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Enjoy The Ride

In life you have two choices pave your own road to the destination you seek or take another mans road and pay his tolls along the way. Some seek to travel the nicely paved path others like to explore and bore their own path. Your road can either be the single lane dirt road that you came up on or you can build a highway with your team. There are a lot of factors which help people decide what their destination is but one of the important questions we forget to answer for ourselves is "Whats more important the adventure or the ending?" As a savage I have fallen head over heels for the process. Its not where I'm headed its the route I take to get there.The trip builds character the destination only serves as a rest stop before the next destination. The trip is the struggle the destination defines success.
 It gives me a rush to struggle and it gives  me a rush to see my people fight for what they want and believe in. Its the only time I truly feel alive. Passion is something that cant be faked. I never confuse it with excitement. For me they are two completely different things. Excitement only lasts a moment but passion can stay with you for a lifetime. Passion can carry you through the good and the bad. I'm what people consider a millennial so a lot of negative things are said about my views on the world today. Millennials are said to be very short term minded and the consensus is that millennials feel they deserve more than they've earned. I'm here to say the LYMLifers are a different breed. We reject handouts and have worked for everything we've got. If it isn't earned, it isn't ours, and never will we claim it. We work to reach levels most simply sit, wait, and hope for. Our excitement is usually followed by action which helps the transformation into passion. In life you can't waste time, every moment counts because you only get one chance. So make sure every small step is taking you toward your destination. Make damn sure you make your journey from the present to the future like a road trip with lots of valuable experience, adventures, and lots of fond memories along the way instead of a race to the finish line where the crowd watching becomes a blur of color. Lastly make sure to have fun and take pride in everything you do because it will make all the difference to you and those you come across. Until next time keep it LYM.


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