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Banded Brothers

Scanning through pictures on Instagram, Facebook, and other social mediums. Along with pics of the norm cars, girls,  and new belongings I've noticed LYMLIFE bands. I saw a few pictures of people and their fly new watches with a LYMLIFE band resting higher up on their wrist. We started selling these bands $5 a pop as a marketing tool but also a simple way to show support for our movement. We said they are simple, to the point, and most of all they look pretty damn good. Months later people are still attempting to buy bands. It seems we are an underground company coming into the limelight. We aren't a secret society just a group of individuals trying to do something new. Trying to force a positive idea into rotation before its time. Purchasing a band is buying into a company as real as you. We have nothing to hide and we are down to earth as our customers know. I would say the majority of people's purchases are what I call blind purchases. You have absolutely no idea where your money goes and its your choice to stay ignorant. Your lifestyle and that of your favorite brand's CEO may completely clash.

Those who purchase LYMLIFE gear have taken the first and most important step into living more enlightened. LYMLIFE is an idea I had a while back. It represents positivity, potential, and perseverance. We attempt to nurture and facilitate the dreams of others. If you have a dream you are LYMLIFE. If you have a band, you have a dream, and LYMLIFE is in your head so as long as we keep moving you should be moving along your chosen path also. Dreams are very similar to potential so it is your choice whether you have what it takes to not settle or accept and fight for what you believe can be yours. We only seek to support you in your endeavors.
Those who wear the bands I want you to know that I appreciate the love and i like how you all carry yourselves. By wearing the bands you have aligned yourself with a group of individuals who will not quit. Therefore you should never quit either. You ask " What am I not quitting on?" Your dreams, your family, your friends, your goals, your life, and most of all yourself. as i have said before as long as you believe anything is possible. People speak of masons and illuminati and the selling of souls to lucifer in order to obtain certain levels of success. All I have to say is these are organizations they are rooted deeply in the history of the world, but their doings are not of my concern. My company! Our movement! This LYMLIFE thing is a higher road filled with many more obstacles. Through hard work, proper planning, and pure positivity all levels of success can be achieved. They say men sell their souls to climb great heights. I say LYMlifers take the ladder one step at a time. Sell nothing to no one. Those who bled, sweat, and cried for theirs are respected and revered by those who sold themselves short for instantaneous success.  These people who hold this honor are LYMLifers. We don't budge, bow, or break for anything and this is the standard LYMLifers are held too. We will succeed it is not if, it is only when. Shouts out to all our supporters and all of the LYMLIFE family. Thanks for the support! You fuel us to keep putting out gear that is worthy of your fashion palette.  Until next time keep it LYM!

Greetings from Negril

 One more day in paradise then its back to the grind....


HE's BACK....

First Waves of Summer

Tanks Dropping Thursday Beginning of the Summer Line

Music Video Monday

Skrillex Nuff said....

Happy Pappy's Day

Happy Father's Day. A holiday for the real men.

Earn Your Keep

Recently a speech was made by David McCullough Jr an English teacher at Wellesley High School's graduation ceremony that has caused an uproar in our society. The topic of the speech has been negatively portrayed by the media and they have dubbed it the "your not special speech". After going viral many teachers have come to stand by this powerful speech. As always the media sees the negative in most things and immediately harps on the gloom and doom. This speech is a shot of realism along with a strong chase of hope for those with ambition.
For a while now our society has been so caught up with not offending certain groups that we have fallen into this everyone is a winner and everyone is special concept. This is a false sense of hope and an intro into the world of lowering standards in order to show progress. We are idolizing the idle and petrified of the progressive. My take on this speech is the man tells you to stop settling for the lowered bar of success and shoot for the sky. Not everyone can win and not all of us deserve to be special. Those who are willing to make sacrifice and do what others are too lazy to do will overcome. We must fight for the right to be special. We must distinguish ourselves through raw achievement. This speech is an awakening for the privileged and the lazy. This speech is the epitome of our movement. LYMLIFE is the life of "go-getters". A Latin proverb attributed to Hannibal states " I will either find a way or make one" and this sums up the mindset of the special, the unique, the true leaders of our time. Not all can lead some will be forced to follow due to their lack of will. The LYMLIFE means to rise above and force a change. Don't be fooled into satisfaction of the false back pats. In the water what has your ripple affected. We aren't satisfied with ripples over here we demand tsunamis. I have been very successful in my endeavors so far (successful internships, cancer survivor, college graduate) but I am nowhere near satisfied. I once got a glimpse of my potential and until I resemble him I refuse to settle. We are trying to truly change lives and shift the thoughts of our generation. Hope lies within the individual, and it depends not on intentions, but in action itself.  Until next time keep it LYM!
Here is the footage of the speech via YouTube:

Spring Weekend After Movie

Yea we were in attendance....

Music Video Monday

What is your fuel?

In life we all have something that wakes us in the morning? This is our drive, our will to live and not just exist. For some of us this drive exists in a loved one, for others it may be a dream we are working to achieve. Regardless of what it is it is an important part of our life that we must cherish.  Once this is lost you either are just a human going through the motions or you cease to exist. For me LYMLIFE is my drive. It is the ultimate opportunity and it is continuously expanding its reach. Everyday I meet someone new and with a series of small conversation I can begin to see what fuels them through their day. A lot of people use their kids as the jump start to their day. The possibility of seeing your child prosper is enough to give a parent happiness for a lifetime. The being you created leaving their mark on the world is truly a blessing. Others still chasing a childhood dream wake every morning in hopes of progressing towards their final goal. Everyday is an opportunity to push through obstacles and bring them closer to their definition of success.

In the morning I wake and everyday starts out with the same goal, "Spread the word of LYMLIFE". I strongly believe the world must know LYMLIFE and by knowing and understanding LYMLIFE we can together make a better world and truly lift each other up. I wake and ask myself " How can I LYM?" Everyday is an opportunity and in life there are many hidden doors. My goal to find these doors and see where they lead me. I am willing to take the risk in hopes of great gain. LYMLIFE is my life's work and it is nowhere near over. It helps me to be a better man, it holds me to a standard, and it gives me a code to live by. Success is not guaranteed but with the right approach and effort it is closer than you think. Live with purpose and never lose sight of the prize. In life we all go through our own struggles, but if your dream is real to you nothing can stop you from achieving it. Your drive, your fuel, your purpose are the tools to carry you through. Your cause must be the reference point in your life. Whenever things get tough, stress and unforeseen circumstances tire the flesh, you must look to your reference point for strength. Re energize and self motivate through the power of positivity. We all can get through anything because we control our minds and the human mind is a powerful thing if not the most powerful. Some say the heart is powerful, but the mind to me can control the heart. So know yourself, find your fuel, and prepare for the long haul. We are all in this together. Only you choose your path, only you choose your speed, and only you choose your destination. Make the ride worthwhile! I expect to see you all at your own finish lines. Until next time keep it LYM!

LYMLIFE X Madden 13

Even Ray Lewis Knows about the LYMLIFE.

Music Video Monday

One of My Favorites by The Clash.....

Summer...Always good for great movie teasers

Here are some of the movies we have to look forward to..