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John "Josh" Hoffman: 5 Rules for Life

To: My grandfather/ my best friend/ my teacher/ my savior from gravity and those unforgiving lily pads/ The Original Civlized Savage.
A life to remember lived by the man we can't forget.

1st Lesson: Take Control
In life we all have our own agendas. Not all of our actions reflect our goals but they serve a purpose all the same. Some actions take you towards your future others are retreating steps which cost us in the long run. God has a plan for us all but it is up to us to align ourselves with it to reach our potential. Make a plan a righteous plan and do not be moved by anyone or anything.
My grandfather was a wild boy in his young days. Stories still surfacing to this day of all kinds of crazyness that he did. I laugh but usually find it hard to believe that this goody two shoes could even be in the vicinity of such activities. The part that sticks is when he found his way in God, this was him taking a stand grabbing the reigns and saying I'm going this way, the right way and whoever wants to come with me let's do this.

2nd Lesson: Listen just listen.
Everyone who knows nothing usually are in an abundance of things to say. Life is filled with small talk and superficial conversation/ argument. Small talk only carries interaction between humans so far sometimes real conversations need to be had. A man can learn and speak on what he's learned but when you listen and live it that sends a whole different message. Application is the best way to show you have learned and applied yourself. My grandfather loved to talk when his voice was taken he adapted and it was a humbling experience but I believe his listening skills although we thought to be at 100% they almost became superhuman and our listening skills also improved in order to understand him. My younger cousin Blaine once said why Grandpa josh sound like nemo? I said what do you mean he said he sounds like he is underwater. I said Blaine talk less listen more you might learn something from that man.

3rd Lesson: Be consistent
Life is 10% what happens to you 90% what you do with it. My grandpas approach to life gave me the strength to overcome my own fight with cancer. Here is a problem here is a solution now let do this simple as that. And in his case if at first you don't succeed try try again.

4th Lesson: Don't stop don't quit.
Life is tough its supposed to be. We're born we die but What makes us, is what we do in between those dates. My grandpa did a whole lot. He did some bad some reckless but by the time it was over the good was all I knew. He never quit he was a man of his word and stuck to his guns aka the Lord and his family. I started a company called LYMLife and he told me stick with it if you believe in it I believe in you and I think you have a message to share with the world. He was the first person besides my number 1 fan aka my lovely mother who always wore my hat. The Miami heat won championships the LYMLife hat came off for a day but after that one day celebration it was back to the cause. He knew wearing that hat kept my dream alive and he wanted my dream to be a reality.

5th Lesson: Fear none
Its not really about fear of worldly things because this man was fearless. This is more an explanation of what many don't know. Cancer did not win this battle. God did because he simply drafted my star player. Cancer is incurable as far as we are concerned at the moment but what science doesn't understand is #GodistheCure. God gave my grandfather the strength to stand up and fight with no fear. If I don't fear you how can you truly conquer me. Cancer simply did away with his flesh but the soul that sat inside smiled because it knew it had won. Fear is what conquers weak men and battles are always 90% mental 10% physical so when we check the score card 70 pts Josh 2 pts cancer. He will not receive the american cancer society purple survivor shirt but LYMLife will be making a shirt that read conqueror because that's what he was.
All these lessons not only taught through words but shown by the example he set for me. Thanks grandpa til we meet again just make sure you tell the man upstairs to please have a colada and the pastelitos ready for my arrival cause I got a lot to tell ya.

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The Struggle

LYMLife is going through a struggle. Our brothers are going through struggles and need our support. LYMLife is about all the struggles we go through and how we come out of those struggles. Our brothers are not alone because when one of them is struggling we feel their struggle, their pain, their stresses, and take them as our own. We do not turn our backs when people are in need. We are the first to offer support and walk with each other to help get through the struggle. The first line of defense. When we have little to give we give more than what we are perceived to be able to offer. I went through my struggle and no matter where I turned my brothers were there for me making sure I stayed on track. I finished and accomplished what I set out to do and now there are new opportunities in the horizon. I am sure when I open the next door there will be more trials and tribulations, but that's the meaning of being a LYMLifer Civilized Savage, We walk our own paths and fight through the struggle. Our brothers and sisters are their to help us along the way so everyone can enjoy the fruits of our labors.. When I accomplished my goal everyone is proud of what I have accomplished, but little do they know that without them I could not have done it. My family, my LYMLife family, my friends, my coworkers, you name it they played an important part in my goals and accomplishment. I want to say thank you to them I am forever grateful. Now my brothers are struggling in their own walks in life and I for one will be their for support and to push them to be a better person and make this world a better place. They are not alone we as LYMLife are here to have each others backs. Accomplishing things as one. It may seem like we do it by ourselves, but its far from the truth.

Words of an original blood member

Gaza Mi Say

Like The Pheonix from the rubble we emerge victorious