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Music Video Monday(NSFC)

Where you Been-P. Reign

Waiting in line

I know many people hate waiting in line at the movies, restaurants, theme parks, etc., but boy do they love waiting in line for the next J's to come out and the new IPhone or latest gadget. I understand the shoes is big deal and can be seen as a way of making a profit. I know many shoe collectors that can sell their shoes for triple of what they paid so its all good, but the IPhone and gadget is crazy. After the first couple months people will complain about the glitches the maker will come out with upgrades to the previous model to take care of the glitch. I know the new technology is cool but is it really worth waiting in line to buy a $700 phone not including taxes and monthly bills that may have problems and will need to be fixed. On top of fixing the problems 6 months to a year later the item is sold for less because the next latest and greatest comes out to start the insanity of waiting in line for something that loses value within a year or two. I know many people cry wolf about not having money, but will spend the hundreds of dollars to get the latest shoes, phones, etc. I don't understand why people do it. Have we become the type of people that values materialistic items more than relationships we build amongst each other? The technology separates us in some ways and brings us together in other. Example being in a group together where no one is talking to each other, but rather texting their fingers away and not enjoying the moment and times with the people they love. On the other hand technology allows us to share our moments so the rest of the world. Our LYMLife family uses various apps and technology to share with all of you our adventures of the Civilized Savage life and hopefully the one thing you get from it is live life and enjoy it with the people you love and meet don't let the technology ruin your relationships.

From an Original Blood Member Twindennis

The LYMLife We Live

From the words of an origial blood member Twindennis. The past two weekends were special. My family and friends celebrated my brother and I birthday/earth strong. We as LYMLife moved as one and couldnt have looked stronger. As usual we met new people along the way and introduced the ways of LYMLife. It was good to see one of our brothers join us after going through some things.The savages went out to play these two weekends and it was all fun and games. We have learned to never plan for a chill night because it will lead us into the debauchery of the streets. I never knew I could shuffle but it happened and we have stories to tell about these two weekends celebrating. In the past months I've been exposed to what life has to offer, ups downs and everything around, but there was always certain things I could count on and that is the people I call family whether they are blood or not were right by each other's side and mine no matter the circumstance. We have stuck together and will continue to do so together.

Loyalty Over Royalty

The Smitty twins have spent the last decade embedding themselves in the foundation of LYMLife. Today I wish them a happy birthday because they are the definition of Civilized Savages and my brothers.
Danny was the first twin I met through my engineering academy in high school. Amongst the academy a brotherhood was created through pure young dumb fun. Put a bunch of high school boys in a room together and give them freedom and you will achieve anarchy. I considered it a watered down version of Oz. I eventually ended up dating one of Danny's good friends and that caused me to question his loyalties. Over time I can officially say he is a damn good friend because he never once chose sides. 10+ years later and I see him every weekend for some brotherly chillage. He has shown nothing but love, loyalty and LYMage. In this war of life he is a soldier I am proud to stand next to in the trenches. I got his back and I have no doubt he's got mine. He has taught me more than he knows. I am single but the hope I have for a stable relationship in the future has been put their by watching how Danny carries himself within his relationship. Yes like all young married men he talks his fair share of smack saying things like "If I was single" but even on boys nights out he still ends up passing the ball to me when any females show interest. He is like my official manager and I'm the free agent. I Love you brodee.
Dennis on the other hand had a slightly late start he was the second twin. Met him in high school but it wasn't til near the end of high school that we started solidifying our friendship. He seemed a bit sheltered when I first met him but after going through some relationship issues he came out straight savage. He is the Lil man with more heart than giants. It doesn't matter the competition I would put my money on Dennis. Dennis and my friendship was truly forged in the fires of nightlife. To this day some of my craziest nights have been facilitated by this man. If we could compare people to functions I'd say your craziest friend is a Tupperware party and Dennis is a millionaires "Going to Jail Party" and he is going in for life so why hold back. He is more than a wing man he is the whole damn plane and constantly on kamikaze status. Thus we call him Dennis the menace. He has a style completely of his own. He dresses and dances like no other but them tira flechas love him for it.
The Smitty brothers have earned the respect of LYMLife members for being genuine people. They also earned the love of Momma LYM through their eagerness to assist and help things run smoothly in my household. I can honestly say these boys are irreplaceable and if I had a choice of being wealthy and successful or having them as my brothers I'd be happy to be a failure with friends like them. Love you boys. #SaluteToTheSmittys

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Wise Words from A Decent Man...

Infinite Love

Infinite Love is a weapon of matchless potency.

It is the "summon bonum" of Life

It is an attribute of the brave, in fact it is their all

It does not come within the reach of the coward

It is no wooden or lifeless dogma but a living and life-giving force.

It is the special attribute of the heart.

By:Mahatma Gandhi