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We Still Standing

At times like these I always feel like I'm back at square one. As I start to get somewhere I am always forced start over. A day off costs me the same as a month of idle behavior. In a game that's forever evolving and money along with the willingness to give handouts may buy you popularity and fame LYMLife is forced to struggle. Our resilience to popular behavior some say is our downfall. I say its our code, its what we live by. Stickin to the code is the only thing that keeps us free. Some came in to make money but we came to change lives. We came to shake the worlds foundation. A bunch of misfits, screwups, and savages came together for a joint venture. This venture became the cause. If you support you riding with us if you don't well I'm sorry to hear that but sleep will not be lost. Marcus Garvey said it takes roughly two to three generations for a great odea to truly manifest but with all due respect to the great Marcus Garvey I've made it my mission to prove that theory wrong. Your help would be greatly appreciated but without it I still believe I stand a fighting chance. Until next time keep it LYM!