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Support is synonymous for Respect

Nothing says #Respect like support. In life everyone seems to be searching for a kickback a day when things will be dropped right in their lap. That day you're waiting on the one where the freebies come raining down will never come. If it does you can consider yourself the charity case of your circle. Also known as "The Sucka", "Weakest Link",  or "The Wasteman". I first became aware in the party scene of people trying to wiggle their way into functions yelling out who they know and what they need. "I know John so I need me and these 50 people behind me to get in for free." Then you get in for free so you just ate up a good portion of John's profit that he was going to use to throw a bigger and better party but its okay you friends. Your party of 50 starts to get thirsty so you want to get some bottles but you asking for store price cause you know John. My question, is John your guardian. Is he responsible for your well being and extra curricular activities? I think not. The Civilized Savages know everything must be earned because nothing should be given. I support those who I believe in and in wanting them to prosper I patronize their events and purchase their products at full price. Over time I receive the love back but on their first run around the track I try to buy into their ideas and show them that I like and respect what their doing. Freebies is for the needy and greedy. Don't milk a man match him your friendship will go further than you ever believed. Also this concept of support helps open the doors for possible collaboration and builds on buithe business relationship. I went to the same friday spot for months me and all my friends paid full price for our drinks then we graduated to buying bottles due to a suggestion by bartender. Eventually management realized who was buying all these bottles and due to some past good experiences they discounted our bottles. The difference is we never begged or asked. We had put so much money into their economy that they said theses people support us let us reward the loyalty. That is how you go from foot soldier to high general. Thats the difference between beggar and boss. Put your money where your mouth is and buy into things you want to progress. If you like an artist and you want to see his career continue buy his album, or painting, or whatever. Support what you believe in and build your own community economically as well as verbally. Before LYMLife outsources anything we look into our village and see what skills are present to make sure we are giving the work to those we call family before we pay a strangers bill. Nothing says I'm with you til the wheels fall off like backing a persons dream. Until next time keep it LYM.


LYMLife a true lifestyle Company

Alot of companies have popped up over the last decade. Alot of them latch onto the lifestyle category. I have had some friends who started such ventures but got stressed out in the spreading the word phase. Their idea wasn't catching on at a steady rate. Their growth tapered off quickly after their first few months. They worried that the hype had died. Those who lasted were the ones who learned the consumer quickly. People are picky and their needy. So one release won't hold them. Unless your hype is done by those not even officially associated with the company for instance Jordan empire. Which to this day I still can't understand that phenomena. Back to the topic though: how is it that you claim to be a lifestyle company but when the product doesn't sell as you envisioned the lifestyle dies? Im confused. Is the lifestyle over has the deathstyle begun? Where did you go?

LYMLife is a lifestyle company and will always be. We haven't printed clothing in over a year and a half yet amongst those we are concerned with we are still a hot commodity. How did we manage such things you wonder? We built the company around a demographic of innovators, leaders, and survivalists. We built the company on a code older than our flesh itself. So clothing sales never determined our success. Hype was never a pillar in our monument. As long as "Civilized Savages" continue to change the world one person at a time the company stays afloat and the movement continues to gain momentum. Our company truly is based on a lifestyle and as long as those who embrace it continue to draw breath we remain a driving force. Build your empire on something more solid than profits. I built mine on brotherhood, humanity, and the concept of Living life to the fullest. What could be more solid than that. I built this on the backs of hardworking people. Hardworking people have no specific tax bracket thus LYMLife breaks boundaries. Build a solid foundation. Don't base your companies success on material things. In the eye of business we have no idea what were doing but in the eyes of people we seem to have it all figured out and this I am happy with. LYMLife will live longer than most movement and it may never grace a tv or magazine cover but I guarantee it has and will continue to change more lives for the better than most million dollar organizations. Keep chasing cash our currency is meaningful dashes on headstones. In that perspective best believe we been getting it in. Until next time keep it LYM

Monday....Lets Do This

Its Monday again. Instagram full of " I hate Monday" and "Can't wait til the weekend" posts. Before you ungrateful humans start complaining about your boss, your job, or your current situation how bout you give thanks for what's going good for you. Stop crying about your most recent issue and start moving towards your next goal. It doesn't have to be thanksgiving for you to say you thankful. Im thankful for everyday I wake up and every breath I take. Im thankful for every new friend and every new enemy I meet. I dont expect everything to be peaches and cream with highs I know there will be lows and that is life so instead of complaining when things get rough I always decide to dig deeper and ride that wave. So next time you think about complaining think have I really reached rock bottom?  Probably not. So here is what you do: Dig in! Everyone who reads this turn up your hustle. Make your work ethic match your party ethic. Treat it like the most important thing in the world. Make it yours. No matter what you do. Do it to the max. Go hard for 3 months minimum. Your superiors will notice and they will have a choice recognize and reward for the extra effort and initiative or ignore it. If they reward you go harder see how you can max out your situation. If they ignore it that means one thing you are currently in an environment where growth is not possible. If this is the case its time to move on. Find a place of growth and fight your way in. Then repeat the process. Continue this until you find that beautiful thing they call progress. Once you find it don't stop because it is a neverending and forever evolving relationship. In time you will find happiness in being that progressive person in society. You will align yourself with other go getters and your life will continually get better. Not without some trials and tribulations but you will be better off than you were before you read this. Why should you even listen to what im saying? Good question. And for that I have a good answer. Everyday a member of LYMLife is walking round spreading the word of LYMLife and teaching the tactics of the civilized savages. How does this affect you? While you sitting on instagram complaining about your plush life we are putting those unemployed and stepped on members of society who have the heart to thrive in "La Pincha" in a position to take that job you supposedly hate. So all im saying is keep on your P's and Q's because everyone is replaceable. Especially the unmotivated, ungrateful, and unexcited. I'm just saying stop complaining start grinding harder than your competition. Those you know of and those who have yet to reveal themselves. Until next time keep it LYM.

Get Active

While the majority is waiting on the golden opportunity or the cosign LYMLifers are out here creating opportunities. The beauty of this community of creatives is the ability to turn nothing into something. Im the savage living amongst the civilized. Im shooting to be the best at living a complete life. Thats my real goal to live a LYMLife. Everyday people come to me about a collaboration or some kind of work to bridge the gap between LYMLife and their company or movement. What they dont understand is if they are being true to themselves then their movement is LYMLife. LYMLife is the umbrella which protects all under it. And under this umbrella lies all those people and ideas that when introduced will never be forgotten. So for those who seek a collabo just know we dont seek approval or cosign of others. We are built on an aggressive work ethic that speaks for itself. The fact that its not about approval means fame is not even on the board of goals. Its a byproduct of everything else we achieve. Why be known for something that isn't 100% me. No handouts needed because since jits we been earning. We been riding round and getting it. We are where we are because of the solid foundation our village provided for us. We are products of our environment but after the environment molded us we etched and chiseled our molds to align with our inner essence. Don't ever let another pick up the chisel and work on your monument. If you cant do it either learn how to or give it your best shot. This life is yours to make and create and live as you see fit. Fitting in is a thing for lost children. Been there done that it was fun but I'm glad I failed at it. That failure made me realize it ain't worth changing to fit into the frame others want you in. Me and mine don't need the cosign. I walk amongst a group of individuals that stand on their own. Everyone is different but all move in unison. I never had to seek the acceptance of my group "real recognized real from the get go". We don't wait on one man to come up we match each others grind. We salute each others achievements and keep it moving. When one is down the others will give aid but still this isn't considered a handout because we are a community of even trades. I'm down today and you help me up just know a month from now we both going to be up higher then we were supposed to be. "Don't milk people match em." Its the ultimate form of respect and it keeps you out of social debt. If some one gives you something and you give them something of equal value then that is a trade. So lets get our barter on and stop begging for an in. When your time comes the world will not be able to silence you the real will pay homage and the fake will hate or downplay your aura. Negativity has no place in this world except for those that seek it. Don't sell yourself make yourself a necessity. And if they don't need you then its their loss the world still turns regardless. Life isn't about potential energy, its about kinetic energy. Lets get it....until next time keep it LYM

This Is LYMLife

Watch this and you shall understand the ultimate goal of this thing we call LYMLife.....