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Live With Purpose

He who has a why to live can bear almost any how-Friedrich Nietzsche. Any man with purpose can overcome any and all obstacles which stand in his way. No journey worth taking is without sacrifice, and as many say God will never give a man more than he can bear. So in the age of quitters and easy road travelers dare to stand out, dare to be different. Dare to struggle, dare too earn scars and bruises. Get dirty, jump into the trenches of life and fight your way out. In life we all want to gain the world but very few are willing to pay the price. If you haven't earned it what gives you the right to stand amongst those who fought to achieve it. In my life I never take something unless its earned or I plan on earning it in some way or another. I don't do handouts because handouts are for the incapable, the idle, the weak. I have earned everything that has come my way and still I feel worthless because I know I can achieve so much more. The more ambitious I become the harder my road gets. Mix a success complex and the atrocities of the road to true potential and you have one sickening, overly frustrating, and absolutely exhausting journey. Many times in my life I come to a point where I am not only humbled but completely beaten and degraded by the obstacles I face. Its enough to make a grown man cry and the stable mind question sanity. Regardless of my situation I always remind myself that the bad can only last so long. Never do I consider quitting as an option. To quit is to spit in the face of anyone who ever gave a damn. Quitting when things get too tough is a choice that causes ripples farther than you can fathom. Quitters don't process who their small decisions affect. So next time you want to throw in the towel remember why you are faced with that obstacle. Know the reason behind your struggle and you will understand the importance and necessity of your success. What is the motivating factor for the goals you once made? Shy away from your dreams if you want but I'm trying to make something of myself. Never will I quit on myself because you never know how close you might be to acquiring what is yours.

Music Video Monday

Fittest of the fittest survive, the weak shall perish. Anything a Anything, prepare for the worst, hope for the best....All LYMLIFERS and Civilized Savages stand up. You are never alone in your struggle.

La Rebelion

One of my favorite songs of all times.....Enjoy