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Hip Hop lives part 1...

Over the weekend I was exposed to a fresh breath of real in hip hop (via Micah B)... just wanted to share this with you all....

LYMLIFE recognizes the real in Macklemore. The man is truly talented don't sleep on him. Seattle Stand Up!
That is all.....

She Once Asked Me....

For as long as I can remember my mother has taught me at least one life lesson a day since my birth. In everything I do and everything that happens to me she finds the lesson that needs to be learned. On top of teaching me things she tends to ask me questions which stimulate the dusty crevices of my brain. I remember once she asked me a question which I answered with ease but to this day I am still very confused by it.

As I recall it was my Grandparents, my mother, and I all hanging out in the garage. After a few jokes and some more small talk my mother looked at me and asked "What is the number one trait that you look for in a person", I quickly answered loyalty. All my life all I asked of those I love is loyalty. I asked her the same she said "honesty". My grandmother chose honesty and so did my grandfather. Then I explained that loyalty is a catch all, but she quickly said "being loyal means that you would bend the truth for that person to protect them and in turn it would mean you lose loyalty to others." How loyal is real loyalty?

 At this point in my life I'm beginning to think my answer has slightly shifted, because I have rarely experienced true loyalty. If you asked me to count the people who have true loyalty to me I can easily count it on one hand. Call it sad but I'm just honest with my self. Those who think they need both hands and then some will be sadly mistaken if they put it to the test. I am at a point where I look for realness in people, not sure as to the politically correct term for realness so it will have to suffice for now. I appreciate and applaud realness because its not something you can't say you are, you just have to be it. Its one of those traits that takes time to discover. In all my exchanges I am real. I am so genuine in fact that it drives some away. In the LYMLIFE avoid flakes, fakes, and those who wear masks. They live unfulfilled lives. They are to busy plotting that they forget what really matters. LYMLIFERs don't own masks. They spark others curiosity without hiding. Remember that in your travels.... I leave you with this: What one trait do you look for in others?

Love Em and Learn Em

For Alex....Love ya kid

Not much is guaranteed to us in this life. Death is imminent but as for the rest it is all possible but not guaranteed. As you continue to exist in this realm you go through the roller coaster we call life. People come and go for the most part family remains. 
The funny thing about family is you don't choose them but your definetly stuck with them. I love to stress the importance of family because I use mine as a support system as should you. Family means a lot to me, but from experience I have learned that you must proceed with caution. Snakes are always hiding in the grass. They are everywhere even in your family. Just because they own a title that makes them part of your family doesn't mean they have your best interest in mind. Family must be loved and accepted for who they are. Learn your family and treat them accordingly. I am very aware of my family and there tendencies so I treat them accordingly. I love them all I just watch my back around certain members. 

Not everyone in this life means you good, many people you associate with wear masks but it is up to you to weed them out and act accordingly. I'm not saying put a mask on around them because I personally refuse to but just remember to keep your eyes open for suspect behavior. I love my family but blind faith is something I only invest in a chosen few. This chosen few have proved themselves over the years. The rest I just love unconditionally but full trust will never be present. As it was said in the Godfather "keep your friends close and your enemies closer". You figure the rest out... 

The day you stop trying to make people something they aren't and start accepting them for who they are your life will get easier. 
You can only try so much to try and improve people if they don't want to make the change then nothing will come of your effort. God only helps those who help themselves and the same goes for me. If you want to see the change in your life then I will help, but I refuse to work against you. Until next time keep LYM...

Winter Skies & Unpredictable Lives

I am infatuated with winter skies sorry.....something about them

I know it's been a while but we have a lot to discuss. Last weekend LYMLIFE crew hit the streets of Orlando and Tallahassee to spread the word. All I can say is we were definetly distracted from our work in Tally. As I have said before sometimes the LYMLIFE gets so crazy that we  end up putting our concentration into living it while sacrificing documentation. The best answer to this problem is "its life". Nothing ever goes as planned. Pray for the best, plan for the worst, and be prepared for whatever. Life comes at you fast and if your too bent on making sure you take the planned path you  may not succeed. Life is like the wind and we are the trees. If you are a stubborn tree that refuses to adapt, the wind will break you. But if you are a flexible tree that can adapt to the wind you will survive such storms(obstacles in life). So the word of the day is adaption. No I did not say settle or submit, I specifically said adapt. Adapt means to make fit often by modification. Modify your plan but keep your goal in sight. Don't lose sight of  your destination because there is a wall in your way. Either get your gear and scale that wall or put your running shoes on and find the end of it and go around. Two different paths  one destination. That's life, end of story, no excuses. People with excuses for not achieving their dreams are just too lazy to find another way. To reach the top you have to be willing to put in more than everyone else. You have to be willing to do what the others won't to show you deserve the top spot. So in the name of LYMLIFE go out there and get whats yours. Quitting is for cowards and if you read and support this blog "that aint you". 

Other than the fact that not much work got done in Tallahassee, it was an overall good trip. I want to thank the hospitable ladies of the Big Easy and my old friends over in Pebble Hill. I had a blast enjoying stimulating conversations and "letting the dogs out" with you all. Shouts out to the brothers of Sigma Lambda Beta for hosting such a festive weekend.

Side note: LYMLIFE clothing has arrived  and you should be able to order online by next week Friday. We have S-XL any other sizes just contact us and we will work it out. If you are located in Miami, Orlando, Tallahassee, or Ontario please send an email and our local distributors will take your order. All shirts are $25.00 and please please please remember this is LYMLIFE every man and woman is equal there are no specials or deals. I pay full price to wear my own shirts and so will you. Sorry people this isn't just clothes, this is our movement.

The site is coming along if you want to take a peek at the work done so far go to: LYMLIFE
Check it out and send us some feedback. Until next time keep it LYM.....

Cutting out the Middle Man

Yesterday I went on a LYMLIFE mission and a half. I am a true believer in cutting out the middle man whenever  possible and so I embarked upon a journey....

No bueno....

New addiction dunkin's caramel coffee

You are entitled to all my success, if you could walk in my shoes

Life throws many curve balls be prepared. Yes this is our web designer/IT guy.

random I know but I thought it must be documented

This is definitely not in his job description....its LYMLIFE

sneak peaks

pack em tight...

Heated... there was no Skymall magazine

Waiting on the train...

Covered many miles in my Top Siders....

Ended the mission with an old friend: Petey the Pita

Mission had a purpose.....sneak peeks
The clothing line has officially touched down. Had some pre orders so my sources tell me the first shirt was actually worn in Canada. Salute to the T-dot LYMLIFERS. Today we take Tallahassee.... we will keep you posted. This is LYMLIFE...we are along for the ride just like you. Who knows what will happen?

Hustling Hard

Greetings LYMLIFERs,
Due to some technical difficulties, clothing deadlines, the start of school, and the fact that the website is currently being built from scratch I have not gotten around to posting anything. My apologies but trust me this wait is going to be well worth it. 

First I want to say the clothing line is coming along nicely. LYM ladies just be patient. Yes it's true the first wave will only contain mens tees, but I promise the second wave will have something catered to the ladies. If everything goes as planned the tees should surface sometime within a week, but as we all know things don't always go the way you want. Also I want you all to understand in case you got it confused you are not just buying clothing, you are investing in a movement. You are supporting your own struggle, by supporting us you are only doubling our support for you. If you don't get the picture just wait and see.

Second the website is coming along slowly but surely. Lots of technologically gifted minds were consulted on this project so the resources are there we just need some more time and it should be fully up and running. We are trying to make it an easy site to navigate through but complex enough to hold your attention and truly get our point across.

So until next time....keep it LYM......

Miami Art Basel pt. 2

This is the second installment of the Art project going on in Wynwood.
Fly and so true

Kinda Crazy...

One of My Favorites...Powerful Acronym

I feel the same way sometimes

Shouts out to Rozay


I wuz here too

Mona Lisa keeping it real in Wynwood

My love for art only grows stronger. Creativity the preferred weapon of LYMLIFE. More pics to come...

New beginnings

First and foremost "Happy New Year" to all. I hope you enjoyed your New Years Eve festivities because I know I did.  Now that you have made your resolutions and said good bye to all your bad habits of 2010 its time to put in work. Here at LYMLIFE we don't have resolutions because resolutions can be put aside. We set goals and tailor our lifestyle to reach them. Whatever your issue may be remember you don't have to wait for a holiday to make a change. Why wait for tomorrow when you can do it today.

Before I embrace 2011, I want to give 2010 a proper farewell. Thanks to all who have spread the word, all who supported, and all who lived it. Thanks to all who showed facebook support, thanks to all who tweeted LYMLIFE, and thanks to all who promoted the movement. Even though the LYMLIFE surfaced late in the year, this movement has been bubbling for years now. It may be new to you but its been my life. My goal for 2011 is to make it your life. When I say that I don't mean I want to change your life, I want to enhance your existence and make it worthwhile. I just want to introduce you to your full potential. That is LYMLIFE. So lookout for the clothing line,  extracurricular art activities, and many more projects and collaborations. We will continue to bring you enlightenment and entertainment while promoting this higher quality of life we call LYMLIFE. In 2011 please continue to carry yourself with dignity, continue to raise the bar of success, and continue to lend a helping hand for those in need. Be an advocate for righteousness at all costs. Leave your mark, love your mother, and lift your mind.
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They were scared to take the risk 2010, thus I walked alone. I chose to live they chose to exist.

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Best random Christmas Party of 2010 on the 50th floor...super high