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Once a Visionary...

Those who lack vision live in the now. Once a visionary never blind man. The difference between followers and leaders is leaders see by faith and followers see by sight. If your like me your path is not lit you walk by faith and hope. This blind trust in higher powers along with belief in your ability to deal with whatever happen is what I call the ultimate faith. Your willingness to explore the uncertain and discover the unknown is the ultimate risk. Risk is associated and correlated with return. In the savage world its not all about return. Its about how much you can conquer without losing your soul.

A leap of faith earns a man two possible titles "Madman" or "Visionary". What determines your title is the difference between success and failure. If a leap of faith ends in failure then people will call you crazy, possibly reckless. If a leap of faith ends in success your a leader, or a visionary your placed on a pedestal. The truth is not everything in life can be calculated and as much planning and strategy as you put in place the fact is puss and dog don't have the same luck. Two men following the same plan will most likely have different outcomes. There is no set program that is 100% guaranteed to produce success. True visionaries are simply people who think about and plan the future using a concoction made of wisdom and imagination. These two ingredients are the key to materializing your potential. Without the two previously stated ingredients your just a idle dreamer. The world needs less idle dreamers and more visionaries.

The world has become very settled in their ways we look to the outliers for inspiration but what do we need inspiration for if we aren't doing anything with it. Many dive into faith of the religious kind and then are sated by the simple fact that their supreme being is working upstairs. What is faith if you don't use it? I'm not saying jump off a cliff and see if you fly. Attempting to fly is going off strictly imagination, put some wisdom in the mix and you will realize a plane ticket might be needed for such a feat.

Stop accepting your reality and do something to put waves in your future. Change your fate! Do something extraordinary! At least if you make a solid effort people will find comfort and inspiration in your story. Stories will carry on longer than your flesh. Every savage knows his story will be one to be shared with the masses. Fame is not the goal but pushing the boundaries of your race, culture, environment, and class is. Its not about how sweet the story can sound because any true word smith can dress up any story to where it rubs the eardrum in a pleasant manner. Its the value of the story what can be gained by reading or hearing it. You know that song you hear that just makes you hop out of bed and get out in the world on some make a difference type shit. That's what you want people to feel like right after they hear your story. Your story should bridge the gap between righteous being and and average man. It should bridge the gap between legend and peasant. Your story should bring its reader from the darkest night into the brightest day. Stop looking up to others young one and find reasons others should look up to you. If you cant find any make some. Until next time keep it LYM.


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