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LYMin in OHIO Pt1

Me and Alex Ventured into Short North for an outing and stumbled on some interesting stuff. Better to show you than to describe it.

 From Deco bikes to COGO


Until Next time Keep it LYM

Relocated and Elevated....

As the Achilles of LYMLife I am the conqueror who runs ahead to new lands and sends word to the troops when I have settled a new situation. Some say I am a pioneer. Pioneer life usually involves extreme levels of isolation and belief in the vision. This time around I got some help from the younger sibling. It is rare that someone can share your vision in an instant. My sister didn't question or second guess me when I said we are moving to Columbus. She has turned out to be quite the roommate. Aside from picking up household duties and packing me lunch occasionally card games get pretty intense over here. The most beautiful thing is the growth I am seeing in her character. Coming from tropical Miami to the tundra territory of Ohio is not supposed to be a smooth transition but together we have been able to smooth out a lot of the bumps. To move from action central to a somewhat dull town (at least that's what the locals tell me) is difficult especially at her young age but the ability to recognize opportunity shows maturity beyond her peer group.
When I take on a task that might cost me a bit of time I use tunnel vision to block out immediate distractions and focus on the prize. She seems to have the same gift. We went from turning up every weekend to straight survival mode. We have simplified our lives in order to seek balance and serenity. Through the adventure of developing one self we can contribute to LYMLife on a new level. The dream of bringing LYMLife keeps us pushing forward and I am truly grateful for her willingness to join me in this chapter of my life. I have no doubt she will write one of the best chapters to date in her own book. No man is an island but two Civilized Savages can be considered an army ready to conquer new land. Until next time keep it LYM....

Eff a Check, We Still In This To The Death

Today on the LYMlife group chat we were talking about whose heading out to Art Basel. My boys were talking bout hitting up a Derick G event so I told them remember to show all the visitors how we rocking down there in Florida. My boy Danny said he forgot his LYMLife shirt at home but he stays banded up. I said "No worries by the time I'm done with my ink I'd be a walking advertisement for all that I back and believe in." He said "Wait til we cut that big check." I simply answered with "Ain't no check needed when you know its real" This statement made me think where is LYMLife and what are we doing? After pondering this thought for a few minutes I realized we all good over here. LYMLIFE the word that completely defines my entire being and existence. My struggle and success is captured by the word. This started as a clothing line but through time it became something much realer than garments. People embraced it on another level. LYMLife would not function well being bound by the responsibilities of a clothing line. LYMLife is a free spirit that can't be contained and will continue to grow in its own direction. Its like the tree that can't be trained. Cut its branches  growing to the East it will continue to start from scratch stretching in that direction and roots will start to push towards the East. The movement has outgrown its britches. The family grows larger everyday and #CivilizedSavages have started to pop up everywhere and I couldn't be happier. We are practicing what we preach backing up everything we say by living it. If I die tomorrow I'm proud of where LYMLife is at and where its going. We may never cut a big check but I couldn't be happier to know we are out here changing lives. Yea we turn up, yea we drink copious amounts of hennesy but understand the difference we ain't running from our problems or trying to forget a stressful day. When we party we don't hold back cause we are celebrating life itself, the LYMlife to be exact. We lost many of our soldiers and generals to this day but we still out here doing it for them making them proud so they can look down and say damn them boys going be alright. Rest in Peace Papa Wan a real man who did real things and managed to supply the necessary tools for success in life to four young men that I have had the pleasure to call my brothers. To put his face on a T-shirt that says RIP would not do justice but to live in the light of his guidance is the greatest way to pay homage to the OG as I know them Lyn, Kong, and Wan boys will. LYMLife is bigger than anyone can fathom it just takes time and real heart to say you are ready for it. There is no half ass commitment once you riding you in this til the death of you. I tried to put the movement on my shoulders but my brothers and sisters and many others said move over it would be more efficient if we all played our parts and did this together. I'm riding with every single one of y'all who LYMLifin and just know the promise land will be blessed with our presence. Until next time keep it LYM.