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Can't concentrate

It's been a while since I've written a blog. I have been working on myself individually to show followers what it is to live LYMLife. I'm sitting at work not being able to concentrate, but all I can think of is LYMLife right now. I saw something the other day that stood out to me that hopefully soon we will be able to share with all our lymers. It showed me something that I have not put enough effort into with all the things happening in my life. It showed that LYMLife is my life. I know I have not been doing as much as before, but it was to sit back and work on myself before i could help others. This new idea is something I want to do alone but I know I will need direction with someone within the inner circle of LYMLife who has done this before. I'll need guidance but will want to do it on my own. Its time for me to give back to people who have given to me. The LYM family has provided me with material goods for my new adventure of living on my own for the first time, they have given me love and support. If you ever need anything the LYM house is a place where you learn live and grow. We have had many lyms there and it has always been a welcoming home. Now its my turn to show a little appreciation to those who have provided me with more than what words can explain. They know I have a special place in my heart for them and will do anything for them, but I want to show them a little more than what I feel I have shown. Just wait and see what I have in store for the LYMLife family.

Once a Visionary Never a Blindman

Progress always comes at a price I just never thought it would come at the price it did. Like any obstacle I shall overcome but just wanted to restate some things. Every once in a while I like to share the vision of LYMLife with those who are new to the concept and in this case some brothers who forgot .
LYMLife began a concept in my head. People said i was different I was born in one era but conducted myself like I was of another. My aura seemed to glow differently than most of my generation. I just thought I was weird. Through trial and tribulation I formed my own code of conduct at an early age. I stuck to the script and never switched lanes. While the world changed I remained a reference point for others to judge their own transformation off of. My unwillingness to conform or adjust to the instability of my environment allowed me to excel past those trying to morph. This process is LYMLife.
I never was the popular kid and it never bothered me. Neither was I a total outcast. My soul is one of that changes the souls of others. The hidden society of righteous gentlemen is where i reside. Old school in our ways but to me there was a time when people knew how to act right and I am just sitting waiting on a return to that. My vision for LYMLife was to create an umbrella for the hard workers to excel under while protecting them legally. I sought to find the dreamers and invest in them until they were able to illuminate their lights so the world could see. The true meaning of LYMLife is not the selling of clothing but living in a manner which inspires others to make a positive change in their environment. The word LYMLife translates to leave your mark life. The world is a canvas and we all have our own color paint. When the heavens look down on the canvas they should see billions of different hues from all the lives that stepped outside of the norm they call existence. I always said the world wouldn't change until an immovable force went against it. I have met a few people that believed LYMLife to be that force. It can be classified as immovable and fearless so I don't see why not. This will be my life's work and when I'm dead and gone I pray that it continues to positively change lives through the people I've touched and those I've influenced. Anyone can embrace LYMLife and some who don't even know of it are already on its path. My dream is to see all those who put the effort in and never give up achieve what they deserve. I don't think people should get what they want I believe they should get what they deserve.
On a business side LYMLife is a progressive family of righteous men and women. Putting morals and codes back into society. I will only eat with those I starved with. Stay consistent! Be progressive. And live by an unbreakable honorable code. Until next time keep it LYM.

No Benchwarmers

Within the inner circle of LYMLife resides a strange group of individuals. I call them the usual suspects. A gift I was given as a child was to be able to judge character fairly well. I cant say all my friends are angels but within the depths of their souls lies genuinely good people with great ideas. A good heart and imagination is something that cant be acquired. Either your born curious or submissive, loving or withdrawn. The rest you acquire through life. My partners were born questioning things and learning through trial and error. Every man, woman, and child I bring into the inner sanctum of this creative beast I call LYMLife has something to contribute whether they know it or not. None with me shall ever be referred to as a "Wasteman". Everyone can shine you just have to have the patience and the eye to find their niche. I am considered a leader because I will not stop they find that role that they were meant to play. If you cant be used your useless thats what it boils down to. LYMLife was built around unique individuals and continues to grow in different directions as new individuals join the movement.
In every group of friends there is always that one individual they may be viewed as the weakest link or maybe the jester of the group. Everyone has a good laugh at this persons expense and when you cant create enjoyment out of thin air this person becomes the groups entertainment. In LYMLife we build everyone up no man is put down for the simple entertainment of others. We always moving forward never taking steps backwards. Our bench is empty all players get gametime over here. I hear all this talk of new year, new moves. People cutting people off and moving in new packs. The difference between the man they call "Chapo" and you he is a leader like no other and you are just someone trying to get ahead. I wait for my soldiers because no man is left behind in the savage camp. The willing and able are welcome but all I ask is you work to match my hustle. I am willing to sacrifice my own for those I see making the effort. I could be much further in life but I believe I can find more joy in sharing the success with my brothers. So even when they aren't saying "Put me in coach" but i see that play they can make I throw em in the game. We all can shine and I got no time for benchwarmers. We are like 300 over here few against many thus we dont have a sideline for anyone to hangout at. Everyone plays a role and everyone is responsible for another's back so action is a requirement.
2015 seems to be everyone's year but when I said it is the "Year of the Savage" its for a few reasons. One we spent the last few years building a bond that cannot be broken. School is out for us, some of our greatest teachers have moved on to the next realm leaving the dogs without leashes. We are free to run now and it is up to us how many miles we cover. We have shed the dead weight and the only thing that can hold us back is our own excuses. This year will be a year of great progress so to the civilized savages I say lets stop trying to teach them and lets show them how we do this thing called LYMing. We shall take some hits bounce back and hand out a few beatings but we will grow as a group and as individuals. We will find some points we can work on while discovering new strengths. We will have only two types of days this year that being great days and character building days. Now lets go get it! Until next time keep it LYM.

Stunt Driving on The Highway By Accident (Skrrrtttt Skrrrrtttton that Black Ice)

Driving in the snow should be its own sport....

My first official drive in the snow was an adventurous one. It consisted of me praying and screaming "Jesus Take the wheel" while clenching my butt cheeks the whole way to work. My car did not pass the 30MPH mark but with the slipping and sliding it was probably going a solid 40. It was almost reflective of my party life "No Control". I want to seriously thank the considerate and patient Ohio Highway drivers for not honking and cursing me during this trying time. It was already a nerve racking experience but the lovely drivers around me did not add to the stress. They must have seen my Florida license plate and knew this guy is definitely a slider. I have never sweat so much in 15 minutes, not even for my most excruciating workouts. As I arrived at work I immediately started shopping for dogs to run my sled that I will be buying soon.
Lessons learned
-Don't sleep on mother nature
-Don't trust the road even if it looks like road because its actually a full fledged skating rink
-the first day after snowfall is the worst to drive
-Plows in columbus are not as proactive as canadian plowers
-When you've arrived at black ice do not slam on your brakes or attempt to turn the wheel
-Keep Praying
-Do not try to squirt windshield wiper fluid while driving in sub zero temperatures even if it is mixed with antifreeze
-All season tires are synonymous with racing slicks as far as snow is concerned
-Always Back in the night before a snow storm
- stretch your glutes before a drive in such conditions.
The more I learn about living in the tundra the more I stories I will have to share with you all.
Until next time keep it LYM.

New Year New Beginnings

I can't say I've turned over a new leaf cause I like the leaf I'm working with ,but what I can say is "Mi a tun up di scheme" I told my inner circle its our year, 2015 is the year of the savage but I never realized how many blessings and opportunities would arrive on my doorstep before the first week was even over. I'm talking bout new faces to LYMLife and not only are they new to LYMLife but they believe in the vision more than some of my original members. Every one need that breath of fresh air to respark the flame when it starts to die down a bit. With a positive outlook and good work ethic anything is possible. Fear nothing, leave no stone unturned and look in the unexpected places for the unfathomable options. I am so excited for this year and it has gone 0 to 100 real quick. I can't reveal all that has taken place but I can tell you my mind is clear and focused. This year brings growth into the Civilized Savage community. My suggestion get down with the movement before the movement gets down on you and its too late. My brothers we've proven to the streets over and over again who runs the scene now its time to show corporate america we are a force to be reckoned with. Unforgiving and immovable is the force which will change the world. Less than an hour after hearing of LYMLife she says LYMLife is that force. Over my dead body will she be proven a liar. With El Chapo isolated from the savages some say it creates a void I say that void is only space in which my brothers will grow and rise to the occasion. A group is only as good as its weakest link. Its leader cannot determine the strength of them as a whole because if anything happens to a leader the group usually falls to confusion and chaos. The Civilized Savages prove to be different. Loss of a leader only give room for more leaders to grab the baton and continue on. I do not worry for the movement I worry for those to ignorant to understand it and those against it.
Positive vibes is what we are preaching and living. Get to know a civilized savage this year and become one yourself. I guarantee it will change your life for the better. This year we show the face of true potential. We will not chase money because by chasing the dream money will come. Don't be ruled by false idols believe in something that believes in you. LYMLife is that thing. Share this post with friends and family and let's get enough wind in this sailboat to outrun a smuggler boat. You think it an impossible feat? Don't believe me just watch. Until next time keep it LYM.