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Worry bout your own

We all are wandering through this labyrinth called life aimlessly. We think we know where we are going or we have some general idea where we are trying to be but most are just along for the ride. Hopefully you are one of the few who knows where you want to be and how to get there. Your goal is very specific but the route there can vary from your plans due to the fact there are many ways to get to any specific destination. In your travels you must set a standard, something to refer back to to make sure you are keeping your soul intact. Don't ever sell your soul in the process of pursuing your dreams, its not worth it. After you set this standard you must realize the criticism will come. Many will question your methods and try to make you doubt yourself. A little secret between you and I, those that question are usually the ones who should be questioned. They are the ones drawing eyes off themselves and trying to shed light on you. They are the real sketchy ones so watch out don't let them create doubt in your mind or the minds of those you care about.
Do you and dont stress things will work out....
Until next time....keep it lym...

Doubt ain't welcome here...

Hey LYMLifers I know you all were wondering if I gone soft, but i just been busy between work, school, and life. I'm back with that same old flame that started this thing. I been exploring North California and getting assimilated to this new environment. Here to give you all a piece of me. I want to start off by saying I have been victimized by that old friend doubt and honestly some of you non supporters have not been helping. Usually I am a great example of confidence and assertiveness but every once in a while I have my breakdowns. I have finally picked up these pieces and I am ready to continue the journey. Between my amazing mother and my absolutely perfect girlfriend I have found my way once again. Its grinding season and we are spreading the word so if you support LYMLife or support me in general, get down with the movement and lets do this. LYMLife is not a gang its a catch all to the fulfillment of destiny and the reaching of potential while having a good time along the way. If you could do me a favor and tell a friend to tell a friend to call a friend and tell another friend. spread the word and support the cause because we support you and your dreams.
This post is really to address the doubt that has risen in my absence. Between LYMLife and my ability to keep up with my responsibilities back home there has been a lot of doubt dished around. All I have to say is thanks for the fuel because those who doubt me only help motivate me to succeed. Don't ever let someone tell you that you won't amount to anything that decision is truly up to you. As long as you understand your big dreams come with even bigger responsibility and your willing and able there is no stopping you. Look at me for example I am no professional writer but this blog has touched the minds and eyes of The Americas, Asia, Europe, and other outlying continents. I know nothing of fashion yet I have started a promising clothing line. I am no revolutionary yet the experiences in my life that have brought me here to speak with you today touch on certain thoughts that provoke action out of you. My dream is to have the world know LYMLife and embrace it in all its glory. What do I ask of you? Just to simply share your dream with me so we can assist each other and overcome the obstacles life throws at us. Don't let doubt join you on this journey. Doubt must be silenced. People doubt me everyday: Will he take this company/movement to where it needs to be? Will he make something of himself?Will his relationships(friends and love) survive this distance? Will he stay the same person regardless of the good fortune that comes his way? And the questions go on....The answer yes! How do I know because I have all the tools necessary to achieve my goals. I have the drive, heart, and the resources to conquer. All I have to do is apply myself and that is what I do on a daily basis. You should do the same. So to all who doubt just sit back and watch me succeed. If I were you I would do something more productive with my life than worry bout little old me.
LYMLife don't doubt or hate I suggest you get down with us or watch us live out your dreams.  
Too many people betting on us for us to lose....

Side Note: Self doubt is only something in your head. Don't be your own worst enemy.

LYMLIFE Trailer influences....

Check it out............

Its a North Cal Thing

So LYMLifers we have made it all the way out to the west coast...a short distance out of San Francisco. So for the summer LYMlife will be dispersed between both coasts of the US. Orlando is still up and running and we are setting up shop temporarily in San Fran. The weather out here is pretty cool I must say and the culture itself is slightly different, but it is an amazing opportunity that I plan on taking advantage of in a true LYMLife fashion.
So I leave you with
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Join the movement......Keep it LYM

Homesick and haven't left yet...

As I count down my days to my temporary relocation, surrounding myself with loved ones, and chilling in all my old hangout spots I reminisce on a time when things weren't so complicated. There is a price that comes with being a leader and this price I am continuously forced to pay. I am the forefront of this movement called LYMLife, thus the risk, sacrifice, and the struggle is mine.In the end the success or failure will also be mine.I go the distance for all of you who believe in me and stand behind LYMLife because you're worth it. Anyway this post is for my hometown....I will miss it and everyone in it....

LYM-Love Your Mother

She's your first friend and your last ally. She gave to you what you can never give back. Appreciate and love that woman. Many can give birth but few can be true mothers, always remember that.

"Worldism" over Nationalism

Before it was my country, my hood, mi barrio, it was my world. In the world today, there is much  talk of nationalism, patriotism, and numerous  "isms", but what we aren't talking about is the important ones like realism and "worldism". A lot of you know what realism is but do you know what "worldism" consists of. I am an "Jamerican"(american born into a jamaican family)and I couldn't be prouder. I come from a rich culture and I am submerged into the melting pot of culture which makes up the United States. Besides all the dilution there are still some culture rich areas in this beautiful country fighting to stay afloat. More importantly than the culture crisis is what has become of the world today. We are all fighting to keep up with this nationalism thing clinging to governments ruled by corruption as we ignore the bigger picture, people. I say forget nationalism and remember man. We are all created equally at least in my eyes and we all share many common bonds. So where along the line did we lose touch with the fact that we should be clinging to each other? I am not telling you to bash America whatsoever. I do not bite the hand that feeds me. I am telling you to recognize how far we've strayed from the righteous road and help bring us back. America, like many other countries forgot what they were built on. The majority, if not all the countries on this Earth, were built on blood. Blood, sweat, and tears of the common man set the foundation on which we walk. I never forget where I come from and neither should you. From the dust we came and to it we all shall return. We are all made up of the same matter, the same dust and particles so why should we fight each other. There is more than enough dust to go around. Don't fight your brothers in the name of your country, its our world. They say to conquer you must divide first but the funny thing is we divided ourselves, thus, we are already conquered. Politics is basically a parasitical relationship between certain countries where we suck each other dry and then have wars fueled by greed or the beef of powerful men, to settle a dispute. Sorry for my lack of composure when I say this pissing contest is completely unnecessary. I fight for my dreams, people, and what is right. You decide what you're willing to fight for. When you make this decision, make sure it is not fueled by your human nature(greed and envy). In the coming weeks, I will be getting a little political.  So if politics bore you, too bad, realize that they affect you whether you recognize them or not. Politics bore me too, but honestly they are statements of wrong and right and it is up to you to correct the wrongs and make them right by exercising whatever power and jurisdiction you might have. LYMLifers it is grinding season. We grind year round no matter what the weather. Everyday there is a lesson to be learned, a wrong to right, and a memory to share. So until next time keep it LYM.

The new chapter is about to begin...

Hello LYMLifers, sorry for the delay in post but as all of you who are in school know finals week has been a roller coaster of emotions. All I can say is grinding hard is an understatement. In my recent adventures I have seen just how far this movement has gone and I am just thankful that people are reaching out and showing support.To all the original followers and to those who were recently introduced, we appreciate you. This post is slightly random but it is one of those things I seek to clarify.
LYMLife is not an attempt to get famous. This is not your average clothing company/ attempt at stardom. This blog is dedicated to documenting realism in the world today. No offense to the famous but the majority of you sold your souls and forgot where your roots lie. Here at LYMLife our wealth is measured in love, family, friends, and memories. We measure success by the amount of lives we positively affect. We don't seek to pop bottles, make it rain, or indulge in excess. We seek to bring about a positive change in our environment. I have learned one important fact in my travels and that is that a poor man will break his last piece of bread with you before the rich man will consider sharing his loaf. So here at LYMLife if any of you hunger just know we are always sharing out pieces of our pie. This family is continuously growing and we are welcoming you with open arms. LYMLife on the pursuit of happinness and the pursuit of resembling our potential, please join us.

Still Rockin with The Four PIllars

"Real Recognize Real" and LYMLife sees you Kofi...Repping The Four Pillars.

180 With TFP (Response 1 To Kenya) from TheFour Pillars on Vimeo.