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Phone Bloks

Introducing a possibility in our near future...

WISDOM Wednesdays

“Man to man is so unjust…children you don’t who to trust. Your worst enemy could be your best friend and your best friend your worst enemy. Some will eat and drink with you, then behind them susu pon you. Only your friends know your secret, so only he could reveal it. So who the cap fit let them wear it. I throw me corn … me no call no fowl. Some will hate you pretend they love you now…but behind your back try to eliminate you. But who JAH bless no man curse."
-Robert Nesta Marley

Trust is something that must not only be held close to your heart, but also protected by a code and high standards. People are human. This means we are fallible. (Look it up if you’re unsure). We are slaves to our coveted “free will”. This is the tool which allows us to “choose”. Darwin spent many hours to show what free will could do and what separates us from lower animals. His conclusion is we are descendants of a similar creature. Regardless of if you believe in creationism or Darwinism…ponder this. Put it in your hookah, vaporizer or rolling paper and smoke it. Beware where your trust sits. We all have heard that misery loves company, but we don’t usually get it. Understand that when things fall apart …. It is usually comes from an insider. A trusted friend has blown the whistle to show that you are just like them. They want your allegiance without consequence. If they are master manipulators, they will make their tracks hard to trace while sitting up front. Remember… GOD never sleeps, which is why Bob says “who JAH bless, no man curse. Be strong and know where your original alliance is. In Jamaica… we say…… “New broom sweep clean, but the old broom knows the corners…” Know that there is no place like home and build your foundation to support it. The grass really looks greener from across the street. Walk over and observe the chinch bugs ( Johnny come lately)who profess to “understand you but are not made of the same stuff. Be wise because there really is a “Natural Mystic” blowing through the air… if you listen carefully now, you will hear. Until seven suns set…. LYM ( Leave Your Mark) in a safe place.

-Mama Murray

A Case for Exploration...

Fact: The world is HUGE, yet quite paradoxically tiny as turns out. Whichever your point of view settles on, there is a second fundamental fact: It (the world) is your playground and, like a delusional Chihuahua with an oversized ego and an equally swollen bladder, you must Leave Your Mark on it. Life is far too short and the world far too replete with things to be discovered for you not to.

Fact #3: You don’t have to travel across the world (although you should) to partake in the aforementioned LYMing and Discovering. Whether across the street, across town, across the state, or across the planet, there is an abundance of life to be lived and a bounty of treasures to be stumbled upon. But it’s up to you to put on your Sherlock Hat and sleuth up something worth experiencing.

Now I’m no expert on life, and by no means should I be telling you how to wade through its choppy waters. However I do believe that the fact that 99.9% of every one of my days is an amazing one tells me that I am doing something right. What that something is exactly, I haven’t the slightest idea, but I’ll take a guess and attribute my everlasting happiness to a farrago of my intrinsic clumsiness and my penchant for losing my personal effects, both of which are part and parcel of my shorter-than-average attention span and everlasting curiosity. That last sentence was just an overly elaborate way of saying I like to explore things, all things; near, far, familiar and unknown. It’s basically scientifically impossible (don’t fact check me on this) to have a bad day when you are constantly discovering new things about the space you are occupying at any given moment.

For this reason I tirelessly explore. I do so regardless of whether it’s the corridors to the right side of the elevator, which I rarely (if ever) frequent because my office is situated within the corridors left, or the unfamiliar neighborhood that will act as my home for the few days that I am on a business trip. I explore them both with equal curiosity and enthusiasm, and I almost always find something that makes the foray (however small) into uncharted territory worth the effort.

When was the last time you discovered something? I hope to the Flying Spaghetti Monster that it wasn’t more than a day ago. Our Homo sapien sapien DNA is encoded with a genetic a propensity to explore the unknown, it’s why we stare into space with such awe and wonderment. Stay true to the great legacy of the explorers that came before you. Make our nomadic forefathers proud, even if what you discover may not be as history changing as figuring out that that giant block of ice you just crossed led to a whole other continent. Make the answer to the question at the beginning of this paragraph “TODAY”. Go Explore!!! …and make liberal use of your swollen Chihuahua bladder.

Monday Motivation


ChiRaq: a short Film

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