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Power Circle

Recently the LYM Family has seen some payoff for all the hard work we have been putting in in our personal lives. From good jobs to healthy relationships, to just financial freedom and just overall stability in life. Our struggle has been long and hard but it is still far from over. My mom asked me how it feels to be well on my way to a successful adulthood, I told her pretty good but better than that is the feeling I get when my closest friends prosper. Its that friendly healthy competition. Its the true definition of a movement. One man can succeed on his own. He can put his circle on his back and make it farther than he could dream, but what happens when he slips or falls? The gap between you and your friends is the distance you will fall. YOU ARE ONLY  AS GOOD AS YOUR WEAKEST LINK. So far we are looking good over here. The fact that my team is constantly one upping each other and conquering their goals big and small leaves not much room for failure. We raise each others bars and never allow one another to settle for less than we deserve. So I want to thank all who support the LYMLIFE and all those who have played a role in my life. Without you I would have never believed all this could be possible. So to those circles out there going through their unique struggles, remember support, motivate, compete, and achieve. Do those four things and you will be much closer to resembling your potential and becoming part of a circle of success. No man needs to be left behind. Its only lonely at the top if you stepped on others to get there. There will brotherhood at the top of my mountain, for my brothers will earn their places next to me at the top. They believe the only way to share success is to first share the struggle. Good luck to you and yours. Until next time keep it LYM!

Music Video Monday

Instead of one music video today we decided to drop three. Something here for all types of hip hop lovers.

- Jared x LYM Life

A$AP Rocky - Pretty Flacko

Lil Wayne ft. Big Sean - My Homies Still

Meek Mill ft. Drake - Amen

Music Video Monday

Southern hayze the Orlando based rap group.


May you all have a fun and safe fourth of July. Celebrate not only America's independence from the bounds of slavery, oppression, and uniformity. be glad to be an individual, special and unique in your own way. Celebrate the fact that you have choices and you are allowed to think freely. Celebrate that everyday you wake is an opportunity to make a change and leave your mark. Celebrate the simple things! Spend time with your family and friends, remember your lost love ones, and honor those who risked their lives and those who continue to risk their lives to defend the country you have made your home in. No matter your religion or political beliefs you are still a part of this nation and although this country was built on blood as most are, don't use this day to be a rebel. Appreciate your home and stop complaining. Don't complain about the changes you see fit. Act on them and fix it yourself first. We fight everyday to right the wrongs and make the good choices to keep up our standard. You should do the same! Have a lovely day!