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LYMLIFE is.......

Greeting LYMLifers after a long break we are back and ready to work. This post is a reminder for those who have been with us and those who just recently were acquainted with the movement. Yes it comes one day before the day I was born but that is because this grind never stops we are working even on our vacations but you already know that.

LYMLife is the embodiment of dreams, the realization of potential. LYMLife is not the act of selling a lifestyle but more the living in a manner which inspires others. In the world today many settle for the easy road or a life of convenience. People tend to allow others to put them down or sadly succumb to the pressures of life. I am here to tell you that you can blame no one but yourself. Others can only set boundaries for you if you allow them. You should be the one to set your own boundaries. We all have the right and privilege of dreaming so why not have the right to make your dreams a reality. In the coming days LYMLife is on a mission. Our academics will be coming to an end and what they call our grown up lives are about to begin. We are preparing for the drastic change but with a very positive and strategic outlook. LYMLife will still carry on and will take a much more ambitious stance in our approach to assist and aid all of you in your endeavors as you continue to aid us in ours. We believe in the power of belief. If you invest in yourself and believe in what you are working towards anything is possible.
This movement has supporters young and old but this message goes out especially to the young. They told us we wouldn't attain to much they set a standard for us and if we strayed slightly from it they ridiculed us. They say we are troubled but I say we are the brave. We push the limits and discover the new. They call us the wasted youth but I say they are the ones who wasted their lives. My education is my vessel, my degree my job, and my passion was and always will remain my career...... We're bacckkkkkkk