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Not many people can say they love what they do. Well if you don’t then you should be working to do what you love. Not wanting to be at work and working to make a check just because you need to survive is not the way to do it. I have worked hard at school graduated with a bachelor’s degree, now having one semester left for a master’s degree, and working in my field of study/choice. Not many people can say that they landed a job in their field of choice shortly after graduating, but I did and I have never been happier. It is a blessing to be able to say I love going to work every day. No matter how hectic it may get or frustrated I get I still love what I do. I look back and feel blessed to be doing what I worked so hard for and LOVE. The company I work for has taken a chance on a young up and comer to learn and progress in a demanding and stressful career.  Looking back at the hard work that was been put in and feeling like you’re moving forward with a bright future ahead is payment enough. LYMLIFE is about putting in hard work in and going through the struggle.  Yes more money is always a plus but it is not what drives us it is not about the money. Money will come with time and experience. It is more about the achievement of getting to where you want to be and not being satisfied when you get there. People only see the parties and good times we have at LYMLIFE, but LYMLIFE is so much more than partying. We work hard for what we have and give back with the little that we have. We are normal day people going through every day struggles that you the readers are going through. Hungry to work our way up and look down to the people who thought they were better than us and teach them and the world that we are here to better ourselves and each every person we meet. Pushing the real meaning of LeaveYourMarkLIFE (LYMLIFE) is not a job is what we LOVE to DO.

From an Original Blood member Twindennis

God Walks With Me....

I've walked many miles in my red vans some places I'm proud of some spots others I wouldn't mind if they stayed in the depths of my closet behind the skeletons. As I've said before it is never really about the final destination but the minor stops on the way. These mini missions usually turn out to be the most random adventures that only add to the armor of life. These are the skin hardening exercises in which we never truly prepare for. Any man can train for something but its when the unexpected takes place that we truly see what our true composition is. What the true mixture of mojo consists of. Over time I have learned lessons, claimed ignorance, and exercised recklessness. At the tender age of 25 I feel a serious sense of enlightenment. I have lost alot , gained some, and replaced none.
Looking back I do not regret a thing but instead use the past as a textbook of trial and error. Considering myself lucky to still be in a flexible position I am able to judge my previous actions and situations on a fairly accurate scale of right and wrong. Regardless of what side these occurrences reside on the spectrum I would not change a thing. The biggest adjustment coming recently and more swiftly than planned.
Categorizing the lifestyle as "Civilized Savagery" I gave purpose to me and my my brothers but as in any empowering situation it was to easy to stray away from focus. Civilized was immediately thrown out and the savagery took form. As a leader it was my duty to bring back the essence of our purpose but simply giving in to human nature allowed things to spiral out of control. God decided it was time to check me. A series of unfortunate events forced me into a state of reflection. When you dive into an foreign environment seeking to conquer by any means necessary you quickly make excuses or justify your behavior that is not fitting of the cause. Many leaders in history have experienced this but the difference is I was allowed the opportunity to make an adjustment. So I studied from the man who made my name mean something. Biblical Joshua stood a righteous man he embodied the "Civilized Savage" and served his life purpose. My goal is to top his achievements. Big shoes to fill but I believe it to be possible so I shall fight the good fight in search of my potential.
Note to my LYMLife family my readings have led me to understand how to properly execute our prophecy. Two important words equally weighted. "Civilized Savages" the men who the beast fears and God stands behind. Regardless your religious preference our goals remain solid. Live righteously, love unconditionally, and attack dreams tenaciously. No thing made of flesh shall stand in our way nor any governmental body. By any means but within the confines of our moral fiber. The term savage used to loosely we must restore that name for society deems monsters, thugs, and hooligans savage. This is not accurate. By keeping things on the up and up we hold tight to our civilized nature and by living in our simplified state we avoid the downfalls of today's society labeling us primitive or savage. The oath taken with no witness but the responsibility upheld by honor. LYMlife the cause, Civilized Savagery the movement, and family/friends the beneficiaries of our doings. Until next time keep it LYM.

Music Video Monday


Is It Over? (Blood Moon Tetrad)

Is the Apocalypse on its way?
“I will show wonders in Heaven above and signs in the Earth beneath, the sun shall be turned into darkness and the moon into blood before the coming of the great and awesome day of the Lord." Acts 2:19-20
Early morning on Tuesday April 15 at around 3 am EST, I had the privilege of viewing one of the most extraordinary events occurring in our own solar system. Many of us have seen a few lunar eclipses in our lifetime however this Tetrad (or set of four) “Blood Moon” eclipses is not a rare occurrence according to science. Every total lunar eclipse results in a “Blood Moon” when the Sun, Earth and Moon’s orbits align causing the light from the sun to cast all sunsets and sunrises around the world onto the surface of the Moon. There will be four in the next 2 years at approx 6 month intervals; Oct 8, 2014, April 4, 2015, and Sept. 28, 2015. In Ancient times these events were usually associated with bad omens, death or times of misfortune because mankind could not explain them. In more recent years (thanks to Isaac Newton and Edmond Halley) we now use the scientific method with astronomy and mathematics to explain these seemingly unnatural events to be quite natural in our universe. In the 21st century alone there are nine tetrads of blood moons. Any of which could signal the coming of the Lord.

My statements however do not exclude the hand of God at work. I do not believe Science will ever explain the majestic powers of God. Perhaps the reasons science cannot explain the universe we live in are a result of not being able to find the connection between science and God. This thought has only strengthened my faith in the supernatural while still holding true to my quest for knowledge.

 “Finding truth is difficult and the road to it is rough. As seekers after truth, you will be wise to withhold judgment and not simply put your trust in the writings of the ancients. You must question and critically examine those writings from every side. You must submit only to argument and experiment and not to the sayings of any person. For every human being is vulnerable to all kinds of imperfections. As seekers of the truth we must also suspect and question our own ideas as we perform our investigations, to avoid falling into prejudice or careless thinking. Take this course and truth will be revealed to you. - Ibn Al-Hazen


We all have daily dilemmas depending on our profession and general approach to life. As one of the main writers on the LYMLife blog, I encounter unique struggles daily in order to bring some quality, heartfelt flame from my cranium to a computer screen near you.
Creativity comes in many forms and can be sparked in numerous ways depending on the individual. As uplifting and positive as I may sound, my insight comes from real world issues and problems I come in contact with. Tough times summon harsh emotions such as anger or sadness which in my book are sloppy emotions. The reason for this view is these emotions tend to spill over when not controlled. For a blogger these emotions can be harnessed, used to dig for truth, or even to help understand greater life lessons.
In times of happiness, when not at war with myself or the world I tend to listen more and take things in. Times of calm help me to appreciate life itself and gives me moments to reflect on and assess my position. The same cannot be said for the darker emotions. Anger floods the brain and blinds the mind. Out of it comes a river of writing which must be polished because of its origins. A lot of the greatest music in the world came from rough situations in artists’ lives. Happy music can be light for the most part whereas, the right sad song can drown us in the deepest sorrows of the artists broken heart. I am a strong believer that society builds us to lean towards a darker side but it is up to us to know what is best personally. If negative situations push you into positive action then you have a skill that is a blessing. In times of turmoil, I write to look at my emotion on paper and verify it with reason . When all is quiet on the western front, I look to my surroundings for my inspiration. Twenty-five (25) years old with a few more experiences than the average Joe gives me plenty "inside" to put on paper. However, sometimes you have to consider your reader and where they might be in life. That consideration is what determines how we deliver certain messages. On the other hand, we don't seek to follow suit of other blogs. We want to be as original as possible while still touching on popular topics which may interest our readers. This all sums up the fact that one of the major struggles I face as a blogger is creativity. Creativity is a bloggers best friend which is affected by our interactions or mood.
Live the story to the fullest because trying to document takes away from the experience. Live it, remember it, and then creatively display it to engage your readers across the spectrum. If not a firsthand experience based writing, we must take time to study the subject enough but not too much in order to give a somewhat intellectual but individual perspective. Creativity here is more opinion based. However, in studying the subject a blogger must make sure not to be swayed falsely to any side.

If you are an a new blogger and have serious issues with creativity its time to use your blog as therapy. Treat it like a personal journal. You may spill thoughts and ideas or give heavily opinionated commentary of a recent event. Either way, you will grow as a writer. Your readers will recognize the writing to be genuine and grow with you. I use my blog to bridge the gap between the man I could be and the man I am. In time, I hope there will be no need for this bridge but in the meantime let’s builds on this bond we are solidifying. From blogger to reader, thanks for having patience and walking this far with me. We've come a long way but still have far to go. Creativity is the issue but as a reader you can help your writers by giving feedback instead of scrolling on. Help me keep this blog true to form. Stay interactive. We are in this together. Our investments different but our payout the same. We all gain a sense of enlightenment as well as freedom from pursuing our dreams. Until next time keep it LYM...

Music Video Monday

Demarco Remix to LORDE's track Royals


a little late but well worth the watch and the listen. #RealMusic #SplurgeBoys

Riding Til the Death of US

Today while checking the blog i noticed our first official comment had happened. I had waited long for some online interaction directly through our blog site showing that not only had someone read but also took the time to give feedback. We have received plenty of word of mouth support, IG, twitter Facebook, text message, and email but this comment was the straw that broke this camels back. Fired up and ready to start bucking for the cause this is a call to all Civilized Savages. This person stated that the current state of people in the spotlight was shameful but that "LYMLIFE would change all of that or die trying." oh you know us so well.
First off thank you so much for the kind words and we will not let you down. The fact that the entertainment industry is filled with false idols is very disheartening but we shall fix such things one life at a time. We seek to create a better world through our lives and through our interactions with others. If everyday one more person comes to know the true beauty of LYMLife we have been succesful.

With that being said...who really riding?

Looking forward We have agreed to a product a month for our releases first up is the new batch of bands. This round we ask a simple $1 donation per band to get the ball rolling. Once rolling it will be like the small snowball atop the snowy mountain. By the time we reach the bottom we shall be the size of a small planet. Back to the bands some ask whats the benefit of buying a band?
1. You will have openly pledged to live a purposeful life.
2. You will be aligned with one of the most meaningful movements of your era.
3. Loyalty Pays (For all who might have idea of what we are up to, understand this will help greatly with your finances when attempting to work, play, or collaborate with us)
4. You have joined a group of individuals who have set out to change the world one action at a time.

Ladies look out in may for the first of a long line of LADYLYM releases!

The great Marcus Garvey was under the assumption that word shifting ideas take a few generations to come to pass. One person creates the idea but it is not manifested in his lifetime. I want to respectfully prove him wrong. I can only do that with the assistance of you our readers/family/supporters/ activists.
Until Next time keep it LYM!

Around the World: Adventures in Peru

Man what can I say about traveling to Peru… The first thing in my head is my cousin. I have never met her before, but yet she and her mother welcomed me into their home and treated my dad and I as if we lived there our whole lives. I got to meet some great people that represent what Lymlife is all about, hard work and great times. The stories of how Peru was is not what it is today, yeah there are differences between here and there, but man they have come up and have strived for better. I saw a country growing. Yes there were many things that would not be done here in Miami or most of the US, but none the less they live just like us. Prices were comparable to here in Miami. The site seeing was breath taking literally. I consider myself to be in decent shape, but man walking through the mountains and high altitudes of Cusco and Machu Picchu wasn’t too easy. It didn’t affect me to the point where I had to stop, but I did get shortness of breath and the occasional fast heart rate just by walking up steps. It was well worth it to see one of the 7 wonders of the world. I have not traveled much, but I am young and will try to travel to one place or more every year for as long as I can. I do not want to be blind to what the world has to offer. To the lymlife followers travel, make new friends, write your own history book about the adventures you take. We as humans take many things for granted and traveling is one of them. We never know what life will bring us so when you do have a chance pack up your bags and hit the road and enjoy all the different places this world has to offer.

-Written by an Original Blood Member Dennis

Life shouldn’t be filled with broken promises and disappointments...

Its been running through my mind for some time now. I once told my friend/brother/blood I would do something and I would do it often. There are no excuses for me not doing what I said and for that I am sorry. No matter what else I have going in my life, my brother knows the life I live, the hours I work, and the time I put in for school. He walked a similar path not long ago and still did more than just work and study. He created what we all know is Lymlife. No matter what it took he got it started and brought his true friends or as we say family, or how I like to say blood into his ideals. He still pushes our cause solo or with us. I say it is ours because we believe in it and we believe in what it stands for. We all stand as individuals no man greater than the next, but together we are family made of the same blood and that is the Blood of Lymlife. With that being said we stand for many things and I for one believe life isn’t full of broken promises and disappointments. If you as a person says they will do something for someone or for yourself go through with it. You might not get the result you wanted but it doesn't mean it’s a failure. I have not lived up to my words and it bothered me for some time. I like to think I am a man of my word and a man of action so to all the lymers out there follow through with your promises. Even though actions speak louder than words make those words your actions and follow through with everything you say.

-Words of wisdom From an Original Blood Member Dennis