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Letter to the Young Adults of SunED High School

Dear Students,

Today a randomly selected few will be receiving a small token of kindness. This token is a show of our appreciation for you being yourself. You are all special individuals and overtime we may have the opportunity to work together on some common goals and offer genuine help on behalf of our company that we work for. Those of you who do receive these tokens will notice each card says "LYMLife .com" This is not for you to patronize our clothing line but more to add to your box of life tools.

LYMLife is a two piece word. First three letters an acronym; LYM stands for Leave Your Mark. Add that to the Word "Life" and you get "Leave Your Mark Life". Its not enough to say you were born, you lived, and you died anymore. What did you really do? Did you strive for greatness and reach some honorable level of excellence.The real question is did you achieve your dreams or did you just play it by the book? Did you walk a paved path or did you make a new one. Did you give it your all or did you half ass it? LYMLife is not the act of selling clothing, it is living in a manner which inspires others to make a positive change in their environment. If you reread that then you understand that you are starting by making a change in yourself you indirectly motivate others to make a change also hopefully causing a domino effect. If something is wrong with the world you live in then fix it don't wait for someone else to adjust when you know its your problem. You have youth and heart on your side so let passion fuel you and if needed let LYMLife assist you. To the best of our ability we seek to keep dreamers dreaming. We are the facilitators of dreams. We believe you must grow up but you should never lose sight of your dreams. Dreams are long term goals and it is our mission to assist everyone that crosses our path and has a passion for something. So the real question is are you ready to chase dreams and leave your mark on this earth?

Today's random act of kindness comes from an old concept called "Pay it forward". Pay it forward refers to the action of doing random kind acts for others and hoping they replicate this kindness onto another person so on and so forth. If only a few people start doing it once a month then there will be more acts of kindness making for a better world or at least a nicer one. Not all acts of kindness involve money there are plenty of different approaches but due to our lack of knowledge as to what you all were like we figured money would be the smoothest route. So I ask only one thing of you all. Take these gift cards, others observe the concept and truly try your best to implement such practices into your own life whether it be at home, school, or even work. Lastly to those who did receive gift cards I hope you put the card to good use. My suggestion, invest in yourself use the funds to purchase  something toward your craft, cause,or just your lifes work in general. Enjoy the holidays, be safe, and be kind when the opportunity arises.
-Until Next Time Keep It LYM.

LYMLIFE Holiday Drive

Please help us reach our goal! We can't do it without you. Spread cheer and help us give hope this holiday.

Part 1: The Cause(LYMLIFE Holiday Drive)

There are three main classes in society. There are the two small classes: the rich and the poor. Then there is the major class "Middle class". Middle class tends to dabble on both ends of the spectrum we have our upswings of wealth then we have a hard times where life goes check to check but for the most part we maintain somehow. Regardless of your class or your transition from class to class if your situation read comfortable  this holiday season I'm talking to you. Define comfortable: having shelter, food, and maintaining bills. I got credit card debt, car, and mortgage payments but I consider myself comfortable. Look beyond your environment and step outside your self think about the less fortunate. Whether born there or bad decisions many people are stuck in situations less fortunate than yours this holiday season. The goal is to spread some holiday cheer. I am not in need of presents much more satisfying would be the thought that I helped put cheer back in the holidays of youth that would have otherwise experienced a bitter holiday. Not everyone thinks the holidays are a cheery time I know some who see it as an opportunity to take the cheer of others because they have no reasons to be joyful. I say we come together to nip it in the bud. No one is born bad in my eyes they are simply mislead or just lost direction on their own. So this holiday season assist LYMLIFE in our Holiday Drive for misplaced youth. I refuse to call them troubled or less fortunate. Life is not a game of fortune nor are they the only ones with troubles. The facts are simple a small donation of any sort can change a youngsters perspective which could in turn motivate and that is exactly what we seek to achieve. The cause is simply "Investing in the Youth". Your view "Diversifying your Bonds". Like any investment portfolio your investments must never be concentrated in one stock . Your children are your main investment but we are asking you to donate a small amount into another stock a child who maybe no one decided to invest in. These are the wildcard investments that no one bets on but sometimes have the greatest returns. So do it for them not for us or our company but for the good of humanity. Give in hopes of changing a young life for the better. That in itself is more satisfying than any gift under any tree. The feeling of doing good is unexplainable so go ahead give it a shot try on that new feeling or re-up on that old feeling if you are a constant "Giver". 

Music Video Monday

Mad excited bout my New York Trip so I had too....

Fighting with No Hands

LYMLife wouldn't be possible without the pioneers of our lifestyle. I call them the true Kings of this culture. The culture I speak of is that of the " LYMLifers", "Society Shifters" , and the "Foundation Shakers". True kings are not born royal they must earn the title through trials and tribulations. One thing about this man is 10,000 days in prison says he earned it and even after that he didn't decide to kick his feet up.

When you want to discuss OGs I'm pretty sure this man comes to mind. Nelson Mandela the icon of Peaceful Resistance in South Africa has left the bondage of his flesh and resides in the spiritual realm. It would not be right to say President Mandela died, for only his flesh been destroyed his cause, his thoughts, and his influence remain with the living for generations to come.

As an African American child(Parents of Caribbean decent) I was overwhelmed by the inflow of information on numerous great black leaders of the past to present. Nelson Mandela though always took me by surprise. He just looked like a genuinely innocent and happy old man. This is because I did not know enough about the man being that he was released in 1990, I was 2 years old. In my early years being infatuated with western movies my dad showed me violence can be sneakily glorified and sometimes seem "cooler" and more interesting alternative than peace. It is Nelson Mandela that taught me otherwise. Ghandi was the first thorough lesson in peaceful resistance, but President Mandela he would be the deal sealer. We look at men of athleticism and any profession with great physical strain think to ourselves these are warriors. We stare in awe at their physical ability and consider this a sign of strength and power. Sorry  to say these men are physically able but no more a warrior than Nelson Mandela. That "little old man" as I once called him is a Symbol of God-like strength to  the knowing and initiated. Mandela trained in Guerrilla warfare before he was imprisoned but it is not where his strength came from. His victories in battle are not counted by the amount of men he killed. His Warrior stats are measured in time and consistency. As they say even a child can shoot a gun or kill a man but very few can do what Mandela has done. Being South African's first Black President and then going on to fight for other important causes through awareness and general public education. This all came after being imprisoned for 27yrs being released at age of 71, continuing to tour and take part in negotiations with anti-apartheid negotiations. His home life nothing easy with a wife he stayed loyal to and supported until she was found guilty of torturing and killing opponents in KwaZulu-Natal, and other townships. ANC support and opposition along with issues from "Third Force" under the table actions totally going against Mandela and his goals for South Africa. Trying to maintain and keep the Worlds eye on the cause while "peacefully fighting" off all those who sought to ruin peace goals and keep South Africa in the previous state of turmoil is definitely more than a full-time job. With all we read and hear of Mandela's struggles who knows what the unwritten and unheard resistances of his life did to him. All that and you still kept it 1000. This is not a life lost but more a life that should be respected, celebrated, and thoroughly studied in hopes of the youth applying such consistency and perseverance in hopes of a "better life for all". South Africa you lost a great source of guidance, a voice of true reason, and a father who many would die for, the real question now is will you pick up the torch and make that man smile from the heavens by showing him how he taught you; not just how far he took you but how well you use the tools he gave you. His life is a recipe for selflessness, his cause betterment of society as a whole, his title a true "Civilized Savage" in my book. The savage that showed his enemies what it was to be civil. Violence must often spews from ignorance mixed with anger which fuels hate. Mandela said "No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes naturally to the human heart than its opposite."  President Mandela we will never forget you, you truly left your mark and your words will ring through eternity, your practices I will attempt to make my own and your fight will continue because we all benefit from such a cause. If you read this from whatever comfy spot they got you in heaven just know when its all said and done I'd like to shake your hand  and give you a hug because I only call few my brothers but you sir truly feel like family in the house of good intentions.  I hope when I die that my jury will come with a verdict that I earned the right to at least share a meal in such a home. Until next time keep it LYM. 

PS My dad keeps a picture of your Cell  that they kept you in. I will never forget that picture you truly made it work there lies the savage in you. You are a hero to which words could not accurately measure it has been an honor to have just lived during years that you were alive and seen you in all your glory. Rest Easy uBawomkhulu!

Thankful for Beer Pong

This past Thanksgiving I realized how thankful I am for the sport of beer pong. Not because I'm an alcoholic...but more importantly the role it plays in brotherhood and fellowship.

In an age where everyone is more concerned with your status on the cloud than as to how you might be doing in #realLife; beer pong still represents an actual sport of some sort. Of course it doesn't take a gladiator of great physical ability to play pong but it does take concentration, hand eye coordination, and some level of finesse. Think about how much you learn about your friends playing ruzzle or candy crush.
If you enter the house of LYM then put the phone down and pick up the tools of the trade cause I'm probably "ready to get my balls wet!" 

So to all the bounce shots, all the islands, and all the innocent drunk fun , boys lets toast the game of the God's. Thank you beerpong for reassembling the #CivilizedSavage Fam. Interested in playing the fam hit us on instagram @lymlife_official

C'MON people the culture can survive past college I'm living proof