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I decided to start reposting some of my original posts due to the fact that we have gained a following that is not familiar with our rough beginnings. I am proud of my writings and I am always willing to learn something from the JoshLYM of yesterday. I have constructive criticism for myself but I also have a lot to learn from a younger hungrier me. Enjoy....

First and foremost, I want to thank you for taking the time out of your strenuous day to delve into the eccentric world of LYMLife. What the %$#* is LYMLife? It's the choice to truly live. It's a decision not to merely exist but to make something of yourself, to make a difference, and lastly to pursue happiness.

In society we have been taught certain things, or may I say that many of us have had our paths laid out before us as if some predetermined fate awaits us. When it comes to the LYMLife there is no such thing as predetermined anything. Day by day, hour by hour we make choices. In this case the choice you are faced with right now is either to go back to your same old day in day out life and exist the LYMLife.

This blog is a guideline or an exhibit of what the LYMLife is. If your curiosity gets the best of you or you completely understand what I am talking about, you will support the movement. Otherwise go back to the sad excuse you call a life. No pressure just a personal choice you must make. Red or Blue pill...which will you choose?

Its only a matter of time...

A great idea is hard to come by. Creativity itself gets smothered in the hectic net of our daily activity. In life we are trained to continuously go through the motions like a perpetual motion machine that can only be stopped by death. For me this constant motion, blind leading the blind, "zombified" lifestyle is just not as appealing as some make it out to be. I don't want that life for me or anyone else I care about. My parents set a standard of living for me and my siblings and they expect us to raise such a standard for our own kids. In order to raise the standard we must work more efficiently with the time we have. We must establish and differentiate ourselves from the pack. The pack is led by the leaders of yesterday. With the right drive behind the perfect idea today can be the day the pack makes its own decisions. As far as I can see the pack has no desire to lead themselves or even truly have their voice heard. We are satisfied with minimal input. Our elections and this so called democracy are enough to keep us quiet. Not me! I refuse to conform to societies assembly line for creating the standard citizen. I followed all the rules, bent a few but stayed within the confines of politically acceptable behavior and what do I have to show for it? At the rate I'm going it is predicted that I have the potential to live a good life. For me that is not enough. I want more for myself and more for my team. The days are long and the nights too but the smell of success is enough to keep us dogs on the trail. LYMLife is the concept, Civilized Savagery is the process and the classification for those who seek the LYMLife. Many ask what is a Civilized Savage and this what I say: LYMLife is not the selling of a product, it is living in a manner which inspires a positive change in others. Civilized Savagery is the oxymoronic statement which classifies our culture. The dream chasing culture meets the realist mindset of practical men. By any means necessary! You may not have accepted it yet but eventually you will understand that to embrace LYMLife is to believe in yourself. 

Great ideas are those that are not accepted until generations after they have been conceived. My goal is to see the manifestation of LYMLife before my time is up.

MEEK MILLZ the Documentary "Dreams and Nightmares"

Go out and Buy the Album ASAP.....LYMLIFE Certified

The Weeknd - Wicked Games (Official Video)

I'm pretty sure that most of you have still been letting all of the Weeknd's mixtapes ride since you left his recent concert here in Miami. This is newest music video off of his first mixtape entitled House of Balloons. One of my favorite tracks and one that has been killing the radio for the past couple weeks now.

Iron Man 3 Trailer

Ever since the Avengers came out everyone has been waiting for Iron Man 3. The trailer is finally here. It looks like Iron Man might of met his match in this one....

Rise up.....

Hear him out if you got time.....

Live With Purpose

He who has a why to live can bear almost any how-Friedrich Nietzsche. Any man with purpose can overcome any and all obstacles which stand in his way. No journey worth taking is without sacrifice, and as many say God will never give a man more than he can bear. So in the age of quitters and easy road travelers dare to stand out, dare to be different. Dare to struggle, dare too earn scars and bruises. Get dirty, jump into the trenches of life and fight your way out. In life we all want to gain the world but very few are willing to pay the price. If you haven't earned it what gives you the right to stand amongst those who fought to achieve it. In my life I never take something unless its earned or I plan on earning it in some way or another. I don't do handouts because handouts are for the incapable, the idle, the weak. I have earned everything that has come my way and still I feel worthless because I know I can achieve so much more. The more ambitious I become the harder my road gets. Mix a success complex and the atrocities of the road to true potential and you have one sickening, overly frustrating, and absolutely exhausting journey. Many times in my life I come to a point where I am not only humbled but completely beaten and degraded by the obstacles I face. Its enough to make a grown man cry and the stable mind question sanity. Regardless of my situation I always remind myself that the bad can only last so long. Never do I consider quitting as an option. To quit is to spit in the face of anyone who ever gave a damn. Quitting when things get too tough is a choice that causes ripples farther than you can fathom. Quitters don't process who their small decisions affect. So next time you want to throw in the towel remember why you are faced with that obstacle. Know the reason behind your struggle and you will understand the importance and necessity of your success. What is the motivating factor for the goals you once made? Shy away from your dreams if you want but I'm trying to make something of myself. Never will I quit on myself because you never know how close you might be to acquiring what is yours.

Music Video Monday

Fittest of the fittest survive, the weak shall perish. Anything a Anything, prepare for the worst, hope for the best....All LYMLIFERS and Civilized Savages stand up. You are never alone in your struggle.

La Rebelion

One of my favorite songs of all times.....Enjoy


The best part about LYMLIFE is the fact that it brings a certain caliber of human together. As this thing we call LYMLIFE was forming I met a man by the name of Kofi Genfi and immediately all I can say is real recognize real. Worked with the man for 3 months and been friends for about a little over two years now keeping in touch and just motivating each other and raising the bar. As always Kofi is truly a wordsmith and presents his perspective and his passion through such mediums as spoken word. All I can say is you now have a choice: be enlighted or be ignorant. Here is his latest work and as always with FAM its got 100% LYMLIFE certified stamp. Enjoy!
Check the mans website, he is a one man Empire and as always we wish him nothing but the best.

A$AP Rocky: A$AP Mob - Lords Never Worry

The long anticipated A$AP mixtape has finally arrived and on schedule as promised. LORD$ NEVER WORRY has been released today and can be downloaded from HERE. This will at least hold you over until A$AP Rocky's album, Long Live A$AP drops which has been pushed back until Halloween, Oct. 31st.

-Jared x LYM

New Lawless Trailer (Unedited)

LAWLESS is a movie based on the true story of the Bondurant Brothers and how they tried to achieve the wealth and success by any means unnecessary during the Prohibition Era. It stars Shia LaBeouf, Tom Hardy and Gary Oldman.

- Jared x LYM

The Leader, The Follower, and the Settler

As I come into my adult life the pressures of my ambitious lifestyle is truly consuming me. Faced with all my major goals at once I wonder what success is truly worth. I face a lot of isolation and sacrifice in order to make a better life for those willing to fight the good fight. Having a job in my field pursuing an accelerated masters degree and trying to run a clothing company has kept me completely busy. Barely having time for myself has truly been getting to me but this is the price I decided long ago that I was willing to pay for my success. In this world there are three types of people. There are leaders, followers, and settlers. Leaders have vision and ambition and they know what it is to take action. Followers know leaders are capable so they assist in helping a leader through the struggle stages in order to be a part of something greater and better themselves. Last but not least there are settlers they could have been either of the previous types at some point but they decide to be satisfied with what they have. Don't get me wrong leaders and followers are not ungrateful people, they just seem to know that a life spent not chasing potential is not necessarily a life worth being mentioned much less lived. In my opinion if your not going to be somebody then why be anybody. You have to want something better for yourself. Want something better for those around you. Don't settle for whats given to you chances are that is someone else's scraps. So if you like being fed by others that's your choice but i'm a man who believes firmly in making waves, setting out on your own path. It's not for recognition or fame its for a promise I made to myself that on my dying day I would closely resemble the man I could have been. I read somewhere that hell was seeing what you could have been in this life. If that is true the devil will be mighty upset when he sees me because I am going to run circles around my potential. So I say to you never be satisfied. Appreciate what you have and compliment it by bettering yourself. Improve  update, and overcome. This is what life is about. Stay consistent, be yourself but grow within yourself. Until next time keep it LYM!

#1 Fact Of Life

The Dalai Lama says that "Happiness is not something that is ready made. It comes from your own actions." Understanding this statement gives you a better understanding as to how to find your own happiness. Simple and plain, you create it. Nowadays many of us base our happiness on others actions. Boyfriends depend on the moods of their girlfriends, husbands depend on the moods of their wives and children, and children depend on their peers mood to determine their own. When we take this approach although it may seem considerate it can be truly unhealthy when considering our personal health. Happiness can determine health thus we should all take complete control of our own happiness. How you may ask? Stop depending on others moods. Find happiness within yourself. Create happiness and in time you will find health in return. Those people who we use to determine our happiness are not always worthy of holding the key. So instead of blaming others and depending on them take matters into your own hands. First you should decide on your goals in life(what do you want to achieve). By working towards your personal goals you will not only be happy but your happiness will be contagious. If we all take control of our own happiness we can live more fulfilling and productive lives. So quit the cowardly blaming of others and make yourself happy. Its no one's job but your own. We love to let others let us down so we can bitch and complain but in actuality we just use these people as scapegoats when its really not their fault and even if it is we should have known better than to place our happiness on their to do list. I guarantee you that rarely does your happiness make 1st priority on someone elses list. So if its your first priority make it your purpose and take it as your duty and don't leave it up to those it should not concern. People love to point fingers but when its all said and done you will be on your own and there will be no one else to blame. Live, love, LYM! Live healthy and live happy! Until next time keep it LYM.



Naw We Ain't Dead Just Grinding!

Family First! Success Second! Everything else third. Here at LYMLife  its family first. Loyalty, honesty, and love above all. Our success can be attributed to our tight knit fam. They support us through thick and thin. They motivate, patronize, and most importantly spread the word for us. In times of our absence they are stll pushing the movement. I just want to thank the whole LYMLIFE fam for all that you do. We are currently pushing through our Olympic inspired line. Simple, sophisticated, yet casual at the same time. So look out for those coming soon. We are looking to do some accessory collabos so anyone trying to do work please email me at Summer is coming to a close and its time to get back to school and work people. I hope to see all of you getting to your goals. Lets make the best of the remainder of this year. No man left behind, that is one of the many laws we live by. So lets get it! Until Next time keep it LYM....

Power Circle

Recently the LYM Family has seen some payoff for all the hard work we have been putting in in our personal lives. From good jobs to healthy relationships, to just financial freedom and just overall stability in life. Our struggle has been long and hard but it is still far from over. My mom asked me how it feels to be well on my way to a successful adulthood, I told her pretty good but better than that is the feeling I get when my closest friends prosper. Its that friendly healthy competition. Its the true definition of a movement. One man can succeed on his own. He can put his circle on his back and make it farther than he could dream, but what happens when he slips or falls? The gap between you and your friends is the distance you will fall. YOU ARE ONLY  AS GOOD AS YOUR WEAKEST LINK. So far we are looking good over here. The fact that my team is constantly one upping each other and conquering their goals big and small leaves not much room for failure. We raise each others bars and never allow one another to settle for less than we deserve. So I want to thank all who support the LYMLIFE and all those who have played a role in my life. Without you I would have never believed all this could be possible. So to those circles out there going through their unique struggles, remember support, motivate, compete, and achieve. Do those four things and you will be much closer to resembling your potential and becoming part of a circle of success. No man needs to be left behind. Its only lonely at the top if you stepped on others to get there. There will brotherhood at the top of my mountain, for my brothers will earn their places next to me at the top. They believe the only way to share success is to first share the struggle. Good luck to you and yours. Until next time keep it LYM!

Music Video Monday

Instead of one music video today we decided to drop three. Something here for all types of hip hop lovers.

- Jared x LYM Life

A$AP Rocky - Pretty Flacko

Lil Wayne ft. Big Sean - My Homies Still

Meek Mill ft. Drake - Amen

Music Video Monday

Southern hayze the Orlando based rap group.


May you all have a fun and safe fourth of July. Celebrate not only America's independence from the bounds of slavery, oppression, and uniformity. be glad to be an individual, special and unique in your own way. Celebrate the fact that you have choices and you are allowed to think freely. Celebrate that everyday you wake is an opportunity to make a change and leave your mark. Celebrate the simple things! Spend time with your family and friends, remember your lost love ones, and honor those who risked their lives and those who continue to risk their lives to defend the country you have made your home in. No matter your religion or political beliefs you are still a part of this nation and although this country was built on blood as most are, don't use this day to be a rebel. Appreciate your home and stop complaining. Don't complain about the changes you see fit. Act on them and fix it yourself first. We fight everyday to right the wrongs and make the good choices to keep up our standard. You should do the same! Have a lovely day!

Banded Brothers

Scanning through pictures on Instagram, Facebook, and other social mediums. Along with pics of the norm cars, girls,  and new belongings I've noticed LYMLIFE bands. I saw a few pictures of people and their fly new watches with a LYMLIFE band resting higher up on their wrist. We started selling these bands $5 a pop as a marketing tool but also a simple way to show support for our movement. We said they are simple, to the point, and most of all they look pretty damn good. Months later people are still attempting to buy bands. It seems we are an underground company coming into the limelight. We aren't a secret society just a group of individuals trying to do something new. Trying to force a positive idea into rotation before its time. Purchasing a band is buying into a company as real as you. We have nothing to hide and we are down to earth as our customers know. I would say the majority of people's purchases are what I call blind purchases. You have absolutely no idea where your money goes and its your choice to stay ignorant. Your lifestyle and that of your favorite brand's CEO may completely clash.

Those who purchase LYMLIFE gear have taken the first and most important step into living more enlightened. LYMLIFE is an idea I had a while back. It represents positivity, potential, and perseverance. We attempt to nurture and facilitate the dreams of others. If you have a dream you are LYMLIFE. If you have a band, you have a dream, and LYMLIFE is in your head so as long as we keep moving you should be moving along your chosen path also. Dreams are very similar to potential so it is your choice whether you have what it takes to not settle or accept and fight for what you believe can be yours. We only seek to support you in your endeavors.
Those who wear the bands I want you to know that I appreciate the love and i like how you all carry yourselves. By wearing the bands you have aligned yourself with a group of individuals who will not quit. Therefore you should never quit either. You ask " What am I not quitting on?" Your dreams, your family, your friends, your goals, your life, and most of all yourself. as i have said before as long as you believe anything is possible. People speak of masons and illuminati and the selling of souls to lucifer in order to obtain certain levels of success. All I have to say is these are organizations they are rooted deeply in the history of the world, but their doings are not of my concern. My company! Our movement! This LYMLIFE thing is a higher road filled with many more obstacles. Through hard work, proper planning, and pure positivity all levels of success can be achieved. They say men sell their souls to climb great heights. I say LYMlifers take the ladder one step at a time. Sell nothing to no one. Those who bled, sweat, and cried for theirs are respected and revered by those who sold themselves short for instantaneous success.  These people who hold this honor are LYMLifers. We don't budge, bow, or break for anything and this is the standard LYMLifers are held too. We will succeed it is not if, it is only when. Shouts out to all our supporters and all of the LYMLIFE family. Thanks for the support! You fuel us to keep putting out gear that is worthy of your fashion palette.  Until next time keep it LYM!

Greetings from Negril

 One more day in paradise then its back to the grind....


HE's BACK....

First Waves of Summer

Tanks Dropping Thursday Beginning of the Summer Line

Music Video Monday

Skrillex Nuff said....

Happy Pappy's Day

Happy Father's Day. A holiday for the real men.

Earn Your Keep

Recently a speech was made by David McCullough Jr an English teacher at Wellesley High School's graduation ceremony that has caused an uproar in our society. The topic of the speech has been negatively portrayed by the media and they have dubbed it the "your not special speech". After going viral many teachers have come to stand by this powerful speech. As always the media sees the negative in most things and immediately harps on the gloom and doom. This speech is a shot of realism along with a strong chase of hope for those with ambition.
For a while now our society has been so caught up with not offending certain groups that we have fallen into this everyone is a winner and everyone is special concept. This is a false sense of hope and an intro into the world of lowering standards in order to show progress. We are idolizing the idle and petrified of the progressive. My take on this speech is the man tells you to stop settling for the lowered bar of success and shoot for the sky. Not everyone can win and not all of us deserve to be special. Those who are willing to make sacrifice and do what others are too lazy to do will overcome. We must fight for the right to be special. We must distinguish ourselves through raw achievement. This speech is an awakening for the privileged and the lazy. This speech is the epitome of our movement. LYMLIFE is the life of "go-getters". A Latin proverb attributed to Hannibal states " I will either find a way or make one" and this sums up the mindset of the special, the unique, the true leaders of our time. Not all can lead some will be forced to follow due to their lack of will. The LYMLIFE means to rise above and force a change. Don't be fooled into satisfaction of the false back pats. In the water what has your ripple affected. We aren't satisfied with ripples over here we demand tsunamis. I have been very successful in my endeavors so far (successful internships, cancer survivor, college graduate) but I am nowhere near satisfied. I once got a glimpse of my potential and until I resemble him I refuse to settle. We are trying to truly change lives and shift the thoughts of our generation. Hope lies within the individual, and it depends not on intentions, but in action itself.  Until next time keep it LYM!
Here is the footage of the speech via YouTube:

Spring Weekend After Movie

Yea we were in attendance....

Music Video Monday

What is your fuel?

In life we all have something that wakes us in the morning? This is our drive, our will to live and not just exist. For some of us this drive exists in a loved one, for others it may be a dream we are working to achieve. Regardless of what it is it is an important part of our life that we must cherish.  Once this is lost you either are just a human going through the motions or you cease to exist. For me LYMLIFE is my drive. It is the ultimate opportunity and it is continuously expanding its reach. Everyday I meet someone new and with a series of small conversation I can begin to see what fuels them through their day. A lot of people use their kids as the jump start to their day. The possibility of seeing your child prosper is enough to give a parent happiness for a lifetime. The being you created leaving their mark on the world is truly a blessing. Others still chasing a childhood dream wake every morning in hopes of progressing towards their final goal. Everyday is an opportunity to push through obstacles and bring them closer to their definition of success.

In the morning I wake and everyday starts out with the same goal, "Spread the word of LYMLIFE". I strongly believe the world must know LYMLIFE and by knowing and understanding LYMLIFE we can together make a better world and truly lift each other up. I wake and ask myself " How can I LYM?" Everyday is an opportunity and in life there are many hidden doors. My goal to find these doors and see where they lead me. I am willing to take the risk in hopes of great gain. LYMLIFE is my life's work and it is nowhere near over. It helps me to be a better man, it holds me to a standard, and it gives me a code to live by. Success is not guaranteed but with the right approach and effort it is closer than you think. Live with purpose and never lose sight of the prize. In life we all go through our own struggles, but if your dream is real to you nothing can stop you from achieving it. Your drive, your fuel, your purpose are the tools to carry you through. Your cause must be the reference point in your life. Whenever things get tough, stress and unforeseen circumstances tire the flesh, you must look to your reference point for strength. Re energize and self motivate through the power of positivity. We all can get through anything because we control our minds and the human mind is a powerful thing if not the most powerful. Some say the heart is powerful, but the mind to me can control the heart. So know yourself, find your fuel, and prepare for the long haul. We are all in this together. Only you choose your path, only you choose your speed, and only you choose your destination. Make the ride worthwhile! I expect to see you all at your own finish lines. Until next time keep it LYM!

LYMLIFE X Madden 13

Even Ray Lewis Knows about the LYMLIFE.

Music Video Monday

One of My Favorites by The Clash.....

Summer...Always good for great movie teasers

Here are some of the movies we have to look forward to..

False Idols

Its been a minute since I've written and I apologize for that but we have important things to discuss today "Idols". In society today the youth and some of the older generations take part in this act of almost worshiping false idols. In the dictionary an idol is defined as an image used as an object of worship or a false God. In these times I feel we have confused the children and are confused ourselves as to what our guideline should be. There is a lot of grey area in the "Idol, Hero, Mentor, Leader" business. What is the difference and what is the hierarchy for importance in our life? All I'm here to tell you today is take the time and be the example you want the younger generation to look up to. I will define this influential person as a "LYMLIFER" for the moment. If you thought TV was what it used to be your sadly mistaken. TV is gloom, doom, and lots of fiction. As a parent, sibling, friend, elder, or whatever you must be the change in your environment. Don't rely on others to do it, you must rise up and take the responsibility to elevate your world. One very common mistake is the idolizing of celebrities. They are humans just like you and I. They make mistakes just as we do. The are a few major differences which I would be happy to point out.

1. They are in a much higher tax bracket which allows for sometimes larger mistakes
2. They have a slightly different understanding of peer pressure
3. They are not always punished like us "Nobodies"(non famous)

The money is a major issue which allows celebrities more access to a variety of resources. Celebrities and their outlandish behavior is sometimes due to the pressure of either fans or blending with their peers. Celebrities sometimes cave to the enormous pressure of their environment and lifestyle. Drugs for instance are a major thing that I believe celebs pick up for all the wrong reasons.  Lastly is the fact that if you are not famous don't expect to ever be excused if you committed a crime it rarely happens. With all that said understand the difference between entertainers and idols. Certain celebrities are not all people we should look up to they are our entertainment(in a nice way). So when your child says to you "I want to be like _____(insert some out of hand celebrity)" tell them to specify the qualities which they wish to possess. No one should want to be exactly like another. We are all individuals and we all bring something to this life. Find your thing and shine at what you do because we all have our own unique purpose on earth. Worship within your faith, love within your family, and be yourself amongst peers. Never change on the simple fact that others are into that now. Set your own trends and watch. Its only a matter of time before people catch on to what you might be doing and that becomes the popular thing. Young men be gentleman, have class the jersey shore was never a manual on how to live. Young Ladies be women of sophistication, be queens not bitches. Basketball wives along with the majority of those reality shows are excellent examples of women who don't know how to act. They have truly lost their way. Until next time keep it LYM.

Music Video Monday

Slaughterhouse....and unstoppable group of truly skilled lyricists and the hardest group out right now...

Happy Memorial Day

Hope you all had a wonderful Memorial day...Back to business tomorrow.

Music Video Monday

Iyador extended LYMLIFE Fam....if you enjoy roots and culture music check it...#BroadenYourPalette

AOKI= Absolute Anarchy

(Picture Courtesy of Steve Aoki's Facebook)
After hearing word that the great Steve Aoki would be performing in downtown Miami I imediately purchased tickets and prepared myself for this epic night. In all honesty nothing can prepare you for the rush you get when you realize your actually in the same room as Aoki. The venue pretty good, drinks a little pricey, but overall it was a night to be remembered. Good people, good times, and most of all great memories. Steve Aoki is truly an entertainer/professional rager. Playing an excellent assortment of his songs to some new releases and of course up to his usual antics. I went expecting a cake to be thrown and the raft to come out. What I witnessed could not fully be explained. Numerous cakes were thrown to eager fans.. 
(Pictures courtesy of Steve Aoki's Facebook)
People thought rappers were out of hand giving girls champagne showers well try champagne, ice water, orange juice, and some cranberry. And of course the raft was definitely present. Aoki took a trip into the crowd on it and sent a few fans out on it. Sadly one fan abruptly fell out of it but after later seeing her at the bar I assumed her to be coherent. Overall it was worth every penny spent. Aoki captured the crowd and touched hearts. If ever in the same city again you better believe I will be attending another one of his shows. Steve Aoki is a true LYMLIFER of the party scene. He left his mark in so many ways. May you continue to make amazing music and may you continue to Leave Your Mark(LYM). 
Side-note: due to the fact I left my phone in the car my picture abilities were limited but i did get some decent videos from a good friend so here you go.

Will Smith on success secrets

Its a bit long but worth the watch...Will Smith shares some secrets to his success.

Obama, Civil Rights, and the Disagreement Between the Two

Obama declared his support for maraige equality 

during an interview with ABC's Robin Roberts
On Wednesday, May 9, 2012, much of America was taken aback when President Barak Obama spoke in support of the right for couples of the same sex to be legally married in this country. The media went on a frenzy analyzing the situation from every possible angle. And much of America experienced a sigh of relief, and some bouts of excitement even, when they heard the news. Even a Fox News analyst spoke about the issue in terms of being on the right side of history. Its safe to say that many of us are all caught up in the excitement of having POTUS’ support for equal rights, however what many seem to not realize is that this does absolutely nothing to further the cause for equality in our country.

For starters, the only reason Obama felt the need to come out with his statement was because VP Joe Biden backed him into a corner on the prior Sunday when he went on Meet the Press and expressed his support for equal marriage rights. By doing so, Biden opened the floodgates of scrutiny to the President’s less than satisfactory past attempts at dodging the issue. Prior to Sunday, Obama was able to get away with saying such things as his views are “evolving” as he “wrestled” with the issue. But as pressure mounted, Obama finally gave in just three days after Biden’s comments. So its important to note that it was not of his own volition that came out with this statement, but was simply pushed to do so.

Regardless, these recent events beg the question, what does this mean for progress in the uphill battle of equal rights in this country? The answer is a plain and simple NOTHING. Obama, after expressing his support for gay marraige, clearly stated that he believes the issue is one to be addressed at the state level. Obama once again has washed his hands of the issue by leaving it to the states to decide. Coincidentally, North Carolina voted on a Constitutional amendment to ban same sex marriage just the day before and showed us all how clearly capable we are of dealing with this injustice at the state level by enacting the ban it into law.

The leader of the free world, arguably the most powerful man in the planet, supports marriage equality, but does not think it is important to enact federal legislation to ensure the rights of same sex couples. By leaving it to the states, Presdent Obama has accepted the status quo, and admitted his lack of interest in pursing this problem head on. It seems a bit disheartening, seeing as how Obama is a direct beneficiary of the civil rights struggles that our nation has endured, yet does not see it of any importance to pay it forward and make a real difference.

Its not surprising that Obama’s stance on civil rights is a not very clear given the fact that his stance on basic Human Rights is one that needs revaluation as well.  We cant expect for a President to stand up for the rights of an overlooked people in his own country when he has approved a multi-million dollar weapons shipment to the Bahraini government which just recently vowed to crack down harder on its civilian protesters many of which have been killed by government forces. But I digress.

If my historical knowledge serves me well, had Abe Lincoln’s famous speech been called the “Support of Freedom Proclamation” instead of the Emancipation Proclamation, and in it he said that the issue of slavery was best left for the states to decide. I am quite sure that I would not be writing this from below the Mason Dixon line, and that Barak Obama would not be sitting in a position with the power to deny this country the progress it so sorely needs.

Music Video Monday

One of my favorites, an oldie but a goodie....

Love Your Mother

LYMLIFE was an idea that came out of the mind of a boy who was born out of the womb of a woman. That woman was a mother.  Although the society we live in is based on a patriarchal system, mothers play a vital role. Women have had to suffer the brunt of living alongside their male counterparts. The truth is behind most great men there is an even greater woman. Sometimes this may be a wife, mother, ex girlfriend, etc. Women are an advanced bunch and honestly men have studied them for years but still don't completely understand what goes on in the female mind. Not trying to go off on a tangent, so lets get back to the topic, Mothers. LYM does stand for leave your mark but I feel like it also stands for love your mother. In all my interactions and relationships in life I feel like without my mothers guidance I would not be where I am today. She taught me a lot of things that money can't buy, and only certain experiences can skim the topics. I am a good example of the difference between "brought up or dragged up". My mother always taught me that what she does is by choice. Plenty of mothers have babies abandon, neglect, and generally mistreat their children. My mom chose the hard route of raising her children and I thank her for that. I personally don't know all of your mothers, but I can tell you if she still a positive part of your life there is probably a plethora of reasons to celebrate that woman. Buy a gift, spend some time, or run to the rooftop and shout your love for her. Being a mother is not an easy job, and mothers are truly under-appreciated and completely underpaid, like teachers but that is  for another post. Love that woman and show her how much her investments will pay off.  Take the day to bless that woman with all you have to offer. Mothers day is a day to appreciate all women mothers especially. Daughters will one day grow to be mothers and so on. So sons, father, and brothers appreciate the significant women in your life. Don't let the time constraints of this day confine your feelings to this 24 hour block, show love every opportunity you get. You never know what tomorrow has in store so why wait? Enjoy your day mothers!

To our Graduates...

I apologize people we haven't fallen off just got a little busy with some old goals. Congrats to all our recent graduates including  Jared LYM and myself. Our academic bar has been reached so we raised it. Other than that we are currently working through the glitches of our summer line which will be coming to you soon. More importantly is the growth of our LYMLIFE network. In our travels we have met many people and spread the word. Some old, some new, but all down for the cause. Now that we have gotten that update out of the way on to a message for the graduates.

No man ever published an accurate guidebook on how to succeed. Success is the attainment of wealth, favor, or eminence. This being true in the scope of society in my mind we determine our own success. Success has nothing to do with the journey it only deals with the final product. The final outcome is the only thing success is concerned with. Many before us have succeeded but what was the cost is my question?
"For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?"-Matthew 16:26
That is a valid question and its a concept which LYMLIFE stands on. I do not know each and every one of your personal goals or your unique definitions of what success is to you, but I do know that there is a difference between a successful man and a righteous man. One can be both but just because you are successful doesn't make you righteous and vice versa. Congratulations to those who received their degrees and i'm hoping you have begun your next chapter with the same fire you started school with. More importantly is to remember in your future endeavors to hold yourself to a standard. Always keep a non negotiable standard for living and loving. In everything you do you should have a code which you enforce and uphold. Upholding your standard and working to achieve your goals helps create a healthy successful environment in which you will thrive and others will envy. Those on your path who did not have a code will not appreciate the fruits of their labor as much and will probably realize that they compromised in order to succeed. They don't belong among the ranks of those who worked hard day and night, lost sleep, and outcast themselves socially in order to make a way for themselves. LYMLIFE along with many other positive movements wants the best for you and yours. and although our paths might be different there is no reason we can't work together. Leave your mark, solidify your mind, and set a standard. Whatever you do in life make it worth your while. Do something you are willing to put your name on and stand behind. Make sure your cause is one you would die for because I am damn sure willing to die for mine. Don't let anyone interrupt the communication between you and your dreams. Until next time keep it LYM.

Wisdom Wednesdays

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder struggle."

Kindness is somewhere within us all. However , we often forget to extend a smile or kind word to others as we move through our busy schedules. It takes very little to make a difference in someone's day. People riding in my car when I go through the cash lanes at the toll often laugh or comment at how friendly I am to the toll workers. You would be amazed at  at how little effort it really takes and at the responses you recieve. If you ride a familiar route often , they begin to remember you and who knows.... this may be the one nice gesture for their day where nothing is expected in return. I recall,  many years ago, when I got up to the toll booth and was told  a previous driver had paid the toll for the next few cars. It was only a 25 cent toll, but the gesture stands out in my mind to this day.  In a way, it inspired me to extend a small kindness at the toll booth for many years after. I always greet the workers with a smile and tell them have a nice day. In return, I get a wrm smile and a blessing as well. As you LYM (leave your mark) this week , implement your own act of random kindness to people you encounter daily. It would be nice to share some of the ideas and responses if you care to comment. While we live our dash, we should pay it forward. Until seven sunsets,  live well, laugh often and LYM positively.

Wisdom Wednesdays

 Wisdom Wednesdays
"Commitment is what transforms a promise into reality. It is the words that speak boldly of your intentions. And the actions which speak louder than the words. It is making the time when there is none. Coming through time after time after time, year after year after year. Commitment is the stuff character is made of; the power to change the face of things. It is the daily triumph of integrity over skepticism."

 Welcome another week with the idea of commitment. Intention and action are two forces that define why and how you leave your mark (LYM). Intention that is borne of a good heart shapes our actions in positive ways. When we put time and effort into something or someone the importance and value that we place there becomes evident to others. Be clear and ever aware of the messages you put out into the world as people get impressions and make assumptions based on what they see and hear.  You define your beliefs by what you commit to. Remember as you live, to  use your time wisely and prudently as this indicates your cares and priorities. The things we do consistently  shows those around us what we really care about. Of course, priorities are constantly changing. However, we have as our foundation the people and ideas that we hold on to through changing times. The effort we put into commitment to GOD, family and close relationships coupled with the values we hold dear weaves the fabric of  our character and integrity. Consider this as you spend your precious time showing commitment to the people and things that represent the ways in which you want to LYM (leave your mark). Until seven sunsets, live fully, laugh abundantly and most positively......LYM.

Music Video Monday

Gone to Carolina in my mind......

Wisdom Wednesdays

Wisdom Wednesdays
"Sometimes events conspire to bring you to a certain place. When that attention. There's a lesson there."...........Unknown
  This week as in all weeks provided many opportunities to learn new lessons. We often miss lessons  we need simply because we are not paying attention. If you believe nothing happens by chance, then you may understand the importance of every action and reaction, the role this plays in life, and how it affects what is in store for us along our path. When faced with conflict, tough decisions or unexpected events , many of us ask "why me?" or "how did this happen?" . In our effort to answer these questions, we often waste precious time in finding or attempting a possible solution. We don't realize that there were signs along the way that we either ignored or didn't attend to . We lose sight, if only for a time of how capable we are, how strong we are and especially, how resilient we are. If we focus on the event or sequence of events leading us to this particular place in time .....we would learn the lesson and begin to implement a "fix" or solution in order to move forward. Moving forward is the first step in healing, it is also an important step in "seeing" and lastly, it is an imperative step in progressing.  Healing in this sense, means being able to appreciate what we walk way with in terms of learning while at the same time letting go of what we found to be frustrating at best and painful at worst. "Seeing" is our ability to put enough distance between the event and the solution in order objectively view our circumstance and make a sound decision. Progress comes in when we have come out on the other side and are once again ready to conquer our world and fulfill our dreams. Through all things, have confidence in your ability to weather the storms, because there will be storms. Remain strong in your convictions as this is how you maintain standards in times when you are tempted to cut corners in order to "get over the hump". Most importantly, persevere in your vision to LYM in ways that honor your dreams. Until seven sun sets, leave your mark positively.

Music Video Monday

Here is the new life anthem by Stromae-Alors on Danse (So Lets Dance)

LYMLIFE lets catch some momentum....

LYMLFErs this message is to you and those new to the idea. LYMLIFE is the movement that represents lending a helping hand and improving life while celebrating every breath. We are an idea that is spread through a clothing line. We pride ourselves on productivity, positivity, and progression. We may not be stars or political figures but we are the generation of tomorrow. We are capable of making ripples in the ocean of society. Today's youth doesn't give themselves enough credit but we have made some drastic changes in society and there are so many more to be made. LYMLIFE is here to bring a change and to deck you out in the gear of change of course.  We are just some college kids with solid dreams and we don't take no for an answer. The ability to dream is the ability to live. The ability to live allows for the opportunity to LYM. We have a new goal in mind, currently things are going good but they can always go better. Its time to gain some more fame or awareness as we call it. So what are we asking of you nothing more than for you to spread the word how do you do that? Easy there are so many social apps and different mediums to spread the word. Twitter @LYMLIVING or @Joshlym follow, tweet, hashtag whatever. LYMLIFE s your life as long as you are true to yourself. Make moves make changes and make a difference in lives around you. If you doing some ground work helping your community and you feel like letting your twitter fam know just end your tweet with a #lymlife. Or if your throwing a great party that celebrates your life and achievements hit it with a #lymlife. We cover all extremes. Lets trend things that matter and not the petty stuff thats like really is this what the world is coming too. Instagram, if you got it hit me with a pic of you in your day doing your thing and #lymlfe it. Facebook, Myspace  whatever show love and you know we will show it back. same on instagram @joshxlym. Lets get together lets make it happen. Lets celebrate life and all that it is made of. To you I say if there is one thing you do today #LYM. 

Wisdom Wednesdays

Peace. it does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise,trouble, or hard work. it means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.
We are inundated with stimuli in our daily lives. We are a society of individuals accustomed to tolerating a bevy of bells and whistles. As a matter of  fact, we often demand bells and whistles. The current state of being , at least for those who consider themselves productive and successful in today's world, requires that we respond to everything ASAP. We often pride our multitasking ability without questioning what the cost is of our frenzied pace and expectation of task completion. We are a species that needs time to reflect, repair and regenerate....yet, we don't build in time for this. The cost of our constant drive to innovate, improve and increase whatever it is we have is our PEACE.  We have convinced ourselves that any pace other than full blast will not yield adequate results. In reality, if we are unable to maintain our balance by attaining peace within, we risk living a life that feels like a constant struggle. How many of us at the core of our "goals" want to be at peace in all we do?  It is like anything requires examination and action. Peace can be attained when we truly know ourselves, remain steadfast to our core values and leave our mark in ways that make us comfortable in our own skin. Consider this as you meander along life's path. Until seven suns set, LYM with peace in your heart.

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A Classic from Jr. Gong.....

LYMLIFE is.......


Every once in a while we take the time out to remind our followers and fam what LYMLIFE is. Between the blog and the Tumblr and the clothing line we are really only tipping the ice berg. LYMLIFE is a lot of things to a lot of people. To me its a catch all for any one making moves and forcing change in their everyday life. LYMLIFE is a movement and a lifestyle for the progressive minds of tomorrow. LYMLIFE is an idea that we branched across many mediums. We do clothing, art, and many other things. Our clothing line is the marketing of the ultimate idea. Many people buy clothing they like but, we believe you should wear something you can stand behind. It should be fashionable but also make the proper statement. Why buy LYMLIFE because by following up with our blog you know what we stand for. LYMLIFE starts with the acronym LYM which stands for Leave Your Mark. That is exactly what we and all our supporters are striving to do. Life at the end of the word only lets you know its a lifestyle not a fad or trend. We have no competition except ourselves. No clothing line out right now is in our lane. We are not saying we are better than any other clothing line we just travel a lonely road that will take us to where we are trying to go.
LYMLIFE is a venture that became a cause that became a reason to live to fight and to die for what you believe in. One our main symbols our wings is a symbol of the freedom to dream. I believe a man without dreams is a man dead to the world. As a child we all had dreams of being something spectacular and over time society grinds those dreams to dust. LYMLIFE is the ability to hold your dreams sacred throughout the course of life. If you can do that then you are LYMLIFE. We refuse to let dreams die. Now just holding a dream is one thing but putting in the work to make it reality now that is something amazing. Why should another human be allowed to tell you that you can't do something? LYMLIFE is the struggle to achieve your personal potential. LYMLIFE is my reason for rising in the morning. I wake up get ready and step out the door to attack the world in a productive manner. Whatever your hustle I personally am always willing to assist. What can LYMLIFE do for you? That is the real question. We represent the working class, the laborers, the backbone of the world. The working class is where we came from and regardless how far this goes we will always embrace them. Corporate America would be nothing without the laborers. These are the hardworking people making ends meet and providing for their families. They are the parents who teach their kids to dream. A dream is the key to true happiness. Over time the world has stepped away from the concept of dreaming and LYMLIFE seeks to reinstate that. LYMLIFE is here to bring back values, morals, and traditions. The very things that make us who we are. The meek will inherit the earth and LYMLIFE will assist in bringing them to their rightful place. We fight for your dreams because our dream is to see you succeed. So stand behind us, support us, and believe in us because we will fight for you. Until next time keep it LYM.....

Music Video Monday

In honor of an exceptional and absolutely out of this world Ultra Music Festival. Here is Swedish House Mafia's song greyhound made for Absolute Vodka.