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Beard Or Break

TFTB LOGO Check their site out and buy some gear if you a true bearded barbarian
As far back as I can remember my grandpa had a face full of hair. They used to jokingly call him Grizzly Adams. My dad had his bearded weeks and then sometimes he went "full stache on em". Being raised amongst the clan of grizzlies I got the notion that this is what manhood was about. My manly idols were all sporting facial sweaters year round. There were no seasons for it and nor were there times and places for it, it just was. Even my Cuban father figure sported a solid beard and he dropped me to school every morning. Every where I turned stood a real man bearded and bold.

Growing up school was always a competition who had the freshest kicks and the crispiest haircut. My mother and father taught me its not what your bought but what you can afford. Concentrating my efforts on academia and my extra curricular endeavors I didn't have much time for a job or hustle. I had much bigger plans than the present I was laying the foundation for my future. This meant my personal money wasn't always sitting right which meant those expensive kicks were out of the question. West coast hip hop helped soften that blow by making " "Chucks" (Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers) the staple for stand up guys. As far as those fresh cuts were concerned I was far from it. I had some fades then defaulted to a ceasar but from I can remember the sideburns were always thick and in full effect. Introduction to hip hop artist Ludacris allowed my side scruff to shift me a bit higher on the totem pole of style but still I couldn't manage to keep them tamed. Jim Jones a top business figure and member of a group by the name of DipSet quickly rose in the ranks of trendsetter in my book not for anything other than the way he carried himself. He made "Scruff and puff" popping. Rocking long hair and my 8 o clock shadow(If you could consider it a shadow) was in full compliance of what Jim Jones considered fresh. Kept my clothes clean and my grooming always showed a hint of struggle. This is what came to be known as Josh style. All my friends knew me for it and personality allowed my female friends to keep one eye out for me even though the other eye was fixed on my pretty boy friends. After high school peoples styles changed but mine had lasted so long and my friends fully accepted me I saw no reason to change. Through college too, I was on and off with my beard life, but upon graduating I realized I'm supposed to be a man now so doing as I knew men to do I grew my beard and even in times of turmoil at least kept a shadow on my face.

Fast forward to the present. My beard is now the "in thing". Every beard aligns with some movement or gang. Beards have sayings and laws that go along with them and those same pretty boys from back in the day have somehow managed to feminize the beard. The way beards have taken off I'm sure the bearded lady at the circus got fired for not being freakish anymore. I bet they told her "sorry but times have changed, your not a freak you just fit in". With all that being said I want to clear the slate and state this for the record: If you see a Civilized Savage with a beard know that he aligns with one movement and that Tales from the beard. For a more in depth look at this movement we will have a post up soon on TFTB and its creators view on what they are trying to represent through that campaign.

My beard is more than just a facial accessory. It is more than just a style. It is truly part of me. I am constantly mistaken for an Arab even though everyone knows or can somehow tell my whole family is Jamaican. I am referred to as " Taliban" in numerous parts of Jamaica and New York. I am always overly greeted by US customs when I travel due to my facial appearance. I guess I'm the first terrorist with both his ears pierced and a chest tattoo (the most liberal man in Islam I guess). Constantly yanked by random women in public sometimes they even whisper inapropriate gestures about what they'd like to do to my beard. Despite all the negative assumptions people have about me on first sight I still proudly wear my beard for three important reasons.

1. Its a testimony to fellow survivors and people currently battling cancer that there is a promise land for us here on earth where we can summon the strength of Samson and beat cancer in order to resume growing our lovely locks and shine through all the despair that we've overcome with a head or face full of hair.

2. My father and grandfather are the manly men which I've been raised under taught me what it is to be a righteous hardworking man and to earn your keep and reap what you sow. So I grow it in honor of them.

3. Because all the negative assumptions of the beards of yesteryear are so damn awesome that I believe one day I will be mentioned among these great beards (Willie Nelson, Jesus, BlackBeard, Muhammad, Zeus, Shell Silverstein, Abe Lincoln, King Leonidas, Michael Gordon Peterson Aka Charles Bronson, Merlin, etc)

So to all those bearded before the wave of bandwagoners came along grow em long and strong my brothers. Cut your beard for no man or woman, only children if they kindly request. I seek no companion who cannot accept the beard and any job that asks such a ridiculous request of me I simply say I refuse to be a bald face bullshitter. Hire baby face over there with no back bone he slithers like a damn snake and if that's what you seek to build your company on then so be it. Lead me to the honest, hardworking, and humble department and I will reside there. My beard is here to stay. Look out for our post next week on health benefits of bearding up.
Side note to my friends who can't seem to grow a beard or decide to not keep one, I have nothing against you. I just have to let the fraudulent beardos and bandwagoners know how I feel. If that's not enough my best friends Asian and he can't grow a beard. Until Next Time keep it LYM!

 Tales From The Beard Site

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Sustainable Movement

It is unhealthy for a company to reflect the life of its leader too closely. A leader is simply human with certain skills and attributes that helps one to reach the forefront of a movement. Just like average joe all our lives are filled with ups and downs. We all have good days and we all have days we don't mind forgetting. The problem with being a leader is eyes are always on you. The good days inspire your followers the bad ones make them question you or it brings down their morale. A movement is defined as a group of people with common ideology. A company is defined as a number of individuals assembled or associated together. LYMLife serves as a company and a movement. The question is how do you separate them? Or is it possible to combine them in a progressive manner? I choose the latter. LYMLife is the catch all for my life ventures but as the days go by I notice its growth in unexpected areas. 

How do we sort through those who like what we are doing and those who back us and are along for the ride? I seek supporters who bring something to the table. I seek people who aren't afraid to stand on their own in the face of the opposition. The untouched and fearless. I had a talk with my LYM brother the other day and he discussed disdain for the inner dealings of LYMLife. He seemed to want to label our brothers supporters of me and not of the movement. This caused mix feelings. On one hand I have nothing but love for those who support me as an individual but I want people to see the bigger picture the true greater good. LYMLife is the shelter which we all can grow under. It is not meant to glorify my life. I simply use my life as an example to inspire others so that I can shine light into their darkness. We all represent LYMLife but as civilized savages we must take up the torch for ourselves otherwise we cannot thrive. No man is an island. and that goes for every man woman and child. We must work together in order to make that change and bring the term LYMLife to every person on earth. We must bombard our loved ones with this movement in order to successfully spread the word. I am one man so even if I set the goal of meeting one new person and having a conversation about LYMLife every day for the rest of my life I still wont reach anywhere close to the amount of people we can reach if we work together. So I am simply asking from the LYMLife fam if you read this and have it in your heart or have a minute of time in your busy schedule we are doing a picture awareness campaign. All we ask is you write "LYMLIFE" on a piece of paper, post it, napkin, or whatever is readily available. Then take and post a picture pledging your support to a good cause. Your pledge is basically saying "I believe in dreams and those who have them". Your pledging to support fellow goal achievers and in general LYMLife. You support doing the most with what you are given. Not existing but taking it a notch further and making a life that is worthwhile and well lived. Something many deny themselves from early on. Lets take shots at our own potential in hopes of one day surpassing it. So post your pics on Facebook, Instagram, twitter, or whatever social medium you use. Hashtag  #LYMLIFE so we can be inspired by your simple statement. Simple but it speaks wonders. Until next time keep it LYM.

No Handouts in Our Home

The other day while attending a pool party/barbecue I was asked a question which I honestly answered but the path it took was a little different than I expected.A girl I met that day was making small talk as most people do but the opinions and statements seemed to align with her own on a few random everyday struggles. As the conversation continued it came back to a general ice breaking question. “ What do you do?”, she asked me.  Normally my answer is either i’m an engineer or I run a blog/clothing line/ lifestyle company but the strangest thing happened. I answered “I’m an engineer” to my surprise her face showed a expressions that said “thats it”. Responding immediately to her look of dissatisfaction I added “ I design transmission lines, so you could say I’m in the business of transporting high power”. She seemed a little less dissatisfied but it was if she knew there was a deeper answer that i was hiding. “That sounds like fun”  she said and in an attempt to give the hidden truth I slipped in “ I run a clothing line/ blog.” That's when the conversation took a turn. “It seems like everyone nowadays has a clothing line”I quickly explained the difference between LYMLife and these other clothing lines.“Everyone wears clothing and every one supposedly stands for something. LYMLife is the lifestyle, Civilized Savages is the movement. The revolution is the combination of the two.”She started to explain in Crossfit alone she sees so many fly by night clothing lines and all of them send her gift packages. I immediately saw the difference which I had to explain. A marketing tool used by many companies clothing and non clothing is to send out freebies to spread the word and to gain popularity. That is completely against LYMLife policy. In sports alone many athletes are endorsed by sneaker and clothing companies. Artists are endorsed by all kinds of companies. Actors endorsed by charities and other causes. LYMLife will never be endorsed by any man woman or child unless they truly believe in the cause. If they truly believe in leaving their mark on this world then they will eventually come to know us. Depending on how about this because they are they may purchase our products and in their journey to achieve their full potential we may give a kickback and send them something but this package is only to let them know we salute their struggle and we recognize their grind. It is not a marketing scheme. In my eyes heroes are normal people who excel beyond expectation of human capability. In the face of fame I do not bow down. Starstruck is something I never felt because we are all human. So therefore LYMLife does not sponsor anyone especially on the basis of being famous. If there seems an avenue to use someones struggle and bring light to it for the benefit of say the kids in their community then we will find a way to make charity out of it to these less fortunate youngins but sponsoring an artist to get fame from their come up or their already gained fan base is something we do not do. The simple fact is a lot of people who get free gift packages can easily afford the packages they get and still not be phased financially. For this reason LYMLife has no interest in catering to the rich and famous. They are just as worthy as the everyday laborers who support us and treating everyone equally is just the way we do business. After explaining this to the girl we got on the topic of sports stars with million dollar contracts that eat free in her fathers upscale restaurant. she explained how this angered her and I simply said-“Welcome to LYMLife”....   Sidenote: I later realized her interest in the “Civilized Savage” red bands worn by most attendees of the pool party was what had sparked this convo. 


Tomorrow @ 6:00PM In Kendall hit the phone at the bottom of post for exact directions...

Murray’s Menu


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Red snapper fillet on a bed of yellow rice~$10

Curry shrimp on a bed of chow mein noodles~$10

Rasta Pasta-vegetarian dish (served with white/red sauce)~$8


Rum Cake~$3/slice

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What Is Wrong With The USA Today

This one is a little late. Something I wrote at the time when I saw what was happening.
I have been looking through instagram and facebook like I normally do. I am not big on posting things for everyone to see and I only post things that I feel are worth sharing or being proud of. I keep seeing a post of a light skinned man who just got arrested for something. I don’t know what the story is about all I know is he was arrested because of doing something wrong. I might be mistaken but why am I see all the craze about a man who has broken the law with negative connotation be glorified with the way he looks and what he has done. There is something wrong when you see a man or woman face pop up everywhere after breaking the law and being glorified as if they were a pop icon or cured cancer. Do not get me wrong some people have gone to prison for no reason or for fighting for their rights which is fine with me. I am tired of seeing this country celebrate the bad and not embracing the men and woman who work hard, study hard, follow the law and leave a positive impact in others life. I for sure would never want to be known as the guy on TV that got arrested for something other than fighting for my right or my family. The media constantly shows everyone all the wrong in the world and never shows the good things that world  has to offer. Positivity! This world has gotten so caught up with the latest and greatest and all the headlines of wrong doing but you rarely hear about the good of people. This goes for law enforcement too. I have seen so many websites, posts, blogs, videos, etc about how corrupt our law enforcement is. Well guess what one of our very own original members is an officer of the law and I appreciate everything they do for us. Whenever there is trouble the first people to call are the cops. They do a lot more than just harass and give tickets, there are those who to serve to protect our freedom and rights. I still believe in those who have the courage to put that badge on everyday and walk the streets for our protection the right way. I am not saying that law enforcement is perfect. There is corruption throughout the system but to those who hold themselves and their job to the highest standards have my respect. There are still good ones out there that serve and protect. Stop glorifying all the negativity and all these knuckleheads that get locked up and arrested for things that should not be tolerated or accepted and be proud and show respect and look up to those who make a difference in this world the right way.

From a LYMLife Original Blood Member Twindennis