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August Savage Law #1 Observation

August begins the observational year of the savage. As a group we've decided to bring our lifestyle to the world through observation of the laws we live by. August being the first month we are dedicating ourselves to the cause. We will be observing the 1st of the 12 savage laws:


This month across the world savages will be sharpening their tools. Daily reading and exercise will be the ritual for the month of August. If you are interested in testing your inner savage join the movement. If you know of someone who just need some general direction but possesses that level of potential direct them our way. These next 12 months are for those who currently claim savage or seek to claim it in the future. When your mother and father forsake you remember "The Civilized Savages" will still take you. If you know a savage encourage and support them in the months to come because they will need it and later appreciate it in the long run. The road to true savagery will not be easy but together we can triumph in the end. Together we stand divided we fall. Individually we struggle but as a group we ball. So get your running kicks out, and set aside a good book because together we shall overcome the slackness and ignorance of the present. Until next time keep it LYM.

The Grass Ain't Greener on The Other Side....It Died.

Many people are of the cliche belief that the grass is greener on the other side. I see this belief heavily weighed on in the younger generations. I watch the children of the trap apply themselves and attempt to enter a life of opportunity while the children who were supplied spoons of some sort attempt to throw opportunity away and enter a life of unnecessary hardship. This post is to enlighten the privileged children of the world their savage duty if they ever seek to live a life worthy of being described as "Civilized Savagery". Its also to let the unprivileged know to stay the course their hearts originally set out on.

We are human thus we are prone to wondering about the unknown. Regardless of your beginnings through the course of time you come across people that intrigue you. Chances are some of these people will not share as much common ground as expected by your parents. This will eventually cause you to make a choice either to follow suit or rebel. There is nothing wrong with being a rebel but make sure you got a damn good cause. If your going against the grain for shits and giggles don't claim to be a rebel. It's simple utilize all tools given to you. One of the biggest problems I have with the youth is they embrace a darker side of life out of choice not necessity. If you weren't born in the darkness don't falsely embrace it. If you are a child of the light then run with it until darkness finds you. When every which way you turn you can't seem to find light then weather the storm and shine through the darkness. Don't accept the darkness as your new reality. Bane said it best to batman: 

"Ah you think darkness is your ally? You merely adopted the dark. I was born in it, molded by it. I didn't see the light until I was already a man, by then it was nothing to me but blinding!”

This quote weighs heavy on the current state of the lost youth. Some of us are born into horrible situations and in that case we must break the cycle to honor our families. Children represent hope to parents. Don't let hope die for your games and antics. If your issues lies in the fact that the children of the light seem fake and materialistic and make for horrible friendships well I say find better friends. Don't allow your inability to properly judge character send you to the land of the lost. As always there are men and women of righteous character on both sides of the fence. No matter our birth we all can die glorious deaths. We define our lives by our actions. Did your life have purpose or was it just a scrimmage match that meant nothing in the scheme of things. We all will find hardships in life do not go looking for them. We must make sound choices with the true desires of our heart in mind. The moment we make a bad choice hardship will find us. Don't force it.

To all the unprivileged youth you were born with less tools and resources than some of your classmates and peers. The objective for you is to use what you come across to better your life and break the seemingly never ending cycle of your birth environment. You can make it out and into the abyss of opportunity that I call the world but your path is a non paved one. and if you have an ounce of humanity in you, your savage duty is to lay at least one paver brick for another to take a solid step on steady ground. This small gesture speaks loudly to those who follow the path. It says keep going don't stop. Use it as a point of reference and never slide back beyond this step. You can define a new rock bottom for the youth who share a similar struggle to you. Raising the bar is a concept easily understood by the competitive, the wolves who maintain that level of hunger. I say raise the floor to those who seem trodden on and weary. Its a similar concept to raising the bar but it works better for an unmotivated group of people. As you climb raise the floor so your friends can't fall as far. Your circle must always bring you up they must motivate you to carry your own weight and eventually shoot for the top spot. You must never hold the top spot amongst your friends. If you are top dog for too long and no one shows signs of trying one up you then you need a new group of friends.

To the privileged children if you find quality friendship amongst the unprivileged then you job is to help bridge the gap from the trap to the life of opportunity. To the unprivileged find friendship in those that elevate you and don't be consumed by the fuckery your environment offers. All children must rise to the occasion because when we all decide to brighten this life it makes for a sunny tomorrow. Until Next time keep it LYM.

This post wasn't meant to draw lines between poor or middle class it was meant to inspire the youth the blur the lines and work together to blur the thick solid line above us all.

Savage Law #1

Civilize The Mind But Make Savage The Body

The first and one of the most important savage laws is "Civilize the mind but make savage the body. This is one of the first laws i was introduced to as a child min karate class. Through the teachings of my Sensei i learned the true meaning of this law through hard work and dedication over a span of 13 years. At the age of four reciting this law didn't mean much to me I was like a parrot just repeating my Sensei's words. But after many years of reciting this law i learned to truly apply it. Unlike many Dojos, my dojo was truly unique. our studies of mixed martial arts with a strong foundation in Goju Ryu prepared me for much more in life than a street scuffle. It prepared me for life to be a better me. I slowly became a Better man, brother,and son. My permission to study martial arts depending not only on monthly fees but also a lot of important factors in my everyday life. Parents at my dojo could throw all the money they wanted but if my grades weren't up to par I was not able to attend classes. My Sensei held education on a very high pedestal.

Knowledge plus strenuous physical activity were the two main priorities as a karateka. On top of that when it came time to get my black belt intense physical testing was paired with a 10 page essay on my understanding of martial arts and the positive effect it had on my life. Not many black-belts are put through such testing. My Sensei showed me he wasn't creating boys who could defend themselves he was building a league of extraordinary young men. Through the process we became soldiers of a special kind.

In order to truly claim savage you must obey and maintain the laws. In order to conquer the first law you must spark your flame for knowledge and at the same protect the temple which you reside in. They say health is wealth. First muscle we must learn to exercise is the mind. This is done through education yourself on a daily basis. No man of moderate intelligence was ever overcame by a man who excels in the brawn department.Its one thing to work hard but eventually the body gets run down. The mind takes much longer to wear out. We must not only depend on the education that is socially accepted. K-12, then onto higher education in the form of college. We must thirst and lust for knowledge. We must seek knowledge beyond what is expected of us. Knowledge provided by school systems is the bare minimum. Its the knowledge you gain outside of school that really sticks. In school most students use a for of learning called the dump truck method. We learn everything we can just to pass a test then as soon as we pass the test we dump out all the wisdom we gained to make room for our next lessons. Lessons we choose to pick up are usually applied and repeated if the outcome is favorable these eventually become routine. Through practice we make perfect and through repetition we make routine. This is true knowledge. This is the kind of knowledge you retain even years after first being introduced. This is how you make the mind civilized. Civilization itself is built on the rejection of ignorance and the embrace of wisdom.

To make savage the body is to attain a level of physical excellence that allows you to conquer your opponent efficiently in a physical manner. With a mind full of wisdom and strategy and a body capable of great physical feats man becomes unstoppable. Through exercise and proper dieting we can maximize and truly get closer to resembling our bodily potential.Our minds can only take us so far as can our bodies. Get both body and mind in shape and we prove a force to be reckoned with. The ability to perform your best ideas is truly a gift. They say if you want a job done right do it yourself. In a world of over consumption and sloppy bodies thoughts can easily be discouraged by physical limitations. Don't be that person. Do for yourself.

So in order to truly civilize the mind and make savage the body we must read daily and exercise regularly. These two activities will help you excel in many aspects of life. So I urge you to go out and grab a book that interests you and also buy a gym pass or just go to a local park and exercise both mind and body. You will thank me later. Until next time keep it LYM.