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LYMLIFE's first official photo challenge. I can't wait to see what people come up with. Share with your friends, family, and followers. Leskkeeeddddiiittt!

REMEMBER TO TAG EITHER @LYMLIFE_OFFICIAL or #LYMLIFEPHOTOFEB. Will be reposting some good ones. if you need daily reminders remember to follow @lymlife_official on instagram

Where we're at, Where we're going...

LYMLife began as a project to bring forward a positive movement of intellectual thought but  with the goal of not losing relevance to the street culture. Almost four years later we have remained true to our underground nature, we have remained consistent with our code for living, and gained many resources in the form of amazing people. Instead of gaining consumers we transformed our customers into our friends. Instead of just buying our products they took it to the next level and took over the marketing department. No one realizes how widespread our reach actually is. I have had the pleasure of tracing our ventures and observing the amount of miles our product has covered and it amazes me. We have managed to sell in the UK, venture into Asia through one of our representatives, cover the many miles that make up the USA, and solidify a reading fan  base in South America. My goal: to meet every man woman and child that has related to the "LYM" culture. I want to hear from you and possibly even work with all these people through some medium if possible. I got big goals because LYMLife was my massive dream. To see your life's work manifest and to constantly be able to break down barriers and stick to the plan through any amount of resistance is how I know that this is my set path. The best part is I truly believe my chosen path and set path are the same road.

So to those of you who have had the pleasure of being part of the LYMlife I request that in the next two weeks you blast to the world the concept of LYMlife to the world. Hit facebook, twitter, Instagram even spread the word through text and tell the world what Lymlife means to you. There is no wrong answer lets spread awareness and build our family one person at a time. We got some heavily interactive things coming soon so lets spread the word and get involved because we are moving and don't want you to be left behind. Lets get together to leave our mark on this world. We are all equal in the LYMLife and it is not my glory that I am in search of I want to feel the effects of "Our Glory". LYMLife gear is worn by college professors, athletes, and even trap residents alike. How far can we reach? I think the world is a very attainable possibility. Lets build together! Until next time keep it LYM!

Motivation Mondays: Grandpa LYM

First official "Motivation Mondays" goes to Grandpa LYM
This man has inspired me since a young boy. He taught me to have a dream, give my best effort and let God handle the rest. A cancer survivor but still in the trenches, he is a constant motivating figure in my life. The true definition of a selfless man. Discussions have revealed to me that he continues his fight strictly for his grandchildren. I don't know many that would have taken the same path if they were forced to walk in his shoes. LYMLife is a venture that was created in honor of his life and individual struggle. LYMLife salutes real heroes and he stands an honored general in our ranks. 

"Never give up, never give in, for strength can be found in HIM."


This post is dedicated to those who have become stale...
What do I mean by stale? Stale means your a LAB ass person. If you don't know what LAB means Isuggest you watch Kevin Harts latest standup dvd. "Local A$# B&*^%" meaning you are confined by your environment. Branch out any chance you get. Retirement is realistically something much less glorious than most expect. Retirement is a term which refers to a time of freedom late in your life. Unless you plan of retiring in your prime its truly not worth it. You work the majority of your young life to be free when your old. I don't know about you but the majority of us are affected by old age physically. This why I cant understand waiting and saving until our health deteriorates to experience life. Experience life in the present. Don't wait til tomorrow to do what can be completed today. Enjoy life and stay progressive.
To quit anything cold turkey can be very difficult especially when it has been done so long its become routine. Cigarrettes, alcohol, or even day to day work they all fall in the same . Whether your job involves heavy thinking or intense labor, abruptly stop that and after a few days you will start to feel restless. As for cigarettes and alcohol if those are holding you back cold turkey is the way to go but work is something you should ease off. Take all the mini vacations you can and find new hobbies while you can. The older you get the more limiting factors on your life so live it up while you can and pace yourself. By taking the "Mini Major Vacays" while still working to maintain you will find balance and that is what embodies the LYMLIFE is really about. Enjoy life now because later is never guaranteed. Until next time keep it LYM. 

Music Video Monday

Housekeeping For 2014

2014 has arrived and as usual our work ethic has remained at 100%. This year I see a lot going on with LYMLife. LYMLife has different meanings to different people. The beauty of this is that people will venture out in the name of LYMLife extending our reach and opening new doors for the movement. First off our Charity non profit side of the company has got off to a great start. We ended last year with a bang donating our collections to SunEd High to some very thankful students. The morale of my team was immediately raised. the feeling of giving back was better than selling out any of our products. Our snap backs ranked as third product to sellout completely. Our wristbands also sold out and have reached farther than i could have imagined. Speaking of which since we decided to only sell a limited quantity I was actually looking to buy one back at double the price sold so if anyone got extras please holler at ya boy. We have officially infiltrated my Caribbean community in south Florida and are being requested all over. A lot of collaborations to come so please stay tuned or you might miss something. Party wise we are being requested for appearances along with bar work. So if your interested please contact us because our schedule is filling up. Along with work for profit our non profit side is booming to where we will be running year round collections for different causes. Beer Pong still popping off so watch out for our upcoming tournament for charity. Also we will be participating in the April 13th Super Spartan Race in Miami, Fl. Along with the Spartan Race  we will be participating in a health and awareness event at Barry University. New Gear also coming soon so stay tuned. I am also proud to say this year we will publish our first look-book and we will release our first LYM ladies line so stay tuned. The team has grown and we are motivated so beware.
Any inquiries or possible ventures please email me at ( As Chronixx would say "Here comes trouble". Until next time Keep it LYM.