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Letter to the Young Adults of SunED High School

Dear Students,

Today a randomly selected few will be receiving a small token of kindness. This token is a show of our appreciation for you being yourself. You are all special individuals and overtime we may have the opportunity to work together on some common goals and offer genuine help on behalf of our company that we work for. Those of you who do receive these tokens will notice each card says "LYMLife .com" This is not for you to patronize our clothing line but more to add to your box of life tools.

LYMLife is a two piece word. First three letters an acronym; LYM stands for Leave Your Mark. Add that to the Word "Life" and you get "Leave Your Mark Life". Its not enough to say you were born, you lived, and you died anymore. What did you really do? Did you strive for greatness and reach some honorable level of excellence.The real question is did you achieve your dreams or did you just play it by the book? Did you walk a paved path or did you make a new one. Did you give it your all or did you half ass it? LYMLife is not the act of selling clothing, it is living in a manner which inspires others to make a positive change in their environment. If you reread that then you understand that you are starting by making a change in yourself you indirectly motivate others to make a change also hopefully causing a domino effect. If something is wrong with the world you live in then fix it don't wait for someone else to adjust when you know its your problem. You have youth and heart on your side so let passion fuel you and if needed let LYMLife assist you. To the best of our ability we seek to keep dreamers dreaming. We are the facilitators of dreams. We believe you must grow up but you should never lose sight of your dreams. Dreams are long term goals and it is our mission to assist everyone that crosses our path and has a passion for something. So the real question is are you ready to chase dreams and leave your mark on this earth?

Today's random act of kindness comes from an old concept called "Pay it forward". Pay it forward refers to the action of doing random kind acts for others and hoping they replicate this kindness onto another person so on and so forth. If only a few people start doing it once a month then there will be more acts of kindness making for a better world or at least a nicer one. Not all acts of kindness involve money there are plenty of different approaches but due to our lack of knowledge as to what you all were like we figured money would be the smoothest route. So I ask only one thing of you all. Take these gift cards, others observe the concept and truly try your best to implement such practices into your own life whether it be at home, school, or even work. Lastly to those who did receive gift cards I hope you put the card to good use. My suggestion, invest in yourself use the funds to purchase  something toward your craft, cause,or just your lifes work in general. Enjoy the holidays, be safe, and be kind when the opportunity arises.
-Until Next Time Keep It LYM.

LYMLIFE Holiday Drive

Please help us reach our goal! We can't do it without you. Spread cheer and help us give hope this holiday.

Part 1: The Cause(LYMLIFE Holiday Drive)

There are three main classes in society. There are the two small classes: the rich and the poor. Then there is the major class "Middle class". Middle class tends to dabble on both ends of the spectrum we have our upswings of wealth then we have a hard times where life goes check to check but for the most part we maintain somehow. Regardless of your class or your transition from class to class if your situation read comfortable  this holiday season I'm talking to you. Define comfortable: having shelter, food, and maintaining bills. I got credit card debt, car, and mortgage payments but I consider myself comfortable. Look beyond your environment and step outside your self think about the less fortunate. Whether born there or bad decisions many people are stuck in situations less fortunate than yours this holiday season. The goal is to spread some holiday cheer. I am not in need of presents much more satisfying would be the thought that I helped put cheer back in the holidays of youth that would have otherwise experienced a bitter holiday. Not everyone thinks the holidays are a cheery time I know some who see it as an opportunity to take the cheer of others because they have no reasons to be joyful. I say we come together to nip it in the bud. No one is born bad in my eyes they are simply mislead or just lost direction on their own. So this holiday season assist LYMLIFE in our Holiday Drive for misplaced youth. I refuse to call them troubled or less fortunate. Life is not a game of fortune nor are they the only ones with troubles. The facts are simple a small donation of any sort can change a youngsters perspective which could in turn motivate and that is exactly what we seek to achieve. The cause is simply "Investing in the Youth". Your view "Diversifying your Bonds". Like any investment portfolio your investments must never be concentrated in one stock . Your children are your main investment but we are asking you to donate a small amount into another stock a child who maybe no one decided to invest in. These are the wildcard investments that no one bets on but sometimes have the greatest returns. So do it for them not for us or our company but for the good of humanity. Give in hopes of changing a young life for the better. That in itself is more satisfying than any gift under any tree. The feeling of doing good is unexplainable so go ahead give it a shot try on that new feeling or re-up on that old feeling if you are a constant "Giver". 

Music Video Monday

Mad excited bout my New York Trip so I had too....

Fighting with No Hands

LYMLife wouldn't be possible without the pioneers of our lifestyle. I call them the true Kings of this culture. The culture I speak of is that of the " LYMLifers", "Society Shifters" , and the "Foundation Shakers". True kings are not born royal they must earn the title through trials and tribulations. One thing about this man is 10,000 days in prison says he earned it and even after that he didn't decide to kick his feet up.

When you want to discuss OGs I'm pretty sure this man comes to mind. Nelson Mandela the icon of Peaceful Resistance in South Africa has left the bondage of his flesh and resides in the spiritual realm. It would not be right to say President Mandela died, for only his flesh been destroyed his cause, his thoughts, and his influence remain with the living for generations to come.

As an African American child(Parents of Caribbean decent) I was overwhelmed by the inflow of information on numerous great black leaders of the past to present. Nelson Mandela though always took me by surprise. He just looked like a genuinely innocent and happy old man. This is because I did not know enough about the man being that he was released in 1990, I was 2 years old. In my early years being infatuated with western movies my dad showed me violence can be sneakily glorified and sometimes seem "cooler" and more interesting alternative than peace. It is Nelson Mandela that taught me otherwise. Ghandi was the first thorough lesson in peaceful resistance, but President Mandela he would be the deal sealer. We look at men of athleticism and any profession with great physical strain think to ourselves these are warriors. We stare in awe at their physical ability and consider this a sign of strength and power. Sorry  to say these men are physically able but no more a warrior than Nelson Mandela. That "little old man" as I once called him is a Symbol of God-like strength to  the knowing and initiated. Mandela trained in Guerrilla warfare before he was imprisoned but it is not where his strength came from. His victories in battle are not counted by the amount of men he killed. His Warrior stats are measured in time and consistency. As they say even a child can shoot a gun or kill a man but very few can do what Mandela has done. Being South African's first Black President and then going on to fight for other important causes through awareness and general public education. This all came after being imprisoned for 27yrs being released at age of 71, continuing to tour and take part in negotiations with anti-apartheid negotiations. His home life nothing easy with a wife he stayed loyal to and supported until she was found guilty of torturing and killing opponents in KwaZulu-Natal, and other townships. ANC support and opposition along with issues from "Third Force" under the table actions totally going against Mandela and his goals for South Africa. Trying to maintain and keep the Worlds eye on the cause while "peacefully fighting" off all those who sought to ruin peace goals and keep South Africa in the previous state of turmoil is definitely more than a full-time job. With all we read and hear of Mandela's struggles who knows what the unwritten and unheard resistances of his life did to him. All that and you still kept it 1000. This is not a life lost but more a life that should be respected, celebrated, and thoroughly studied in hopes of the youth applying such consistency and perseverance in hopes of a "better life for all". South Africa you lost a great source of guidance, a voice of true reason, and a father who many would die for, the real question now is will you pick up the torch and make that man smile from the heavens by showing him how he taught you; not just how far he took you but how well you use the tools he gave you. His life is a recipe for selflessness, his cause betterment of society as a whole, his title a true "Civilized Savage" in my book. The savage that showed his enemies what it was to be civil. Violence must often spews from ignorance mixed with anger which fuels hate. Mandela said "No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes naturally to the human heart than its opposite."  President Mandela we will never forget you, you truly left your mark and your words will ring through eternity, your practices I will attempt to make my own and your fight will continue because we all benefit from such a cause. If you read this from whatever comfy spot they got you in heaven just know when its all said and done I'd like to shake your hand  and give you a hug because I only call few my brothers but you sir truly feel like family in the house of good intentions.  I hope when I die that my jury will come with a verdict that I earned the right to at least share a meal in such a home. Until next time keep it LYM. 

PS My dad keeps a picture of your Cell  that they kept you in. I will never forget that picture you truly made it work there lies the savage in you. You are a hero to which words could not accurately measure it has been an honor to have just lived during years that you were alive and seen you in all your glory. Rest Easy uBawomkhulu!

Thankful for Beer Pong

This past Thanksgiving I realized how thankful I am for the sport of beer pong. Not because I'm an alcoholic...but more importantly the role it plays in brotherhood and fellowship.

In an age where everyone is more concerned with your status on the cloud than as to how you might be doing in #realLife; beer pong still represents an actual sport of some sort. Of course it doesn't take a gladiator of great physical ability to play pong but it does take concentration, hand eye coordination, and some level of finesse. Think about how much you learn about your friends playing ruzzle or candy crush.
If you enter the house of LYM then put the phone down and pick up the tools of the trade cause I'm probably "ready to get my balls wet!" 

So to all the bounce shots, all the islands, and all the innocent drunk fun , boys lets toast the game of the God's. Thank you beerpong for reassembling the #CivilizedSavage Fam. Interested in playing the fam hit us on instagram @lymlife_official

C'MON people the culture can survive past college I'm living proof

Music Video Monhday

"Death" -Flatbush Zombies

Wise words from a Decent Man

In an hour of darkness and total disregard I was alone and trapped in my mental. A brother reached out with kind words. Its reads as follows:

I know its been a while since this topic was written but at the time you weren't a failure and everyone still believes you're not a failure. We conversed like the brothers we are. You chose to explain to me what you were feeling. I understood all you said but I gave you my perspective on what failure was and you my brother are far from what failure is in my world. I emphasized all the good you have done in peoples lives. Just to be considered part of original LYMlife bloodline is an honor and privilege I will hold onto even after death. Many people in your life circle believe in you and follow you and will continue to follow you and push you to do greater things. I for one will be there every step of the way. After all that I have said which isn't much compared to the bond we have as family not with just you but those who truly are of the LYMLife bloodline I have realized exactly what you meant about feeling like a failure. I too have that feeling of failure. It's not a feeling of being down and out, but a feeling of not accomplishing what I want in life. I just started the master's program just to do it for myself the degree and money won't benefit me in my opinion. What will is the experience I gain at work and on the field. I still want to complete the program, it is one of my personal goals.  I feel like a failure because of the effort I've put into the program. I haven't done well in two out of three classes and makes me feel like a failure. I'm better than that I know it but I've lost the urgency, the enthusiasm of doing the work and learning. I've been content by just getting by to get a grade. To me that is failure, not pushing yourself and knowing that you can accomplish more. The struggle will always be there but it's the inner findings of oneself that defines what failure is to us. I've been told many people wish they were in my shoes. A degree, a job in my field of choice, love, and support from family and friends. They see things and give compliments of the outside, but it's inside of us that really defines success and failure. Losing the desire to do something to better yourself and this world is a failure in my eyes. Right now I feel like a failure because of not putting the effort into bettering myself and not finding it in myself to push through. Even as I "crossfit" on a daily basis I have gone through the motions and have not bettered myself physically as well . Yes I know I have a bummed shoulder and at certain points cannot continue to workout the way I want. I want prove to myself and all the so called elite athletes that I can hang with them. So being the competitor I am and think back to my wrestling days and how I would fight just to be on the mat no matter what. I feel like I have failed in that wrestling way of life "leaving it all on the mat." Same with the life I am living. I have a circle of family and friends that anyone would love to have and I wouldn't change it for the world. These days of being a failure will pass because there is one thing that is for certain FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION. 

This excerpt was written by Dennis Smith a blood member of LYMLIFE. He is my brother though we may not physically resemble each other he has truly paid dues and proves his genuine love for the movement and my family. Forever will he hold a place in my heart. Salute To a true warrior.....

Predetermined Success

I am currently reading a book called "Outliers"by Malcom Gladwell. very interesting stuff inside. The book is subtitled "The Story Of Success". Many different concepts and theories are discussed and exemplified but I am not done reading so I cannot give a full review. One thing I do want to discuss is the "Matthew Effect":

-"For unto every one that hath shall be given,  and he shall have abundance: but from him that hath not shall be taken even that which he hath."
          - Matthew 25:29, King James Version

Even if you are not a christian or catholic or just a follower of Christ in general this applies to you. Simply put: the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. So its almost as if our fate was predetermined by our upbringing and whether or not we had a golden spoon in our mouth. Sometimes my generation quotes the late great Notorious BIG "Mo Money Mo Problems" but according to our focused phrase the more money you get the more money will come. So it takes money to make money most of the time. You wonder how the poor who have little money get more money taken than the Rich its called debt. Poor People are more likely to take out credit. So they are the ones more likely to owe and when interest adds up these people could be milked dry. The book covers this topic by discussing the selection of hockey players in Canada.
Basically the gist is children are separated into different leagues at such an early age that true ability does not have the opportunity to develop.And depending on when a child is born and how fast they mature determines their ability to make it into a class A league. Ages 9-10 it is very difficult to tell the difference between maturity and ability. Thus the older 10 year old move to the more intense league getting more play time and better coaches, while our nine year- old must show some crazy amount  of talent to even get a shot at the good opportunities. In the Class A league the training is better, the practice hours longer, and the amount of games is plenty more. The book also discusses to be truly great in what you do or to be classified as an expert a person must put in 10,000 hours. The players in the class A are already at an advantage just because of their age and maturity not necessarily ability.
The gist is no matter what your circumstance no matter what obstacles you face sometimes in life the stars don't align and you must do alot of the work yourself to reach your 10,000 hours. Become the Outlier, be the one to defy your set path. Be savage about success but show how civil you can be in your dealings because you never know who has the key to whichever door of opportunity.

.Civilized the Mind , but make savage the body.

-Joshua "Savage" LYM

My Lifes Work

This TShirt Means the World To Me, Most would never understand...

Motivation Mondays

Better go get that new Nipsey Hussle "Crenshaw"...

Phone Bloks

Introducing a possibility in our near future...

WISDOM Wednesdays

“Man to man is so unjust…children you don’t who to trust. Your worst enemy could be your best friend and your best friend your worst enemy. Some will eat and drink with you, then behind them susu pon you. Only your friends know your secret, so only he could reveal it. So who the cap fit let them wear it. I throw me corn … me no call no fowl. Some will hate you pretend they love you now…but behind your back try to eliminate you. But who JAH bless no man curse."
-Robert Nesta Marley

Trust is something that must not only be held close to your heart, but also protected by a code and high standards. People are human. This means we are fallible. (Look it up if you’re unsure). We are slaves to our coveted “free will”. This is the tool which allows us to “choose”. Darwin spent many hours to show what free will could do and what separates us from lower animals. His conclusion is we are descendants of a similar creature. Regardless of if you believe in creationism or Darwinism…ponder this. Put it in your hookah, vaporizer or rolling paper and smoke it. Beware where your trust sits. We all have heard that misery loves company, but we don’t usually get it. Understand that when things fall apart …. It is usually comes from an insider. A trusted friend has blown the whistle to show that you are just like them. They want your allegiance without consequence. If they are master manipulators, they will make their tracks hard to trace while sitting up front. Remember… GOD never sleeps, which is why Bob says “who JAH bless, no man curse. Be strong and know where your original alliance is. In Jamaica… we say…… “New broom sweep clean, but the old broom knows the corners…” Know that there is no place like home and build your foundation to support it. The grass really looks greener from across the street. Walk over and observe the chinch bugs ( Johnny come lately)who profess to “understand you but are not made of the same stuff. Be wise because there really is a “Natural Mystic” blowing through the air… if you listen carefully now, you will hear. Until seven suns set…. LYM ( Leave Your Mark) in a safe place.

-Mama Murray

A Case for Exploration...

Fact: The world is HUGE, yet quite paradoxically tiny as turns out. Whichever your point of view settles on, there is a second fundamental fact: It (the world) is your playground and, like a delusional Chihuahua with an oversized ego and an equally swollen bladder, you must Leave Your Mark on it. Life is far too short and the world far too replete with things to be discovered for you not to.

Fact #3: You don’t have to travel across the world (although you should) to partake in the aforementioned LYMing and Discovering. Whether across the street, across town, across the state, or across the planet, there is an abundance of life to be lived and a bounty of treasures to be stumbled upon. But it’s up to you to put on your Sherlock Hat and sleuth up something worth experiencing.

Now I’m no expert on life, and by no means should I be telling you how to wade through its choppy waters. However I do believe that the fact that 99.9% of every one of my days is an amazing one tells me that I am doing something right. What that something is exactly, I haven’t the slightest idea, but I’ll take a guess and attribute my everlasting happiness to a farrago of my intrinsic clumsiness and my penchant for losing my personal effects, both of which are part and parcel of my shorter-than-average attention span and everlasting curiosity. That last sentence was just an overly elaborate way of saying I like to explore things, all things; near, far, familiar and unknown. It’s basically scientifically impossible (don’t fact check me on this) to have a bad day when you are constantly discovering new things about the space you are occupying at any given moment.

For this reason I tirelessly explore. I do so regardless of whether it’s the corridors to the right side of the elevator, which I rarely (if ever) frequent because my office is situated within the corridors left, or the unfamiliar neighborhood that will act as my home for the few days that I am on a business trip. I explore them both with equal curiosity and enthusiasm, and I almost always find something that makes the foray (however small) into uncharted territory worth the effort.

When was the last time you discovered something? I hope to the Flying Spaghetti Monster that it wasn’t more than a day ago. Our Homo sapien sapien DNA is encoded with a genetic a propensity to explore the unknown, it’s why we stare into space with such awe and wonderment. Stay true to the great legacy of the explorers that came before you. Make our nomadic forefathers proud, even if what you discover may not be as history changing as figuring out that that giant block of ice you just crossed led to a whole other continent. Make the answer to the question at the beginning of this paragraph “TODAY”. Go Explore!!! …and make liberal use of your swollen Chihuahua bladder.

Monday Motivation


ChiRaq: a short Film

Worth the Watch...

Wisdom Wednesdays

"Success in the affairs of life often serves to hide one's abilities, where as adversity frequently gives one an opportunity to discover them."
Horace - Roman poet (65 BC - 8 BC).

This week I want to quote a perspective from a teaching with potential mentors. The facilitator began the session as detailed below:Welcome difficulties. Embrace adversity. Face conflict. Fear not failure. Especially avoid protecting your children from adversity as well as yourself. To continually hover over your child, correct their mishaps, provide more than is needed in material abundance as well as fix their mistakes, creates a child embedded with self doubt, insecurities and a lack of belief in self. Do not cheat your child out of opportunities to grow through adversity. Make known to them the value of digging out of a mess through hard work and endurance. Allow yourself and your children the opportunity to build resilience, problem solving, and tenacity as they experience the true abilities that will begin to arise. How wonderful to discover your true inner strengths when tested with trials. Don't shy away from allowing yourself to grow through hard times. To model this for your children is a genuine and valuable gift. You're the teacher . . . What lessons are you providing? As we leave our mark (LYM) this week let us be mindful of this. We could substitute the word child in the above writing with the word friend or mentee . Until seven sunsets LYM with purpose.
-Mama Murray

McClaren Venge x S-Works

McClaren X S Works come together to create the Worlds fastest road bike. Check out for more in depth look at the bicycle.

Music Video Monday

Wisdom Wednesdays

"it is easier to raise strong children than to fix broken men."

       Frederick Douglass   

This week highlights the toil of the good guardian/ model/mentor.  Whether you were raised by a doting grandmother,two over achieving parental units, a hard working single mom or encouraged by a goal oriented uncle or supportive aunt who has been around the block and back and had "golden life lessons".....I am talking to you. It takes a village to raise strong children. The care and consideration of many is necessary to hone a few skills that carry us a lifetime. Strong children don't lead perfect lives but when they slip they know where to find center. The Bible in Proverbs 22:6 says "teach a child the way they should go and they when they are old they will not depart from it." These words ring true to those who were raised up by strong mentors. The temptations we face as society on a daily basis can lead us to stray from what we know to be right. Some of us say...."Let me live". some say  " Get with it". while still others say," you don't understand me". The wise one knows this is an old song. It is the banter used to get your own way when you don't want to live by a code ... any code. We all go through times where we don't want to muster the effort to keep it together. We want to be FREE, INDEPENDENT and frankly careless. We don't want to adhere to our values or morals. We know what is right but we just want to relax. We want to have the pressure off for a little...answer to no one.... care about nothing, but the moment and ....well..... let our hair down. Therein lies the rub. If we settle into this selfish abandonment of boundaries ... which by the way helps to keep us  out of "real" trouble, we risk creating a habit that may take more effort to kick than we have the reserve of energy for. Now what people see is the broken man. He is a much more complicated puzzle that requires inclination to change, cooperation to move forward, and sacrifice of selfish pleasures in order to achieve the greater goal.He is someone who must not only analyze his actions but anchor himself to his village in order to come into his own. As he strives to reach the true potential of his best inner self and display the qualities garnered from his best examples. The strong child is a sponge growing thicker with experiences, while the broken man is shattered glass trying to piece experiences together to make a whole. AH!!!! So much easier to hold the sponge and make it useful.  So hard to mend the glass into something to hold. As we leave our mark(LYM)... we must not depart from the good examples during our journey. May we hold fast to the teachings when we are old , for they are the ones that will help to cement a positive legacy.  Until seven suns set.  LYM in ways that honor your village.

                                                                                                                                           -Mama Murray

Own Your Life

10 minutes worth watching....

Rock The Bells.... San Fran....?

Its still up in the air but there is a heavy possibility whose with us....

Wisdom Wednesday

Great minds are to be honored as the pillars of real change in the universe. We need to nourish our naturally talented youth to  advance forward with their revolutionary. ideas and embrace their fresh ideas no matter if we can't see the end result. EINSTEIN like many people with unique abilities was seen as a quack. Little did the world. know many of the ideas we take for granted would be invented from the theories of this. uniquely talented mind. As we LYM, we must not let bumps in the road hinder our moves forward.We must use setbacks and naysayers to fuel our resolve to succeed. The key is to strive to  make a positive impact on individuals and society as a whole. Einstein had old G swag. If he were here today we would recognize his swervacity.As we search for inspiration in far places, we need to look closer to home. Special abilities are among us and and are not only under served but under appreciated as well.. Celebrate ideas, free thinking, wonder, amazement and quirks. Until seven sunsets, LYM with the "swervaciousness that would make great minds like Albert smile.

Mama Murray

No rest for the weary

I have now reached that akward point where I have acheived another major goal in my life. Its a limbo like feeling where I am indecisive as to which way I should go. I am on the proper route to a normal life with adequate amounts of success, but as a LYMLifer that's is not enough. A masters degree is a big acheivement to many. It shows discipline, perseverance, and plenty of sleepless nights. It shows a mastering of academic concepts and theories, but upon completion of the curriculum comes the point of real world application. The true test is in applying the lessons learned in the classroom. I am looking forward to such tests but more importantly to me is the time that I now have to apply to LYMLife. My previous neglect is definetly inexcusable and I hope to never go through that again. Over the course of this weekend I had a very enlightening conversation which called heavily on my view of LYMLife. I had a hard time telling a friend exactly what LYMLife was. He saw it as a way of life and he asked what exactly does it entail. Forced to put some boundaries on it I explained it is the marketing for a dreamers lifestyle.  It embodies the everyday hustler. It is the code that go-getters abide by. LYMLife is the choice you make instead of just existing in life. LYMLife is the revolution of self realization. LYMLife is saying "No" to the norm. Some say I am successful I say my journey has only just begun. Until next time keep it LYM.

Wisdom Wednesdays

This weeks quote  will be presented in its entirety after a long hiatus and is dedicated to the prince and the sunshine in my life. I hope you will feel the same way I did when I came upon it during my search for something meaningful for new beginnings and continued hopes for a richer existence. The author is unknown but I will venture to say it is timely for us and timeless as well. 

"Once upon a time there was an island where all the feelings lived; happiness, sadness and all the others, including love.

One day it was announced to all of the feelings that the island was going to sink to the bottom of the ocean.So all the feelings prepared their boat to leave.

Love was the only one that stayed. She wanted to preserve the island paradise until the last possible moment.

When the island was almost totally under, Love decided it was time to leave. She began looking for someone to ask for help. Just then Richness was passing by in a grand boat.  Love asked, "Richness, Can I come with you on your boat?"
Richness answered, "I'm sorry, but there is a lot of silver and gold on my boat and there would be no room for you anywhere."

Then Love decided to ask Vanity for help who was passing by. Love cried out, "Vanity, help me please." 
"I can't help you." Vanity said, "You are all wet and will damage my beautiful boat."

Next, Love saw Sadness passing by.  Love said, "Sadness, please let me go with you."  Sadness answered, "Love, I'm sorry, but, I just need to be alone now."

Then, Love saw Happiness. Love cried out, "Happiness, please take me with you."  But Happiness was so overjoyed that he didn't hear Love calling to him.

Love began to cry.  Then, she heard a voice say, Come Love, I will take you with me."  It was an elder.

Love felt so blessed and overjoyed that she forgot to ask the elder his name.

When they arrived on land the elder went on his way.
Love realized how much she owed the elder.

Love then found Knowledge and asked,
"Who was it that helped me?

It was Time", Knowledge answered.

"But why did Time help me when no one else would?", Love asked.

Knowledge smiled and with deep wisdom and sincerity, answered, 
"Because only time is capable of understanding how great Love is."

Until seven sunsets, hoping you read this for yourself, print it for someone who may need it, pass it on to those you love.....But mostly may you LYM (Leave Your Mark) with Love always LOVE.

We Still Standing

At times like these I always feel like I'm back at square one. As I start to get somewhere I am always forced start over. A day off costs me the same as a month of idle behavior. In a game that's forever evolving and money along with the willingness to give handouts may buy you popularity and fame LYMLife is forced to struggle. Our resilience to popular behavior some say is our downfall. I say its our code, its what we live by. Stickin to the code is the only thing that keeps us free. Some came in to make money but we came to change lives. We came to shake the worlds foundation. A bunch of misfits, screwups, and savages came together for a joint venture. This venture became the cause. If you support you riding with us if you don't well I'm sorry to hear that but sleep will not be lost. Marcus Garvey said it takes roughly two to three generations for a great odea to truly manifest but with all due respect to the great Marcus Garvey I've made it my mission to prove that theory wrong. Your help would be greatly appreciated but without it I still believe I stand a fighting chance. Until next time keep it LYM!

Boston, Bombs, and Bigotry

When tragedy strikes in our country, it has an uncanny ability to bring us all together in a moment where we tear down any politically or socially constructed divisions and grieve together as a nation. During that rare moment, we are all the same people, sharing the same pain. There is no Black, White, Hispanic, Gay, Straight, Conservative, or Liberal. There are only Americans… unless of course you are an Arab or Muslim or anything else that might “look it”.

When tragedy strikes in our country, the immediate reaction for most of us is to send our thoughts and prayers to those who are affected. We try to bear the burden with those directly affected so we may help our nation heal and move past it. For the rest of us however, we become immediately overwhelmed by a relentless anxiety brought on by the fear that whoever caused this tragedy might look like us, have a similar name as us, speak a similar language as us, eat the same foods as us, or pray in the same manner as us.

When tragedy strikes in our country, our immediate reaction is to pray to God in the name of all that is holy and heavenly that whoever did this unspeakable act does not bear even the slightest resemblance to us in any way.

“Please God do not let the guy be an Arab”

“Please God, just please do not let him be Muslim”

“Please, Please, PLEASE don’t let him look like me or my brother or my son”

We aren’t given the privilege of grieving with our fellow Americans; rather we must first grapple with the fact that we are automatic suspects by virtue of the B’s that our parents use in place of their P’s, or the ever-present trifecta of hummus, pita, and olive oil in our kitchens, or inability of our names to be properly transliterated into Latin script. Our first reaction is to become flooded with fear that some misguided soul might blame the tragedy on “our people” and attack us in retaliation. Our first reaction is come to terms with the fact that there is no reason for us not to be a suspect and be detained for no reason. Only after that, if the rest of the nation allows it, can we join in the grieving.

This week’s horrific events in Boston were no different. As the whole nation got together to grieve, many Arabs, Muslims, Sikhs, Indians, Pakistanis, and anyone else who might fit into the carefully constructed stereotype of what a terrorist might look like first had to ready ourselves to become a place for America to rest its cross hairs upon. A process only made more frustrating by the initial reluctance to label the attack as an act of terror due to the lack of a suspect who might fit the bill. This of course is not anything we aren’t used. Yet, we who are all too familiar with the “random” search at the airport know that this discomfort, like the kind brought on by the touch of a TSA agent’s blue rubber gloves, is one that we can never get accustomed to. But it is important to understand where these expectations of what the terrorist will look like come from.
See, in America we are deliberately selective when throwing the “T” word around for any random attack on the public meant to instill fear or terror. There seems to be a set of guidelines that dictate the how this label of terrorism is used in the media and by politicians.

If we take a look at the past and compare two seemingly similar attacks that occurred with the purpose of spreading terror and taking lives. We can see just how different the two cases are and how they are perceived accordingly:

1) If we take the case of the Columbine High shootings in 1999, we can see that a pair of students at columbine high school carried out an attack that killed 13 people.

2) On the other hand, about a decade later in a Fort Hood, Texas military base, a member of the army carried out an attack that killed 13 people.

In the case of the Columbine shootings, we received a narrative of two mentally unstable kids pushed to the edge by constant bullying and ridicule; for all intents and purposes they were victims as well. In the case of the Fort Hood shooting we received the narrative of a deranged bloodthirsty terrorist, nothing more.

So we are left to wonder what made one shooter a terrorist and the others just your run-of-the-mill criminals. The difference is that one shooter was a Muslim, Palestinian Arab whose name was Nidal Malik Hassan while the others were white teenagers from American Suburbia named Dylan and Eric.

When it comes to the labeling a horrendous attack on civilians, our own government plays this game as well. The day after the attack, President Obama bravely declared that any time bombs are used to kill civilians, it is terrorism. But when we apply his own logic to his foreign policy in Afghanistan and Pakistan, it doesn't quite add up. In what is a rare case of true journalism these days, one reporter spoke truth to power by asking White House Press Secretary Jay Carney if the US Drone strike that left 11 Afghani children dead earlier this month constitutes terrorism. It seems a logical association if we use the Presidents own words. Of course the only difference is that the loss of life was caused by our government, in the name of national security making the drone operator who pulled trigger while tucked away safely in a Syracuse military base a national hero, destinction that didn't give Mr. Carney the confidence not to dodge the question. So it really begs the question: of what a terrorist actually looks like?

The fact is there is no answer. You might ask any anyone in, lets say, Ocala, Florida, what a terrorist looks like and they'll probably give you the answer that fits in with the media's masterful proliferation of the the bearded man with a head wrap and explosives strapped to his chest. But ask any child in Pakistan what a Terrorist might look like and he is likely to describe a middle-aged man with a charismatic smile, wearing a crisp blue suit, brandishing a eagle pinned to his lapel. 

When we take a second to look back, we see that there have been a large number of terrorist attacks in this country over the past few decades. A closer look at these attacks shows us that the vast majority of these attacks were carried out by people with names such as McVeighRudolphKaczynskiMathewsHughesCrockerDillard, and many more that look like they might have been pulled out of a Nebraska phone book. But we forget these Terrorist attacks because we write off the terrorists as anomalous cases that are unrepresentative of the entirety of White America, people who were likely thoroughly unstable as far as sanity is concerned, unlike the Arabs and Muslims of course who are just naturally predisposed to violence.

These stereotypes are further placed in our collective mind when either the FBI or the NYPD fabricate a terror plot by pushing a young, unstable person who “fits the bill” to develop enough aggression to plot an attack on a public space. They then foil their manufactured terror plot just in time to save the day and justify the unending abuses to our civil liberties done in the name of maintaining our security.

It is all of this and more that has its hand in creating the environment that makes us guilty by enculturation when Tragedy strikes. It is these practices used in the media that make it possible for a victim injured in the Boston Terrorist attack to be considered an instant suspect simply because he was running away (like everyone else who was in the vicinity of an explosion), but more so because he was Saudi Arabian and thus suspicious enough to be tackled as he ran (much like a young Black or Latino male walking down a street in Brooklyn is suspicious enough to warrant a his eighth Stop-and-Frisk search in the span of 3 weeks).  This carefully constructed imagery of terrorists, acts a barrier in allowing our country to truly unite in the face of tragedies such as that which occurred in Boston. It creates a second set of potential victims who could fall prey to bigoted attacks made in retaliation to terror attacks, and further opens the wounds we’ve already sustained. These preconceived notions of what a terrorist looks like should be put to rest so that when tragedy strikes in our country, we all can join together to support one another as a nation, rather than having some of us have worry about becoming targets ourselves, or if any one of us happen to fall victim to an attack like this, we can receive the same condolences, thoughts, and prayers as the rest of the victims instead of suspicious looks and implications of guilt.

Never Give Up

No matter who you are and how comfortable you might be in your own skin we have all had that God questioning moment. That moment where the worls just opened up and attempted to swallow you whole. Your parents told you no matter how bad you got it someone out there has it way worse, but sometimes you felt like damn if I had it any worse I would I would quit. I will tell you just like a personal trainer would your mind quits 1000 times before your body does. The truth is a weak mind quits 1000 times before your body does. Same as a rational mind. In the event you have taken your mind past the rational threshold then I must warn you quitting no longer exists because failure is the only outcome other than success. At that point I tried doesn't exist there is only I did it or I died trying. So keep fighting for every inch every foot and never give back what you earned. Earn your keep and protect your earn. Until next time keep it LYM

Music Video Mondays

If you aint know...get familiar quick!

Wisdom Wednesdays

If you can keep your wits about you while all others are losing theirs, and blaming you. The world will be yours and everything in it, what's more, you'll be a man, my son. -Rudyard Kipling   

As we grow with life's experiences, it is often difficult to remain restrained and oh so easy to let loose when we come upon a perceived injustice. We respond swiftly sometimes with a sharp edged tongue and sometimes with a harsh action in order to "set things right".  Often, when we have time to reflect or when others have time to correct we are able to view the experience in a new light. If we are open to the learning we come away with not only a greater understanding of the person, but also a greater understanding of ourselves. In this instance, we use the outcome to exercise our capacity for growth. Then there are the times when we allow ourselves to "dig our heels in" and hold on to anger and disappointment about how the person should have behaved in the first place. In this scenario, we walk away and wait for a full apology that may never come or may not come in a form we recognize. One might say we were blinded by our hurt feelings. Kipling would say "we did not keep our wits about us". The difference between a child and a mature adult is how we utilize our experiences to adjust our perspective. When we maintain our self control we are able to stay our course and achieve our goals. Furthermore, we display character worthy of our best selves. As we strive to leave our mark and leave the world a little better off for us having been here, we must remember to keep our wits about us as exemplary men and women. Until seven sunsets, "keep your wits about you" as you LYM (Leave Your Mark)..

                                                                                                                          -Mother LYM

Know Your Worth

In the movie Batman there is a scene where Bane appears and is arguing with the CEO of a large corporation. The CEO abuses his power by talking down to Bane. Knowing Bane is not a man of many words bane simply tells the other man in the room to leave them to speak in private. Upon realizing that he has crossed the line the CEO tells Bane "But I have given you lots of money" Bane simply asks " And that gives you power over me?" This small statement speaks monumentally to those who claim Civilized Savagery. We are not moved by the money of rich men.

In all my years of life I have known my worth and not once have I put a monetary price on myself because I am priceless. My soul cannot be bought and seeing as slavery has been over anyone who goes to cross that line is sure to face a truly painful experience. Its a hard lesson in humbleness. I will not bow to men who have money and I will never bow for money. If that was the case LYMLIFE would have been popular by now. We would have sold stock and our souls to this thing people claim "Illuminati" whenever someone reaches a certain level of fame. My mother always told me I'm special as do many good mothers across the globe but you can only make this true if you carry the statement in mind on a daily basis. If you allow the petty nature of people in power who abuse it to change what your parents raised then you might as well let your mother eat her words for you have sold yourself short. People call me extreme because my mini revolutions are very absolute. They are only absolute because I do not fear the unknown. Men think because they sign my checks they own me. I would rather be a homeless man with a good heart than a wealthy man with no backbone. They think because I am employed by them they can tell me what my life is. They believe themselves demi-gods. I am here to say all men are created equal and as long as I live no man shall ever reign supreme over me. We either break bread as equals or you find some other kingdom to run. Call me socialist or a true Marxist and I will tell you I am neither. For once you allow yourself to put a label on me all the negativity that goes along with that label will be associated with me. Instead I am a savage of the civilized kind. I am a dreamer a LYMLifer who believes hard work and good deeds can carry me to the promise land. I am that which makes true evil shudder in its sleep.

I once met a man by the name of Ramen Kootala. A man who had seen the downside to working in the corporate world. We had many conversations on the caste system in India and the equality of man. Funniest thing Ramen told me was "Joshua you cry for the Untouchables but me and you are the Untouchables of the corporate world". That's when I realized they got me. They had caste me right under my own nose. So I started demanding the respect for both me and Ramen when any higher ups approached. We were not minions we were men and we must be treated properly. At the end of my internship Ramen told me "Joshua You are a good man and to keep fighting the good fight, never give up". Those words have never left my thoughts not for one day. I will continue to fight this fight because there are many hardworking men and women who just don't have the energy to keep fighting. For them I continue to show the world that kings walk among you and they do not wear crowns or badges. They are just good men making their way through the waves of mislead, oppressed, and tired people out there. Trust in these men for they do not concern themselves with selfish pleasures of power. They seek to show you that you are what makes the world go round. Petty men are in power, they are the CEO's, owners, politicians, and managers. They forgot that without us they would have no job. Know your worth and never go on sale. Jump off the damn clearance rack and show me what you got. My one voice is not enough we must be each others echo. The moral of the the story is be good and your attitude will ripple through those you interact with. Until next time keep it LYM....