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The Point of No Retreat

A woman walks into the ocean in a red ball gown…

She feels cleansed as the saltwater brushes past her calves. She keeps walking until she is completely submerged. This rebellion against social norm serves as a “Savage Right of Passage”. This act of physically washing one’s doubt and negativity away serves as a reset. This ritual signifies the transition from simple existence to an exhilarating “LYMLife”.

    She has let go of her societal expectations and embraced her Savage destiny. She is done hoping, praying, and dreaming of the ideal world. She is done waiting, chasing, and depending on others. She is ready to acknowledge her destiny and go toe to toe with the beast called “fate”.

    The ball gown symbolizes her vision of the future. Her potential being, one of class and complexity. The red representing the fire in her belly and the blood pumping from her heart. Waves subduing the burn from the flames brought about by her recently found passion.

    As she saunters back towards shore a rose colored tear drops from each eye. She now knows to retreat would be suicide of self. Just as the butterfly cannot climb back into a cocoon she cannot...


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