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Same LYMLifers New Beginnings

Its been a while since I have written a post, but it is not without reason. It is hard to come up with something meaningful to write so all our brothers and sisters can read, reflect, and react. In our LYMLife inner circle of the Original Blood Members we have come to the realization that we must walk the walk and better ourselves first before we can show everyone else what it really means to be LYMLife/ Civilized Savages. We have been pushing each other for betterment of ourselves so we can show you the real meanings of what we are trying to instill in our followers. When I mean followers I do not mean us leading a line walking one single path. Our purpose is to show our followers that they create their own paths and write their own stories. Stories about how they have bettered themselves' and the people around them. I always hear about the energy you give, the attitude you bring, the aura you have is how you will affect others. When people get that positive vibe they gravitate towards you and vice versa. Well we have started to see great things happening in our lives. In my deepest and wildest dreams and I think I can say this for my brothers as well we dream that the path we take and the story we write in our personal lives will help guide you in your own paths. Showing us that you have made it the LYMLife Way creating your own stories.

From an Original Blood Member Twindennis

Ambition or Thiirst

In the work world men and women are funneled through jobs until they find a career. The differences between jobs and a career are simple. One jobs are temporary, careers a bit more permanent. Career is something you decide to do for an extended period of time. Many people are known by their careers. "What are you? What do you do?" are common questions in small talk at parties, family functions, random passings, even in the dating scene. You are labeled and categorized by what you do for a living. If you have decided on a career then you must attack the task at hand with great tenacity. Both a job and a career pay your bills, keep you busy, and educate you in your field of work. The question is what makes you, you. Is your career your life's work or is your true passion outside of work. We all want important positions in life but we all can't be CEO's. Too many chiefs mean there are no indians, no tribe. I say that to say this if you don't seek to be the boss then make sure you play your role with dignity and passion. I am an engineer by profession and education. I also have a masters degree in management, but I don't want to manage people. I'm a leader by birth but manager by education.I wasn't sure what I really wanted out of my education until I got my master's degree. I don't like the position of manager. Manager is a title of a man or woman meant to keep people in line and lay down laws of the CEO while maintaining a schedule . A leader can be in any role and still be more effective than a manager.
One characteristic of a leader is he constantly looks for ways to better himself. sometimes even at the cost of upsetting managers. A leader may fall and stumble but what makes him a leader is his ability to bounce back and inspire others through his hardships. The leader is always the most ambitious of his group. He takes the leap of faith that others won't. Some leaders are reckless others very calculated. A leader can be the best or worst person to have in the labor force. They are difficult to manipulate and their loyalty usually lies with those that gain their trust and believe in "the vision".
I have come across few that share my vision but many that see the necessity and benefit of my vision. In life we all have goals some smaller than others but goals nonetheless. Some goals so large they are considered dreams. You must walk amongst men who are positive and want you to reach your goals as you them. Without this concept you walk amongst enemies or "tolls" as I call them. They must get something in return for you to advance. Me and my team understand that every man's goal is his own first priority. So we treat life accordingly, always complimenting each other and offering assistance where possible. We try our hardest not to get in the way of each other but sometimes it just happens. In the event it does we find a compromise because we all want to see each other prosper. Those who mean you good will recognize your ambition and respect it. It will never be confused for thirst or disloyalty. Those who are for you will know it is simply in the name of progress that you move so swiftly. Never Fear progression because you were born to be yourself. Be true to that and you will have to work to go wrong in life. The greater good is a weird concept but in my eyes to achieve it we must always try to leave a situation better than when we entered it. Spend your life building your empire no matter the size. Don't spend your life building the empire of others.

Call to Action

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