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Shout out to the all the stay at home dads..

I been listening to Macklemore for a little minute now but my sister just put me on this crazy song that I had to play on loop its classic. So here it is for your listening pleasure enjoy.

The Present not presents

Happy Holidays to all. I hope you are enjoying your delicious holiday grub and basking in the glory of your magnificent gifts. Whether it be Hanukkah, Christmas or Kwanzaa you celebrate we want you to remember cherish whats really important. Holidays are when most of us feel that need to take time aside for our loved ones and get together. This is a valid and common thought to have but the truth is we must not wait for these festive times to come around to reach out and connect with family. We must use every day we wake to reach out and contact a loved one. The holidays sometimes seem to be an obligation for us to get together but it shouldn't be that way. Make more time for your loved ones so that the holidays are just another opportunity for us to eat and be merry, not a chance to remember what you look like.
The best present we can give for the holidays is the one without a price tag on it. Its Time! The simple gift which keeps giving. Anyone can get a job and earn money regardless of the economy. There a numerous ways to scramble up some change and buy a gift. Anyone can go into a store and buy a gift, but who can and will take time out of their day to sit and have a conversation with someone. Taking time shows people you do care. Its the present that says " Hey sorry I didn't feel like grouping you with the mass of people who i just blindly buy gifts for, so instead I decided to come over and spend some quality time with you" Time is the gift that can't be stolen after you give it. You don't need a warranty on time neither do you need a receipt. Its the ultimate gift because you can't get it back. So if you care about someone feel free to go to the mall fight off some other shoppers and pick up a material gift but along with your gift make sure to set aside some time to spend and create memories with your loved one. The time you spend will be much more appreciated and it might even save you some money. Spend time and stop stressing about your finances. Happy holidays till next time. Keep it LYM!

Baracka Flacka Flame....Motorcade Music Group

" Michelle tellin me america ain't got love for barrack, let it be known then, say it to my face, America"

I'm so proud of you

So recently the LYM Squad attended the UCF graduation ceremony in Orlando, Fl. One of our own (BeeLYM) earned his bachelors in business. We are extremely excited of what the future has in store for him and proud of his current achievements. He comes from a great family and has the complete support and backing of his friends there is no reason why he can't reach his full potential. As a member of LYMLIFE we have had the opportunity to watch BeeLYM in and outside of his comfort zone and I can honestly say he's a stand up guy. We've shared some laughs, some cries, and alot of smiles. This post is dedicated to all the good times and the many more to come.  We appreciate you and want you to know that we are down to ride on your behalf regardless of the situation. I've known you for three years now and you've gone from friend to a real brother. Wouldn't trade your friendship for the world and LYMLIFE wouldn't be what it is without you.

In your future travels make sure to carry yourself with dignity and respect. Always leave your mark on those you encounter and remember to always do you. Some will try to put a damper on your success but don't let anyone hold you back. You are a light in this dark tunnel of life so never let anyone block your shine. Recognize the snakes and the wolves and rise above. Never be afraid to lean on your loved ones and always keep it LYM. We salute you Bee LYM. 

New Wiz

New Video for a track from the taylor alderdice mixtape coming soon. Enjoy............

LYMLIFE Mobbin With a Cause.

I had a discussion today with an influential person in my life and they asked me " what you doing worrying about clothes when the movement is lackin." I realized the movement isn't lacking there is just a large amount of people who refuse to take the time to read into things. It is my job to get the message across but it is also your responsibility to stand up and fight for your right to dream and achieve. Every clothing company has some kind of story behind it. some interesting others not so much. Some fabricated others so boring they must be true. All I can say is the story of LYMLIFE is one a of hardwork, honor, and brotherhood of traditional men. We represent an honest man's struggle. LYMLIFE has never and will never be caught in the shade, our business is done in the light and we approach life in a righteous manner so that in the event of serious consequences we are prepared to deal with our decisions. We don't come from wealth neither do we seek it. We seek a change in society inspired by the masses. LYMLIFE is the start of the silent revolution. The one that no one realizes but everyone accepts. Why do you accept it? Because it was conceived inside your mind. We are only telling you to listen to yourself. your mind and heart have a good idea of whats in your best interest so listen to them. LYMLIFE is the movement which seeks to light a flame inside you. Without you the fire cannot spread.You have the torch so spread the word and watch the flame grow. We are breathing, eating, freely thinking human being with dreams and ambition that cannot be set aside. In society things have been set a certain way for decades now and instead of striving for a change we have have accepted what we've been told. We've accepted the environment they've created for us. We are like ants placed in a tank and they told us we are free to roam inside the box because we don't wonder what is beyond the box. We think about it from time to time but we are to scared to go out there and explore. In life anything worth having takes blood, sweat, tears, and lots of sacrifice. They say I'm crazy for pursuing this LYMLIFE thing but in all honesty if your not a little off then you ain't doing it right. What they call being unstable I call taking your dreams seriously. This isn't for fun this is life for us. We are down to die for our dreams. You decide what your willing to do for your cause. Either man up go out there and get whats yours or back down and accept the path of least resistance. Take the reign or let another reign over you. LYMLife or Exist?

Banksy: Sky writer (more pics after the jump)

Banksy has struck again, this time in Liverpool. This new painting has been spotted on the side of a building depicting a plane sky writing a heart. Banksy is dope, I like his originality, it sets him apart.

Hero: a portrait drawing made out of 3.2 million ink dots

Here at LYM Life we are heavy into art. Art allows people to express themselves in a multitude of ways. Whether its through spoken word, music, photography or paintings, it's all self expression. Today I came across a video about an artist who made a potrait of his hero, his father, using 3.2 million ink dots. The video will show and explain it all. So shouts out to Miguel Endara, much respect on your dedication homie.

Finals Motivation

During this time of the semester if your in school your probably going through that end of semester crisis. Just giving you some inspiration to get you through this trying time......