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Lost in the Sauce

Deniro Farrar - One of the hottest new artists on the scene. Indulging in his book club reads I assume....#ThisIsSavageLife

I spent the last couple of months trying to figure out the direction I wanted to go with LYMLife but in my search for direction I realized LYMLife is its own living breathing organism. I don't lead LYMLife I simply represent a single life in a much larger movement. Its a kite in a windy desert with no hand on the string no restraint whatsoever. It blows and sways in any way it desires. Just like a kite it cannot be controlled by man only nature has a much greater effect on it. The wind blows and man must react in order to keep it in flight and to keep it somewhat steady. I only gave the savages an idea to believe in it was up to them to take the idea and mold it to their own lives. To my delight they went out and did a damn good job. No man is an island and no group should have a single leader. We execute our ideas with precision while lending a helping hand whenever needed. Individually we are one man armies but together we move like a unit. I couldn't ask for more. God has granted me my one wish and the rest is on me. The world is constantly changing as we remain consistent adapting to our environment. The new challenge the group is facing is evolution and growth. Age and more importantly the coming of true adulthood. As adults we face a lot of new challenges while still trying to correct the mindset of the young savages to give them a fighting chance in the world of tomorrow. Our code hasn't  changed and our willingness to negotiate with fakes and cowards is still nonexistent. The world lowers its standards on a daily basis and the dehumanization of humanity progresses at alarming rates. When the filthy waters wash over the earth what will you do? You probably haven't even considered such an event. We have and it is up to those stable individuals to be the rocks they were born to be, offering the weak a solid structure to grab onto so they don't get washed away. Civilized Savages are the individuals who will be standing on the rock we call  LYMLife. We aren't famous, flashy or fake about ours. Everything we do is for our fellow savages. We come from all walks of life with all sorts of belief. One common bond keeps us tight and that's the belief that by sticking to a  code, putting in the work, and maintaining our sense of community we can change the world for the better. Until next time keep it LYM.