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The best part about LYMLIFE is the fact that it brings a certain caliber of human together. As this thing we call LYMLIFE was forming I met a man by the name of Kofi Genfi and immediately all I can say is real recognize real. Worked with the man for 3 months and been friends for about a little over two years now keeping in touch and just motivating each other and raising the bar. As always Kofi is truly a wordsmith and presents his perspective and his passion through such mediums as spoken word. All I can say is you now have a choice: be enlighted or be ignorant. Here is his latest work and as always with FAM its got 100% LYMLIFE certified stamp. Enjoy!
Check the mans website, he is a one man Empire and as always we wish him nothing but the best.

A$AP Rocky: A$AP Mob - Lords Never Worry

The long anticipated A$AP mixtape has finally arrived and on schedule as promised. LORD$ NEVER WORRY has been released today and can be downloaded from HERE. This will at least hold you over until A$AP Rocky's album, Long Live A$AP drops which has been pushed back until Halloween, Oct. 31st.

-Jared x LYM

New Lawless Trailer (Unedited)

LAWLESS is a movie based on the true story of the Bondurant Brothers and how they tried to achieve the wealth and success by any means unnecessary during the Prohibition Era. It stars Shia LaBeouf, Tom Hardy and Gary Oldman.

- Jared x LYM

The Leader, The Follower, and the Settler

As I come into my adult life the pressures of my ambitious lifestyle is truly consuming me. Faced with all my major goals at once I wonder what success is truly worth. I face a lot of isolation and sacrifice in order to make a better life for those willing to fight the good fight. Having a job in my field pursuing an accelerated masters degree and trying to run a clothing company has kept me completely busy. Barely having time for myself has truly been getting to me but this is the price I decided long ago that I was willing to pay for my success. In this world there are three types of people. There are leaders, followers, and settlers. Leaders have vision and ambition and they know what it is to take action. Followers know leaders are capable so they assist in helping a leader through the struggle stages in order to be a part of something greater and better themselves. Last but not least there are settlers they could have been either of the previous types at some point but they decide to be satisfied with what they have. Don't get me wrong leaders and followers are not ungrateful people, they just seem to know that a life spent not chasing potential is not necessarily a life worth being mentioned much less lived. In my opinion if your not going to be somebody then why be anybody. You have to want something better for yourself. Want something better for those around you. Don't settle for whats given to you chances are that is someone else's scraps. So if you like being fed by others that's your choice but i'm a man who believes firmly in making waves, setting out on your own path. It's not for recognition or fame its for a promise I made to myself that on my dying day I would closely resemble the man I could have been. I read somewhere that hell was seeing what you could have been in this life. If that is true the devil will be mighty upset when he sees me because I am going to run circles around my potential. So I say to you never be satisfied. Appreciate what you have and compliment it by bettering yourself. Improve  update, and overcome. This is what life is about. Stay consistent, be yourself but grow within yourself. Until next time keep it LYM!

#1 Fact Of Life

The Dalai Lama says that "Happiness is not something that is ready made. It comes from your own actions." Understanding this statement gives you a better understanding as to how to find your own happiness. Simple and plain, you create it. Nowadays many of us base our happiness on others actions. Boyfriends depend on the moods of their girlfriends, husbands depend on the moods of their wives and children, and children depend on their peers mood to determine their own. When we take this approach although it may seem considerate it can be truly unhealthy when considering our personal health. Happiness can determine health thus we should all take complete control of our own happiness. How you may ask? Stop depending on others moods. Find happiness within yourself. Create happiness and in time you will find health in return. Those people who we use to determine our happiness are not always worthy of holding the key. So instead of blaming others and depending on them take matters into your own hands. First you should decide on your goals in life(what do you want to achieve). By working towards your personal goals you will not only be happy but your happiness will be contagious. If we all take control of our own happiness we can live more fulfilling and productive lives. So quit the cowardly blaming of others and make yourself happy. Its no one's job but your own. We love to let others let us down so we can bitch and complain but in actuality we just use these people as scapegoats when its really not their fault and even if it is we should have known better than to place our happiness on their to do list. I guarantee you that rarely does your happiness make 1st priority on someone elses list. So if its your first priority make it your purpose and take it as your duty and don't leave it up to those it should not concern. People love to point fingers but when its all said and done you will be on your own and there will be no one else to blame. Live, love, LYM! Live healthy and live happy! Until next time keep it LYM.



Naw We Ain't Dead Just Grinding!

Family First! Success Second! Everything else third. Here at LYMLife  its family first. Loyalty, honesty, and love above all. Our success can be attributed to our tight knit fam. They support us through thick and thin. They motivate, patronize, and most importantly spread the word for us. In times of our absence they are stll pushing the movement. I just want to thank the whole LYMLIFE fam for all that you do. We are currently pushing through our Olympic inspired line. Simple, sophisticated, yet casual at the same time. So look out for those coming soon. We are looking to do some accessory collabos so anyone trying to do work please email me at Summer is coming to a close and its time to get back to school and work people. I hope to see all of you getting to your goals. Lets make the best of the remainder of this year. No man left behind, that is one of the many laws we live by. So lets get it! Until Next time keep it LYM....