

Hope you all had a wonderful Memorial day...Back to business tomorrow.

Music Video Monday

Iyador extended LYMLIFE Fam....if you enjoy roots and culture music check it...#BroadenYourPalette

AOKI= Absolute Anarchy

(Picture Courtesy of Steve Aoki's Facebook)
After hearing word that the great Steve Aoki would be performing in downtown Miami I imediately purchased tickets and prepared myself for this epic night. In all honesty nothing can prepare you for the rush you get when you realize your actually in the same room as Aoki. The venue pretty good, drinks a little pricey, but overall it was a night to be remembered. Good people, good times, and most of all great memories. Steve Aoki is truly an entertainer/professional rager. Playing an excellent assortment of his songs to some new releases and of course up to his usual antics. I went expecting a cake to be thrown and the raft to come out. What I witnessed could not fully be explained. Numerous cakes were thrown to eager fans.. 
(Pictures courtesy of Steve Aoki's Facebook)
People thought rappers were out of hand giving girls champagne showers well try champagne, ice water, orange juice, and some cranberry. And of course the raft was definitely present. Aoki took a trip into the crowd on it and sent a few fans out on it. Sadly one fan abruptly fell out of it but after later seeing her at the bar I assumed her to be coherent. Overall it was worth every penny spent. Aoki captured the crowd and touched hearts. If ever in the same city again you better believe I will be attending another one of his shows. Steve Aoki is a true LYMLIFER of the party scene. He left his mark in so many ways. May you continue to make amazing music and may you continue to Leave Your Mark(LYM). 
Side-note: due to the fact I left my phone in the car my picture abilities were limited but i did get some decent videos from a good friend so here you go.

Will Smith on success secrets

Its a bit long but worth the watch...Will Smith shares some secrets to his success.

Obama, Civil Rights, and the Disagreement Between the Two

Obama declared his support for maraige equality 

during an interview with ABC's Robin Roberts
On Wednesday, May 9, 2012, much of America was taken aback when President Barak Obama spoke in support of the right for couples of the same sex to be legally married in this country. The media went on a frenzy analyzing the situation from every possible angle. And much of America experienced a sigh of relief, and some bouts of excitement even, when they heard the news. Even a Fox News analyst spoke about the issue in terms of being on the right side of history. Its safe to say that many of us are all caught up in the excitement of having POTUS’ support for equal rights, however what many seem to not realize is that this does absolutely nothing to further the cause for equality in our country.

For starters, the only reason Obama felt the need to come out with his statement was because VP Joe Biden backed him into a corner on the prior Sunday when he went on Meet the Press and expressed his support for equal marriage rights. By doing so, Biden opened the floodgates of scrutiny to the President’s less than satisfactory past attempts at dodging the issue. Prior to Sunday, Obama was able to get away with saying such things as his views are “evolving” as he “wrestled” with the issue. But as pressure mounted, Obama finally gave in just three days after Biden’s comments. So its important to note that it was not of his own volition that came out with this statement, but was simply pushed to do so.

Regardless, these recent events beg the question, what does this mean for progress in the uphill battle of equal rights in this country? The answer is a plain and simple NOTHING. Obama, after expressing his support for gay marraige, clearly stated that he believes the issue is one to be addressed at the state level. Obama once again has washed his hands of the issue by leaving it to the states to decide. Coincidentally, North Carolina voted on a Constitutional amendment to ban same sex marriage just the day before and showed us all how clearly capable we are of dealing with this injustice at the state level by enacting the ban it into law.

The leader of the free world, arguably the most powerful man in the planet, supports marriage equality, but does not think it is important to enact federal legislation to ensure the rights of same sex couples. By leaving it to the states, Presdent Obama has accepted the status quo, and admitted his lack of interest in pursing this problem head on. It seems a bit disheartening, seeing as how Obama is a direct beneficiary of the civil rights struggles that our nation has endured, yet does not see it of any importance to pay it forward and make a real difference.

Its not surprising that Obama’s stance on civil rights is a not very clear given the fact that his stance on basic Human Rights is one that needs revaluation as well.  We cant expect for a President to stand up for the rights of an overlooked people in his own country when he has approved a multi-million dollar weapons shipment to the Bahraini government which just recently vowed to crack down harder on its civilian protesters many of which have been killed by government forces. But I digress.

If my historical knowledge serves me well, had Abe Lincoln’s famous speech been called the “Support of Freedom Proclamation” instead of the Emancipation Proclamation, and in it he said that the issue of slavery was best left for the states to decide. I am quite sure that I would not be writing this from below the Mason Dixon line, and that Barak Obama would not be sitting in a position with the power to deny this country the progress it so sorely needs.

Music Video Monday

One of my favorites, an oldie but a goodie....

Love Your Mother

LYMLIFE was an idea that came out of the mind of a boy who was born out of the womb of a woman. That woman was a mother.  Although the society we live in is based on a patriarchal system, mothers play a vital role. Women have had to suffer the brunt of living alongside their male counterparts. The truth is behind most great men there is an even greater woman. Sometimes this may be a wife, mother, ex girlfriend, etc. Women are an advanced bunch and honestly men have studied them for years but still don't completely understand what goes on in the female mind. Not trying to go off on a tangent, so lets get back to the topic, Mothers. LYM does stand for leave your mark but I feel like it also stands for love your mother. In all my interactions and relationships in life I feel like without my mothers guidance I would not be where I am today. She taught me a lot of things that money can't buy, and only certain experiences can skim the topics. I am a good example of the difference between "brought up or dragged up". My mother always taught me that what she does is by choice. Plenty of mothers have babies abandon, neglect, and generally mistreat their children. My mom chose the hard route of raising her children and I thank her for that. I personally don't know all of your mothers, but I can tell you if she still a positive part of your life there is probably a plethora of reasons to celebrate that woman. Buy a gift, spend some time, or run to the rooftop and shout your love for her. Being a mother is not an easy job, and mothers are truly under-appreciated and completely underpaid, like teachers but that is  for another post. Love that woman and show her how much her investments will pay off.  Take the day to bless that woman with all you have to offer. Mothers day is a day to appreciate all women mothers especially. Daughters will one day grow to be mothers and so on. So sons, father, and brothers appreciate the significant women in your life. Don't let the time constraints of this day confine your feelings to this 24 hour block, show love every opportunity you get. You never know what tomorrow has in store so why wait? Enjoy your day mothers!

To our Graduates...

I apologize people we haven't fallen off just got a little busy with some old goals. Congrats to all our recent graduates including  Jared LYM and myself. Our academic bar has been reached so we raised it. Other than that we are currently working through the glitches of our summer line which will be coming to you soon. More importantly is the growth of our LYMLIFE network. In our travels we have met many people and spread the word. Some old, some new, but all down for the cause. Now that we have gotten that update out of the way on to a message for the graduates.

No man ever published an accurate guidebook on how to succeed. Success is the attainment of wealth, favor, or eminence. This being true in the scope of society in my mind we determine our own success. Success has nothing to do with the journey it only deals with the final product. The final outcome is the only thing success is concerned with. Many before us have succeeded but what was the cost is my question?
"For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?"-Matthew 16:26
That is a valid question and its a concept which LYMLIFE stands on. I do not know each and every one of your personal goals or your unique definitions of what success is to you, but I do know that there is a difference between a successful man and a righteous man. One can be both but just because you are successful doesn't make you righteous and vice versa. Congratulations to those who received their degrees and i'm hoping you have begun your next chapter with the same fire you started school with. More importantly is to remember in your future endeavors to hold yourself to a standard. Always keep a non negotiable standard for living and loving. In everything you do you should have a code which you enforce and uphold. Upholding your standard and working to achieve your goals helps create a healthy successful environment in which you will thrive and others will envy. Those on your path who did not have a code will not appreciate the fruits of their labor as much and will probably realize that they compromised in order to succeed. They don't belong among the ranks of those who worked hard day and night, lost sleep, and outcast themselves socially in order to make a way for themselves. LYMLIFE along with many other positive movements wants the best for you and yours. and although our paths might be different there is no reason we can't work together. Leave your mark, solidify your mind, and set a standard. Whatever you do in life make it worth your while. Do something you are willing to put your name on and stand behind. Make sure your cause is one you would die for because I am damn sure willing to die for mine. Don't let anyone interrupt the communication between you and your dreams. Until next time keep it LYM.