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I am happy... thats just the saddest Lie

What is the price of your happiness? Happiness is very similar to love some even believe it is the same thing. True happiness is defined by the one who searches for it. Just as any investment high risk means high gain, high sacrifice the more true the happiness is. Happiness has many masks and you can easily be fooled by the highs and lows of life. Some use certain substances for momentary highs in order to trick the mind and body that it is in the happy euphoric state, but eventually they come down. Make sure your happiness is not the temporary type. Make sure no one can take it from you. Be sure that when you find that thing that makes you happy it is real. It shouldn’t be a phase or a fad or a trend it should be something real and something positive in your life. Something or someone that get’s you where you’re trying to be or at least accompanies you on your journey to achieving your dreams.  Be careful though when you make it someone. Put trust in those worthy of being the keeper of your smiles. Always remember though you cannot put your happiness in someone else unless you are happy within yourself.
True happiness is the one thing that will cost you the most. It may cost you everything and seem overbearing or even overwhelming. At the end of the day it’s worth it. All the blood, sweat, and tears were worth it. All the pain and sacrifice pales in comparison to the smile that happiness brings. I hope you all find this happiness one day. Find that thing worth living or dying for. Find the thing that wakes you in the morning and never stop till you’ve got it. Search and hunt to the ends of the earth for it. I can’t guarantee you will find it or if it is even that far but trust me it’s worth the hunt. Until next time keep it LYM…..  

Real friends....

If you don't know BEELYM is the one on the left. Get Familiar.
I wana take a time out to wish BDub aka BeeLYM a happy belated birthday. I did happen to make it out of North Cali to attend some festivities for the event. I just want you to know I respect you as a man, I appreciate you as a friend, and I love you like a brother. Without you none of this could have gone the way it has. A motviating factor in LYMlife Inc. You go way above and beyond your job description. I'm just glad we share the same vision because honestly some people look at me crazy when I discuss what we are working towards. Thanks for coming along for the ride. I salute you BDiaz.
Chek him out at

Isolation it'll make or break you...

Hola LYMLifers how you all been? I know its been a while but the internet at my hotel absolutely horrible. So i wont be blogging as often. I will blog whenever i get an opportunity. If you need something to check out just hit up or check out BeeLym's tumblr or Check and Live and Direct LYM tumblr. 
Today i had a long conversation with a man on the subject of isolation. We were discussing how young i was but my mind seemed old. So I decided to give you a firsthand experience of my life and the role isolation plays in my story. I am in Northern California pretty much on my own. I have come to this "foreign land" a young man looking to grow withing himself and take advantage of the opportunities laid before me for the betterment of my family's life. Yes you are part of my family don't feel left out.  The point is i have placed myself in isolation and those of you who feel like you can't get a moment to yourself be careful what you wish for. The isolation gives you an opportunity to get acquainted with yourself, but its not all pros there are some cons. The isolation helps me to clear my head take that much needed breath. At the same time the isolation creates chaos amongst those back home. They feel the need to fill the void but it will never be the same. When you are this far away it feels difficult to be relevant in the lives of those you love but honestly you will always be relevant in the lives of those that matter. Those who are truly for you will stick by you those who were born flakes will fade away. You can't stress about such things they must work themselves out. 

Isolation also forces people out of there comfort zone. This forces you to adapt and that alone will make a person mature much quicker. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder but to be honest mine only grows more depressed everyday. Homesickness gets to you and you feel very lonely from time to time. These are the moments when you need to remember those that make you the strong person you are. When you start to doubt you should remember those that believe in you. This is the process you must go through to grow. Its the breaking down to build you back up. Trust me it works I have been through it enough times to know. After you overcome the self doubt, depression, and withdrawal its like a second wind. You have what you need to take on the world. The isolation is your retreat in order to cut losses and eventually win the war since you know when to pick your battles. Don't be afraid to let your world go and embrace the isolation what was yours will come back to you what wasn't will be lost.......
to be continued.......

Not long, just Powerful...

"Some rise by sin, and some by virtue fall."
                                                                                                           -William Shakespeare