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Crewnecks Limited edition get yours ASAP

LYMLIFE Crewneck Sweaters! light enough to rock on a cool day but thick enough to keep the cold out if necessary. Special: $50 until Wednesday the 6th. After that, the price will be the regular $60. So get yours ASAP. Two color schemes: Off white on dark heather grey, and Infared Red on Black. There are only a few in each color so order ASAP. Either email with your order (color, size, and way of payment) or wait for it to hit the shop tomorrow night.

Marvel's: The Avengers Trailers (2012)

Marvel is back at it again this time with their new upcoming superhero movie "The Avengers". There is a lot of hype around this movie and the trailers don't disappoint either, this movie looks likes its going to be another hit.

Music Video Monday

Cris Cab....very talented artist interesting sound. Give it a listen and download his mixtape @

Enjoy the video...Song called Rihanna's Gun 

KOFI "Set Me Free"

The LYMfam is larger than you think. My brother Kofi Genfi spitting straight flames. Open Your Ears and your mind to a true mind in these times. It is hard to find people that realize their true potential before its too late. Kofi has seen his potential and will not quit until he catches him. May all your ventures be prosperous and may your message not fall on deaf ears. Keep it LYM.

Music Video Monday

A little late but better late than never. Here is one of my favorite songs from Florence and the Machine. To find out more about the UK based band check out the site In the meantime enjoy some new flava for your ear. Taking a break from the gangster music to refine your music tastes a bit.

Miami Food: Part 1

So I spent this past weekend catching up and spending time with my family and friends as well as exploring the new food spots Miami has to offer. After meeting up with my one of my close friends we went to Lokal: Burgers & Beer. It is located in Coconut Grove, on the same street as Mr. Moe’s for all you Miami locals. If you are looking for an above average burger and beer in a modern, stylish yet laid back atmosphere this is the place for you. Everything is very reasonably priced and it is honestly one of the best burgers I’ve had in a while. They offer a wide variety of unique burgers with each one sounding better than the next (served with fries or sweet potato fries) and a variety of beers to compliment the burgers. One of the burgers that stuck out to me the most but I didn’t have the pleasure of trying was the "Frita": a burger topped with guava jelly, melted Gruyere, stuffed with potato sticks, crispy bacon and Lokal sauce.

The burger I did end up getting was the “My Childhood Dream”. This burger is topped with American cheese and crispy bacon, seems simple at first. But what sets this burger apart is that they take a glazed donut, cut it in half and use it as the bun. Don’t knock it till you try it, it honestly tasted delicious and I wouldn’t hesitate to eat another one. Trust me, there’s a reason this burger is one of the most popular ones.

My friend decided to try Lokal’s “Miami Heat” burger. This burger is topped with spicy mayo, sliced pepper jack cheese, grilled onion, sliced jalapenos, lettuce, tomato and Siracha.

Sorry about the half eaten burger pics, we couldn't help it. They looked too good to wait, I know you guys will understand. We decided to order a beer with the burgers as well and ended up choosing Dogfish Head Beer's Tweason'ale. It is brewed with strawberries and honey to give it a sweeter taste and tasted pretty good as well.


This vibe of Lokal is very laid back and friendly and the server's are awesome. It is very reasonably priced and is now going to be one of my regular spots. If your ever down in Coconut Grove I highly recommend this place. LYMLife approved.

Lokal Burgers & Beer

3190 Commodore Plaza
Coconut Grove, FL 33133

Why purchase LYMLIFE

With our crewneck sweater dropping soon I want to remind you all what we stand for and the real reason you should purchase some LYM gear. We are a company in which you buy into an idea. The idea LYMLIFE which embodies the life of true leaders. LYMLIFE of course plays on the acronym of LYM (leave your mark) but more importantly we represent positivity and change in today's society. instead of ignorance we market ourselves through the enlightenment of society. Our demographic is any man, woman, or child who is not afraid to chase their dreams. Those who live not in fear but live with conviction. This conviction comes from the idea that we all are capable of reaching our own potential. Don't be defined by the harsh words of others, define yourself by the goodness of your heart, the clarity of your mind, and the positivity of your deeds. LYMLIFE is not the act of selling a lifestyle but more living in a manner which inspires others. Inspire others to live more fulfilling lives. Edward young said " We are all born originals, why is it so many of us die copies?" This is the dilemma which LYMLIFE is up against. We are bringing back the appreciation of self. We had swag when it was referred to as personality. LYMLIFE is a rebirth of the traditional gentleman and the reawakening of the sophisticated woman. We want those who don't follow the trend and are in front of the crowd. We seek the trend setters, visionaries, and eccentric beings who believe in the power of self. We back our product with positivity, exclusivity, and quality. If you are willing to purchase POLO, Louis Vuitton, or other high end brands you can absolutely buy into a brand that stands for individuality, progression, and the pursuit of one's potential. So until next time Keep it LYM. 

Happy VDay to all.....

Happy Valentines Day! To all LYMLifers enjoy may your day be filled with love and hugs. Today i want to discuss love. What is love and where does it come from? "I don't know" you might say or I'm not sure. Well you need to learn a thing or two. Love does not have an age or a skin type. Love is freedom, love is care, love is the thing which can carry you through when no one is there. Love can be for a person, thing, or idea. I am in love with my girl and I love my girl. I love my mother and my father and I also love my friends.  What do all these loves have in common they are healthy relationships based on love.
Love can be good but it can also be bad. Love should work for you. Love should not be a trap. You must make love work for you. Love at first sight really doesn't exist. I believe it takes a few minutes at least to truly love someone. Relationships should be a support system, not a source of frustration. If you are in a relationship right now you should definitely assess the situation. You should be able to talk to, rely on, and trust in your partner. Your partner should encourage you in your endeavors and support you in your chasing of dreams. You must form a friendship in order for love to truly blossom. Lovers must work as a team. In life we decide whether we will be happy or not. If you are not happy thats a personal choice to settle for mediocrity. Don't you dare say its just life, because its not life is a choice thats filled with many other choices. Choose to make yourself happy, choose to not regret this short time you have on earth, and choose to experience a meaningful love. So on a lighter note make sure you are happy and if you are mature with your loving partner. Motivate and inspire your significant other because that is the love that will last. Lastly remember conversation is all you will have when your health deteriorates. Enjoy your night! Until next time keep it LYM.

Hanky PocketBook

Hankie Pocketbook
Check out these tight pocket squares that are little books. Need to step your class game up!!

#LYMlife #pocketsquare

Sell your greatest asset....yourself

So Bee LYM and myself decided to check out the career fair the other day and I realized alot of you out there are selling yourself short. The current situation in this country's economy is a gloomy one. We have educated students graduating with not enough jobs awaiting them and we also have many jobs being outsourced to foreigner accepting lower wages. I have no issue with the outsourcing but it is important to promote those companies who hire our citizens. It is not an issue of foreigners getting US jobs but more this issue that the companies are cheating the foreigners of their wages. That is another story for another day. More importantly is the inability of the current job seekers to truly market themselves. An education is not enough anymore personality is needed. Students don't have the proper tools to persuade employers to hire them. Very few are born with that natural charm and ability to convince others. A lot of you out there suffer from that childish hesitation. You are too scared to make a mistake so you live so cautiously that the door of opportunity never opens for you. You settle for what is given to you. Your shyness is like a soft scratch on the door. LYMLIFErs know there is no need in knocking because we are kicking down doors. When employers see that ambition in your eyes it instills fear in them. They say "whoa this kid is not taking no for an answer". They can't imagine having you working for a competitor. I am telling you to have faith in yourself. Convince yourself that you are the hottest thing out since sliced bread. Don't be too cocky but just have enough confidence to explain to an employer why you would be a perfect fit for their  company. Don't be afraid to say "I don't know" but quickly follow up with a "but I can be taught".  Don't fear the job hunt understand what you want and go for it. Make a list of your needs and wants and stick to them. Don't sell yourself short, give yourself options and choose wisely. It's your future and know one cares about it as much as you should. Don't be afraid to fight for yourself. You have to be hungry in order to eat. Do what your competitors are too lazy to do. Do that and you will achieve what they never imagined possible. Be your own "HYPE MAN". Until next time keep it LYM.

I had these as a kid.....

cole haan lunargrand wingtip shoe beige red sole 3 Cole Haan Lunargrand Wingtip Shoes   Dynamic Support on Outside
As a child these used to be one of my favorite shoes. Cole Haan decided to re-release them. Click on the link that follows for more info.

Music Video Mondays

I know I'm a little late but better late than never