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Music Video Monday

Finally a video for the remix..

RIP Uncle Roy

     Rest in Peace to a true civilized Savage. Uncle Roy Murray a spirit that could never truly be laid to rest. Known by many, hated by few, and tested by none. Attending his funeral served as testament to the ways of Civilized Savages.

     I only knew of the kind man that was introduced to me as my uncle. As unpolished as some may describe him I knew of the mans good heart. In a world where we are categorized and pushed through life like toys on an assembly line it is difficult to blaze a path you can call your own. Those who chose to make their own way were immediately met by heavy resistance. When people experience this resistance they have a choice fight or flight. Uncle Roy decided from a young age that his only option was to fight. Backing down wasn't an option if one were to consider what it was to be a man.

     After listening to tributes and finally the pastors sermon I realized Uncle Roy embodied the definition of a man like no other. He lived as was described by others as "His Way". We are born with an empty slate, over time we gain lessons and tools that we must apply and use at our own discretion to overcome life's obstacles. The lessons, teachings, and experiences help create our personal code or laws which we must live by. As we grow older our code is tested and the ability to "stick to your guns" defines us as humans. Some mold and bend to the trials and tribulations which make up our lives others take the route of non negotiation. This route does not always mean the person is ignorant or stubborn it can also mean a man is so dedicated and sure of his foundation that he is willing to die for his cause. Roy Murray represented the latter.

      When death greets us not many can say " I did it my way". I can say as a proud nephew he did it Roy's Way and my whole family would agree. Its sad that we had to bury another Civilized Savage but it only inspires the civilized savages in the present and his legacy will motivate the unborn ones. Love you Uncle Roy, til we meet again...