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Predetermined Success

I am currently reading a book called "Outliers"by Malcom Gladwell. very interesting stuff inside. The book is subtitled "The Story Of Success". Many different concepts and theories are discussed and exemplified but I am not done reading so I cannot give a full review. One thing I do want to discuss is the "Matthew Effect":

-"For unto every one that hath shall be given,  and he shall have abundance: but from him that hath not shall be taken even that which he hath."
          - Matthew 25:29, King James Version

Even if you are not a christian or catholic or just a follower of Christ in general this applies to you. Simply put: the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. So its almost as if our fate was predetermined by our upbringing and whether or not we had a golden spoon in our mouth. Sometimes my generation quotes the late great Notorious BIG "Mo Money Mo Problems" but according to our focused phrase the more money you get the more money will come. So it takes money to make money most of the time. You wonder how the poor who have little money get more money taken than the Rich its called debt. Poor People are more likely to take out credit. So they are the ones more likely to owe and when interest adds up these people could be milked dry. The book covers this topic by discussing the selection of hockey players in Canada.
Basically the gist is children are separated into different leagues at such an early age that true ability does not have the opportunity to develop.And depending on when a child is born and how fast they mature determines their ability to make it into a class A league. Ages 9-10 it is very difficult to tell the difference between maturity and ability. Thus the older 10 year old move to the more intense league getting more play time and better coaches, while our nine year- old must show some crazy amount  of talent to even get a shot at the good opportunities. In the Class A league the training is better, the practice hours longer, and the amount of games is plenty more. The book also discusses to be truly great in what you do or to be classified as an expert a person must put in 10,000 hours. The players in the class A are already at an advantage just because of their age and maturity not necessarily ability.
The gist is no matter what your circumstance no matter what obstacles you face sometimes in life the stars don't align and you must do alot of the work yourself to reach your 10,000 hours. Become the Outlier, be the one to defy your set path. Be savage about success but show how civil you can be in your dealings because you never know who has the key to whichever door of opportunity.

.Civilized the Mind , but make savage the body.

-Joshua "Savage" LYM

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