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Happy BDAY Alex

Happy BDAY to the heart of LYMLIFE
Alex LYM
Lil TurnUP
Wavy Poppins

Music Video Monday

For the dreamers...or surrenders

Wisdom Wednesdays

What I know for sure..
Seek and you shall find.....something.
Think and you shall gain understanding... Sometimes.
Unconditional love is possible if we open our hearts.
Forgiveness of atrocities is possible if we open our mind to new solutions.
Everyone has a weakness in life.
Every new day presents new opportunities.
Learning is personal.
Teaching is personal.
No experience is ever casual.
No effort is ever wasted.
Intention counts even when the outcome is unexpected.
Apologies matter even when they are not accepted.
In the short run ,you really do get what you give.
In the long run, you really do get what you earn.
Until 7 sunsets, take inventory of what you know for sure and LYM ( leave your mark) positively.

-Mama Lym

We are the Intitiated

Located on our about page is an old t shirt design I came up with about a year and a half ago. In the design it shows hands making a double L(for LYMLife) and says LYMLife on the top. On the bottom is the phrase "we are the initiated". This phrase troubles my brothers but to me it stands as statement that is uncontested. 

Initiation: is the action of beginning something.

In creating this design i had to consider the true meaning of what the title "Civilized Savage" entailed. What made a savage civilized and how does one become such a thing? A civilized savage is a primal creature with dreams and aspirations which are viewed by others through a persons achievement and success. Civilized savages contain the drive and approach life with such tenacity that others must step aside if in the way. A civilized savage stops at nothing to do as he has said because every statement a promise and every promise a pact that cannot be broken. If broken the wrong must be righted and if not the person cannot claim such a title. To be initiated is to be tested to the tee. You can overcome obstacle and excel in certain areas but a civilized savage is a well rounded cultured individual who is versatile. To be initiated in LYMLife you must take steps toward your own brighter future. I cannot tell you what these steps will be and no mans initiation is the same. That being said what do you know of your initiation and who believes they have truly begun the process. It is harder than most think and the end result a mystery. The end game is to be the best you can possibly be to reach true potential. You must not stray or be swayed by the opinions or suggestions of others. You must sacrifice and fight to climb to the highest point on your mountain of life. You will laugh, cry, sweat, and bleed. When your ready to give up  you must find strength within to motivate yourself to push further. Resistance is a sign of good direction and failure is a sign of future success. Its up to you how far you go. Will you go the distance only you and your God know the answer but I blindly say "Yes you will!" Why? If you took the time to read this you must want more out of life. So if you have taken this step take ten more don't stop til you reach the top. Until next time keep it LYM

Music Video Monday

Happy Bday Pac #CivilizedSavage

What is LYMLife to you?

There was a question asked by one of our brothers “What does LYMLife mean to you?” When he asked this question no one responded and I am sure it wasn't that we couldn't answer it was that we have a schedule that may have prohibited us from answering. I read the text message and I knew what I wanted to write and when I started writing I came up with more and more meanings to LYMLife. After reading this blog I encourage our readers to comment and tell us what LYMLife means to you.
Here is what I replied to my brothers:
“LYMLife means leaving a positive impression in this world to everyone you love and meet. To do things out of the norm, but in a right way. To fight through the struggle and never feel satisfied because we can be so much more. It is not a clothing line or a business for selling stuff just for the hell of it. It is a lifestyle and code to live by. LYMLife is working hard and playing hard. Enjoying the life you have been given and taking advantages of opportunities that are presented. There is no such thing as failing. Failing is not learning through trials and tribulation and not bettering yourself even if you did not get the results you wanted.”
As a LYMLifer we put many meanings behind LYMLife. We go through life discovering ourselves through our turmoil. Even keeping LYMLife alive has been a trial and we are learning how to deal with all the bumps in the road to provide our members with everything LYMLife has to offer. We are working towards growing as a movement not as company trying to make profit.

-Dennis LYM

Music Video Monday

watch lymlife go 0 to a hunnit...real quick

Spreading The LYMLife Movement

We are selling our new red Civilized x Savages LYMlife Inc bands to spread the word of LYMLife. One of our followers in Cali has proudly supported and purchased his band. We are here to spread the movement not just sell clothing and accessories. Yes we do function as a business, but that is not our main goal. Our main is explained in our name LYMLife (LeaveYourMarkLife). We are sreading the word of positivity in each and everyones lives.

The selling of bands, clothing, etc. is a help to our cause to keep this blog up and running. It helps us create new avenues and items for our members. We are trying to grow as new ideas arise and opportunities come. When LYMLife hears a knock on the door we open it, we also go around knocking on doors or create our own path ways for this movement. We have many ideas and need the support from our members to go forth with our ideas and make them into reality. Show your LYMLife gear. Write comments on our blogs. Support from our followers is key in spreading the word of LYMlife. Be proud of the movement show the world what LYMLife is about.

-Dennis LYM

#NationalCognacDay #30DaySobrietyChallenge

In life not many know what they want the most. We walk through in a constant state of distraction. The world is full of tomfoolery and zombies on that never sober tip. Try 30 days of complete sobriety you might see the world differently. Almost a two weeks into my 30 days and the first week seemed like the hardest hurdle.
Friends turning up but im sticking to my guns. Today marks "National Cognac Day" and although it is my drink of choice I must do as I said I would. One of the most respected things about Civilized Savages is they are men of their word. If we say 30 days of sobriety that's exactly what we mean. Through my own challenge I've gotten mixed feelings from my peers. Some have ridiculed me other shared words of encouragement. It wasn't until I received a text saying others have been inspired to take the challenge that I realized inspiration can be found in all situations.

I began my challenge for a few reasons:

1- health and body rejuvenation
2- weed out frienemies
3-Learn moderation
4-Spark a drastic change
5-Focus more on my top priorities

With these goals in mind I move forward in the name of progression. I've said so many times it has almost become the slogan "LYMLife is not the selling of clothing but more living in a manner that inspires others to make a positive change in their environment". It just so happens that's exactly what I've done. By challenging myself I have gotten others to take the challenge themselves. I started the challenge with 5 others lost a few but gained many more challengers. To those who fell off I say " Give it another shot", to those who recently began I say "Lets Get It!"
I noticed a destructive pattern in society and I sought to change it in my immediate life. Drinking is a social responsibility of many and also a horrible coping mechanism but we allowed it to become routine. Yes I play beer pong and I enjoy it for its competitive nature and it's bonding abilities but there is no justification for me playing every weekend. After a long work week there is no reason I should default to alcohol to numb out the stresses I have suffered. I view alcoholics in the same light as drug abusers. Alcohol is a substance, yes a legal one but it should be taken just as seriously as narcotics. I'm not saying ban alcoholic beverages get your swerve on be my guest but what I am saying is don't let the substance rule you. Take control of your life and make sure if ever in the absence of your substance of choice make sure you can still make wise decisions and carry on as a normal human would. Be yourself sober or not. The second a substance causes extreme changes in your behavior it is a problem. I can say I am in complete control and I couldn't be happier. Stop making excuses and grab life by the reigns. Until next time keep it LYM.

Music Video Monday

Challenge of the day: Try to sit still after you hit that play button.