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Fashion Friday

Began watching the show Mad Men and this 1950's ad men look definetly can be considered fashionable..
Introducing Don Draper

Wisdom Wednesdays

“You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it.”     Maya Angelou
It is only right to celebrate the life of a “phenomenal woman” on the day of her passing. Maya Angelou, at age 86, a national treasure, left a legacy worthy of our attention. It would do us well to look to lives like Dr. Angelou’s when teaching our young people about facing adversity and coming through it with our dignity intact. She represented what we call back home a real “Souljah”. Her accomplishments are too many and varied to recount in this short column. Lymlifers, take a little time during this next week and research a person I consider a triple threat.  Well educated by choice, strong and determined by circumstance, and positive and resilient by nature. Anyone of us could take a page out of her book of practicality. Overcoming horrific abuse as a child which led to her “selective mutism for years, she was quoted as saying” when given lemons we should make lemon meringue pie”. A woman of substance is what I’m thinking. She utilized her passion for civil rights by assisting Malcolm X to form a coalition in the 60’s.She called Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela friends. She was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for Poetry in the 70’s. She shared her talent as a poet at Bill Clinton’s inaugural address in the 90’s. She received the Medal of Freedom from Barack Obama in 2011. Here is a woman who definitely LYMed. She left her mark in profound ways. She talked about forgetting a lot of what people have or what they said, but is quoted as saying people never forget how you made them feel. This is a point on which we both agree. Another subject that stands out as something we share is our view on courage. She is quoted as follows: “Courage is the most important of all the virtues, because without courage you can't practice any other virtue consistently. You can practice any virtue erratically, but nothing consistently without courage.” Until seven sunsets, LYM (Leave Your Mark) positively in honor of this “phenomenal woman”.

Mama LYM

Music Video Monday

A day late but the show must go on...

Fashion Friday


Beach Day with La Familia

Never forget we all need time away from the grind. Here at LYMLife we love some beach days. Chill day, good vibes, great people...

Fashion Fridayz

Delano Brown- Just recently found out he was behind some crazy pieces I had seen for the past couple of months. Inspiration at its best @yeahlano

Fashion Fridayz

This week goes to the inspiring @Bo_Zart (Green Eggs And Yams)

Illest CookBook Ever

I just saw this and fell in love. I am so upset it is not available in the US. Poppa LYM's Bday was today and this would have been the perfect gift.

Fashion Fridays

Being a clothing company we are constantly inspired by fashion of the young and old. So beginning this week we will be having a weekly post called fashion Friday. This gives us an opportunity to show the readers what outfits sparked our interest and also it lets us see how our readers are putting themselves together. We will be posting our pictures while also posting any submissions sent by you(our beloved supporter).
Fashion Fridays is not only two words that begin with F but also its Friday. Friday is the end of the work week and the start to a limitless weekend. Its your choice whether its casual or its a dapper. Friday is your day to say "What happened this week stays in this week because the weekend is mine to LYM." So put on your new blue suede shoes and let's do the damn thing.
Whether you got fresh for work or you feeling your attire for a night on the town snap that selfie and tag us or send it in through email and we will feature you on the site.

Photo criteria:
-Full outfit must be in the picture
-#SelfieGang members welcome
-"Birthday suits"not postable
-LYMLIFE Gear is a plus
-any brand is acceptable
- No F Bomb t-shirts (so yesterday if you ask us)

IG either tag @lymlife_official
Or #LYMFashionFridays


Music Video Monday

This track was on Repeat... Another Banger by Kap G
Shouts out to all my vatos!

Standing at the Pulpit, Opening Fire on The Bull$#*&

Inspired by the lives of banded brothers:
LYMLife INC is not simply the selling of a clothing line, but more of living in a manner which inspires others to make a positive change in their environment.
LYMLife has been active for 3 years and counting. We sell clothing, keep up an urban online blog, along with taking on different ventures within our community. Our company is a catch all for all creative minds.
We also offer party promotional services along with event help. We are a hardworking, dedicated, and a persistent team of young minds who seek to improve life for all those who cross our path. Our beliefs weigh heavily on the working class. We emphasize the concept of hard work pays off and excelling is not always a combination of luck and birthright. Skills can be acquired in time and applied in order to overcome any resistance. "If not born with, one must earn."
Those that become part of the LYMLife are classified as Civilized Savages. The criteria for Civilized Savages is to have dreams and then embark upon the journey to achieve them while chasing a thing called potential.
We are not one of these fly by night movements. All members have accepted LYMLife by choice. We do not ask much, only effort from those who claim to live this life. We have walked many miles in different shoes. Every man’s struggle is different, so all struggles are respected. Our followers and family ranges from newborns to those labeled senior citizens. Our clothing may be aimed at the demographic of "Youngsters" but the elderly who are not done living embrace our movement. LYMLife believes you are never too young to start chasing dreams and never too old to put some finishing touches on your autobiographical movie.
Buying into the movement is easier than you think. Dollars are not the currency which people use to buy into LYMLife. Time is the only currency accepted. Why time, because it levels the playing field. We all have an unknown amount but the value is the same. Priceless time is how you pay your way through. Invest the time in yourself and we will make sure you get "bang for your buck". We seek nothing but the "priceless" happiness which comes from success and maturity. The beautiful struggle is the one in which you must sweat cry and bleed for. If it truly is "One life to live" then how can you afford to waste it? One chance with no DIY instruction book, you couldn't be satisfied with the opportunity to simply exist. Show the world your love for living, LYMLiving to be exact. Don't get caught up in the doings of those out to derail you. Plan, prioritize and execute! If the people out to rape a pillage all that is good in the world won't take a day off how can we afford to rest?