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I decided to start reposting some of my original posts due to the fact that we have gained a following that is not familiar with our rough beginnings. I am proud of my writings and I am always willing to learn something from the JoshLYM of yesterday. I have constructive criticism for myself but I also have a lot to learn from a younger hungrier me. Enjoy....

First and foremost, I want to thank you for taking the time out of your strenuous day to delve into the eccentric world of LYMLife. What the %$#* is LYMLife? It's the choice to truly live. It's a decision not to merely exist but to make something of yourself, to make a difference, and lastly to pursue happiness.

In society we have been taught certain things, or may I say that many of us have had our paths laid out before us as if some predetermined fate awaits us. When it comes to the LYMLife there is no such thing as predetermined anything. Day by day, hour by hour we make choices. In this case the choice you are faced with right now is either to go back to your same old day in day out life and exist the LYMLife.

This blog is a guideline or an exhibit of what the LYMLife is. If your curiosity gets the best of you or you completely understand what I am talking about, you will support the movement. Otherwise go back to the sad excuse you call a life. No pressure just a personal choice you must make. Red or Blue pill...which will you choose?