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Enjoy The Ride

In life you have two choices pave your own road to the destination you seek or take another mans road and pay his tolls along the way. Some seek to travel the nicely paved path others like to explore and bore their own path. Your road can either be the single lane dirt road that you came up on or you can build a highway with your team. There are a lot of factors which help people decide what their destination is but one of the important questions we forget to answer for ourselves is "Whats more important the adventure or the ending?" As a savage I have fallen head over heels for the process. Its not where I'm headed its the route I take to get there.The trip builds character the destination only serves as a rest stop before the next destination. The trip is the struggle the destination defines success.
 It gives me a rush to struggle and it gives  me a rush to see my people fight for what they want and believe in. Its the only time I truly feel alive. Passion is something that cant be faked. I never confuse it with excitement. For me they are two completely different things. Excitement only lasts a moment but passion can stay with you for a lifetime. Passion can carry you through the good and the bad. I'm what people consider a millennial so a lot of negative things are said about my views on the world today. Millennials are said to be very short term minded and the consensus is that millennials feel they deserve more than they've earned. I'm here to say the LYMLifers are a different breed. We reject handouts and have worked for everything we've got. If it isn't earned, it isn't ours, and never will we claim it. We work to reach levels most simply sit, wait, and hope for. Our excitement is usually followed by action which helps the transformation into passion. In life you can't waste time, every moment counts because you only get one chance. So make sure every small step is taking you toward your destination. Make damn sure you make your journey from the present to the future like a road trip with lots of valuable experience, adventures, and lots of fond memories along the way instead of a race to the finish line where the crowd watching becomes a blur of color. Lastly make sure to have fun and take pride in everything you do because it will make all the difference to you and those you come across. Until next time keep it LYM.

The Point of No Retreat

A woman walks into the ocean in a red ball gown…

She feels cleansed as the saltwater brushes past her calves. She keeps walking until she is completely submerged. This rebellion against social norm serves as a “Savage Right of Passage”. This act of physically washing one’s doubt and negativity away serves as a reset. This ritual signifies the transition from simple existence to an exhilarating “LYMLife”.

    She has let go of her societal expectations and embraced her Savage destiny. She is done hoping, praying, and dreaming of the ideal world. She is done waiting, chasing, and depending on others. She is ready to acknowledge her destiny and go toe to toe with the beast called “fate”.

    The ball gown symbolizes her vision of the future. Her potential being, one of class and complexity. The red representing the fire in her belly and the blood pumping from her heart. Waves subduing the burn from the flames brought about by her recently found passion.

    As she saunters back towards shore a rose colored tear drops from each eye. She now knows to retreat would be suicide of self. Just as the butterfly cannot climb back into a cocoon she cannot...

Lost in the Sauce

Deniro Farrar - One of the hottest new artists on the scene. Indulging in his book club reads I assume....#ThisIsSavageLife

I spent the last couple of months trying to figure out the direction I wanted to go with LYMLife but in my search for direction I realized LYMLife is its own living breathing organism. I don't lead LYMLife I simply represent a single life in a much larger movement. Its a kite in a windy desert with no hand on the string no restraint whatsoever. It blows and sways in any way it desires. Just like a kite it cannot be controlled by man only nature has a much greater effect on it. The wind blows and man must react in order to keep it in flight and to keep it somewhat steady. I only gave the savages an idea to believe in it was up to them to take the idea and mold it to their own lives. To my delight they went out and did a damn good job. No man is an island and no group should have a single leader. We execute our ideas with precision while lending a helping hand whenever needed. Individually we are one man armies but together we move like a unit. I couldn't ask for more. God has granted me my one wish and the rest is on me. The world is constantly changing as we remain consistent adapting to our environment. The new challenge the group is facing is evolution and growth. Age and more importantly the coming of true adulthood. As adults we face a lot of new challenges while still trying to correct the mindset of the young savages to give them a fighting chance in the world of tomorrow. Our code hasn't  changed and our willingness to negotiate with fakes and cowards is still nonexistent. The world lowers its standards on a daily basis and the dehumanization of humanity progresses at alarming rates. When the filthy waters wash over the earth what will you do? You probably haven't even considered such an event. We have and it is up to those stable individuals to be the rocks they were born to be, offering the weak a solid structure to grab onto so they don't get washed away. Civilized Savages are the individuals who will be standing on the rock we call  LYMLife. We aren't famous, flashy or fake about ours. Everything we do is for our fellow savages. We come from all walks of life with all sorts of belief. One common bond keeps us tight and that's the belief that by sticking to a  code, putting in the work, and maintaining our sense of community we can change the world for the better. Until next time keep it LYM.

Live free or die trying

My innerchild is dying. Its a sign of true adulthood. Most say to embrace it but the honest truth is I'm trying to find ways to revive the child. To maintain the child's health you must avoid being tainted by your environment. The more bullshit you go through the faster that childhood innocence is lost. Children are beings of innocence and imagination. They are blank slates being etched on as they walk through the world. Some of the etchings prove positive and healthy for the child others negative and harmful to the soul of the child. This child won't go out without a fight.

sitting in the background

I have been silent for a while. Walking my own path creating some stability in my life, but never took my eyes off of my people. I see them doing bigger and better things. Others and I would talk and preach about bettering themselves, but it seemed like it was going in one ear and out the other. I waited and waited and finally these words and actions did not pass through their ears but stuck inside and went to action. I am not the only one that has spoken the word of betterment to these individuals I speak of, but it is finally nice to see that our words and actions have reached out and influenced their actions. I congratulate them on their new opportunities and support them in any way shape or form. Their enrichment of the mind and life is what we at LYMLIFE are about. To all our followers always follow your dreams. Do not give up hope that we can better ourselves and each other.

From an original blood member,


Once a Visionary...

Those who lack vision live in the now. Once a visionary never blind man. The difference between followers and leaders is leaders see by faith and followers see by sight. If your like me your path is not lit you walk by faith and hope. This blind trust in higher powers along with belief in your ability to deal with whatever happen is what I call the ultimate faith. Your willingness to explore the uncertain and discover the unknown is the ultimate risk. Risk is associated and correlated with return. In the savage world its not all about return. Its about how much you can conquer without losing your soul.

A leap of faith earns a man two possible titles "Madman" or "Visionary". What determines your title is the difference between success and failure. If a leap of faith ends in failure then people will call you crazy, possibly reckless. If a leap of faith ends in success your a leader, or a visionary your placed on a pedestal. The truth is not everything in life can be calculated and as much planning and strategy as you put in place the fact is puss and dog don't have the same luck. Two men following the same plan will most likely have different outcomes. There is no set program that is 100% guaranteed to produce success. True visionaries are simply people who think about and plan the future using a concoction made of wisdom and imagination. These two ingredients are the key to materializing your potential. Without the two previously stated ingredients your just a idle dreamer. The world needs less idle dreamers and more visionaries.

The world has become very settled in their ways we look to the outliers for inspiration but what do we need inspiration for if we aren't doing anything with it. Many dive into faith of the religious kind and then are sated by the simple fact that their supreme being is working upstairs. What is faith if you don't use it? I'm not saying jump off a cliff and see if you fly. Attempting to fly is going off strictly imagination, put some wisdom in the mix and you will realize a plane ticket might be needed for such a feat.

Stop accepting your reality and do something to put waves in your future. Change your fate! Do something extraordinary! At least if you make a solid effort people will find comfort and inspiration in your story. Stories will carry on longer than your flesh. Every savage knows his story will be one to be shared with the masses. Fame is not the goal but pushing the boundaries of your race, culture, environment, and class is. Its not about how sweet the story can sound because any true word smith can dress up any story to where it rubs the eardrum in a pleasant manner. Its the value of the story what can be gained by reading or hearing it. You know that song you hear that just makes you hop out of bed and get out in the world on some make a difference type shit. That's what you want people to feel like right after they hear your story. Your story should bridge the gap between righteous being and and average man. It should bridge the gap between legend and peasant. Your story should bring its reader from the darkest night into the brightest day. Stop looking up to others young one and find reasons others should look up to you. If you cant find any make some. Until next time keep it LYM.